About The Salon Business

The Salon Business is a website and community dedicated to helping salon & spa owners and professionals grow and manage their businesses effectively. We provide practical marketing and business advice to support the beauty and wellness industry in making informed decisions that lead to success.

Who we are

At The Salon Business, we aim to empower salon and spa owners to thrive in the beauty and wellness industry.

We offer free educational resources for salon and spa businesses. Our articles, YouTube show, and live training sessions provide actionable advice and solutions for growth, efficiency, and profitability.

By sharing our expertise and fostering a supportive membership community, we aim to inspire salon and spa owners to reach their full potential, create thriving businesses, and positively impact their clients and employees.

The people you’ll meet

John Hallberg
Founder & Content Creator

John is the founder of The Salon Business and a VP of Content at Mangomint. John has a long history in the salon and spa industry where he has served as Marketing Director for brand like Wella Professionals, O.P.I., and ghd. He is passionate about modernizing the salon industry and helping owners succeed in the digital age.

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Kayle Yanez Headshot on Pink Background

Kayle Yanez
Content creator & software reviewer

Kayle is a software and technology specialist and salon and spa operations expert with over a decade of experience with top haircare and skincare brands. He has helped hundreds of industry professionals by teaching them to manage and grow their businesses.

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Our Story

Founded in 2019 by John Hallberg, a marketing expert with experience working with global beauty brands, The Salon Business began in response to the growing need for support and guidance as technology and software became widely available for salons and spas.

Driven by a passion for helping salon owners and professionals, John created a platform to share knowledge and experience. The Salon Business has grown into a comprehensive resource and community, offering advice, strategies, and insights to businesses worldwide.

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Press & Media Inquiries

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Editorial Guidelines

At The Salon Business, we maintain the highest editorial integrity standards. Our principles ensure that:

  • We only recommend software, services, brands, and companies that we believe are the best for our community
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest market options to provide accurate software reviews and guidance
  • We thoroughly investigate all alternatives to ensure our recommendations are trustworthy

We achieve these principles in practice by:

  • Conducting extensive research and testing on recommended products and services
  • Regularly updating our content to reflect industry developments and trends
  • Maintaining transparency about affiliate relationships and revenue generation

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About Mangomint

Mangomint is a software company that develops intuitive and seamless management tools for salons and spas. They aim to create a platform so integrated into daily operations that it becomes almost invisible to users, thereby removing the usual friction and complexity associated with technology in the beauty industry. Mangomint Salon & Spa Software - Team Event