Meet John Hallberg

John Hallberg is a beauty marketing expert and founder of He has spent most of his career in the salon industry managing some of the world’s largest global beauty brands while helping salon owners grow their business.

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My Background

I’ve been in the salon industry since 2011 and have during my career been Marketing Director for brands such as Wella Professionals, O.P.I., and ghd.

My work has allowed me to live abroad for many years and meet thousands of salon owners around the globe.

The salon industry fascinates me. It’s full of passionate and talented people with big dreams. People who make a real difference in people’s lives and who create meaningful job opportunities for others.

But one thing frustrates me. There are still too many salon owners that aren’t making enough money to do well for their families, employees, and to live a balanced life.

I have always had a dream of changing this. To modernize how we do things in this industry so that more salons can reap the benefits of the massive digital change that we are living through right now.

My son was born in February 2019. This made me look at my life differently. I wanted more flexibility and deeper meaning in what I do.

It all made sense now.

And I started

The Salon Business

My goal with my blog and YouTube channel is to share simple yet actionable business tips and ideas that help salon owners grow their business.

I’m now back home in Stockholm, Sweden. But I want The Salon Business to be a global and inclusive platform. For seasoned salon owners as well as for those who are just starting their beauty business.

I am thrilled to open my mailbox every morning and hear from salon owners all around the world (sometimes from places I didn’t even know existed). Who grow and make progress in their business from what they’re learning here.

This is just the beginning.

All the best,

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