Review Guidelines

As part of our mission to help salon and spa owners build thriving businesses, we conduct software and product reviews to help our community make the best decisions for their businesses.

Transparency and Disclosure

We’re transparent about our review process and potential conflicts of interest. The Salon Business is a subsidiary of Mangomint, a leading salon and spa software provider. However, we assure our readers that our reviews are based on our editors’ first-hand experiences and objective evaluations.

We may use affiliate links for recommended products or services. If a reader clicks on these links and makes a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost.

We only recommend solutions we believe are the best for our community, and affiliate commissions do not influence how we present product alternatives.

Our Review Process

In-Depth Research and Evaluation Criteria

We follow a rigorous review process to ensure our readers receive accurate, in-depth information about software solutions. We start with extensive research, gathering data from various sources, including the vendor’s website, user reviews, and industry reports. This lets us understand each software’s features, capabilities, and market standing.

We evaluate software based on user-friendliness, features, customization, integrations, customer support, and value. We also assess the vendor’s reputation, industry experience, customer satisfaction, and commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Hands-On Testing and User Experience

We test or demo the software to gain first-hand insights into its features, user interface, and performance. This experience enables us to provide accurate and detailed information about the software’s functionality and usability.

We prioritize user experience, assessing interface intuitiveness, navigation, customization, and staff learning curve.


Our team carefully examines software pricing to evaluate overall value based on features, performance, and scalability, including subscription costs, hardware requirements, and additional fees.

Scalability and Long-Term Viability

We evaluate each software’s scalability, considering its ability to grow with a team and adapt to evolving needs. We assess its compatibility with hardware options and its capacity to support multiple locations, providing insights into the long-term viability of each solution.

User Feedback

At The Salon Business, we value our readers’ opinions and experiences. We encourage them to share their feedback on the software we review to refine our content and provide a comprehensive perspective.

  • We base our reviews on factual evidence and testing, never promoting unverified claims.
  • We value all user feedback, positive or negative, as it contributes to a better understanding of each product.

Our Rating Methodology

We take our software reviews seriously and follow a rigorous methodology to provide trustworthy information. Our team has been reviewing software for over 5 years.

We update our software reviews annually, with our recommended systems getting more frequent updates. Our goal is to provide accurate insights to help readers choose the best software for their salon business.

Our reviewers independently research and test software to determine a star rating, evaluating factors like features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, brand reputation, and user reviews.

Features (30% of overall score)

  • Appointment Booking (30% of Features score)
  • Client Management/CRM (25%)
  • Point of Sale & Inventory (20%)
  • Marketing & Loyalty (15%)
  • Reporting & Analytics (10%)

Pricing (25% of overall score)

  • Subscription Plans (50% of Pricing score)
  • Payment Processing Fees (30%)
  • Hardware Costs (20%)

Ease of Use (20% of overall score)

  • Intuitiveness (40% of Ease of Use score)
  • Everyday Use (40%)
  • Quality of Support Materials (20%)

Customer Support (15% of overall score)

  • Live Support Availability (50% of Support score)
  • Support Channel Options (30%)
  • User Training Resources (20%)

Brand Reputation (5% of overall score)

Considers the company’s:

  • History and Stability (40% of Reputation score)
  • Market Share (30%)
  • Innovation (30%)

User Reviews (5% of overall score)

  • Review Site Ratings (60% of User Review score)
  • User Testimonials (40%)

By weighing these key areas, we provide an overall rating to help salon owners choose essential business software.