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Special Offer Exclusively at The Salon Business: Get $2,000 free credit card processing when you sign up here.

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SQUARE APPOINTMENTS | The Complete POS, Payment, and Appointment Software with Subscription-Free Plan for Individuals and Advanced Support for Large Salons (US, Canada, Australia)

The simple-to-use, feature-rich Square Appointments app is free for individuals and has a clean look that is easy to navigate. It has all of the bells and whistles you need to run a successful appointment book and also supports advanced SMS and email appointment notifications.

The most significant advantage of Square Appointments is that it is part of the Square family, so it naturally integrates with other Square services (like POS system, credit card reader, website builder, and marketing suite).

This means that Square is the most adaptable and all-inclusive platform for most salon owners, from small entrepreneurs to large businesses.

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