Build a Hair Stylist Clientele Fast! Here’s How

These salon marketing ideas will certainly help you get more new clients. My reveals the full online marketing strategy that is bringing her a constant flow of new clients to her salons.

John: So today, we’re going to talk about how you can get more new clients online. So My is doing an awesome job with her digital marketing. She has an Instagram account now with over 30,000 followers. 

And she’s getting  30,000 visits to her hair salons website every month through her digital marketing efforts. This, as you can imagine, is leading to a lot of new bookings and a lot of new clients coming in. So I’m really excited to dig into all this stuff together with you and share some of your secrets with our readers.

Before we get to that, I want to hear your backstory. So who is My? What is the type of business that you run today? 

My: I live in Stockholm. I’ve been a hairdresser for 17 years. I love our business, and I want to it better. And I think we all should be up to date today. Online is where we need to be.

So when I started my business, my salon, eight years ago, my main focus was to be a salon online. 

John: Yeah. But I think you’re doing a lot of good stuff as well. I mean your online marketing, but also like with your branding and things like that. How would you say the salons you run today are different from those in the Stockholm area?

Many salons have a developed brand like this, but I think the important thing is to show that to the customer. To have an excellent channel to the website and Instagram to show what you are.

Show how the salon looks like. We have a cozy salon that reflects the vibe of my coworkers and me relaxing with a good cup of coffee. Show all of that. Because when the customers look for new hairdressers, they want to relate to, okay, this is this type of salon that I want to go to. 

John: I think you’re doing a great job. And I want to hear more about what specifically you are doing online?

Because I think this is where many salon owners could learn a few things and maybe get some inspiration for how they could be doing things differently. So, could you give an overview of the channels you are using today?

So we have three main focuses. We have our website Instagram, and then we have our Pinterest. So the website is mainly to attract new customers that want to book a time after doing a Google search maybe. That’s balayage Stockholm or hairdresser Stockholm or something like that.

And then we have our Instagram, which is more a way to have a connection and relationship with the customers to show what we do and small videos of us. Getting more, a deeper relationship. And then, we have Pinterest, which we can take the same pictures that we have on Instagram. Lay them on Pinterest and get more traffic to our website.

John: Yeah. So this is the like ecosystem you’re using, which is getting you, 30,000 visitors to your website every month, giving you a steady flow of new clients.

And also, now when you had a new stylist starting, you could fill her books immediately. From what I understand, this is based on the fact that people are continuously finding you online through your digital channels.

So out of Instagram, Pinterest, and your website, what is your most important channel?

My: I think the website is our most important channel because there you can make the booking easy. We have our online booking system. If you don’t have an online booking system, you need to get it because customers can book time at one o’clock in the night.

Oh, I want to do highlights tomorrow. They can go in and book a time. You don’t have to call us on the. So that is an essential one. And also on the website. We will get more customers that want to do something with their hair soon. Now they’re looking to get a hairdresser now.

Instagram it’s more branding. Oh, they do nice pictures. Maybe they will follow us. Maybe they don’t even live in Stockholm.

John: I think this is a critical point because, especially when I talk to stylists and salon owners, many of them even question whether I should have a website?

Is it enough that I have my Facebook profile, my Instagram account. But as My is saying, yeah, Instagram, great for branding, and you can for sure get the clients booking you through Instagram. Not saying that you cannot, but generally, the social channels require a lot of work to maintain.

You need to be there to feed the algorithm. We’re like giving it new content. On your website, all the time, that’s where people discover you when they need you.

My: And also, in terms of geography in your area, there’s a big difference between Instagram and your website.

On Instagram, you’re like fighting with everyone in the world. But as a website, we’re just fighting with the other salons in Stockholm. So it’s much easier to get seen.

John: I guess Google is doing a much better job serving local content based on where the person is. That’s where it’s Instagram, and the social platforms are more like global, and you’re fighting with, again, a lot of more stylists to be seen. And the people who see you might not even be in your area and might not be able to become a client.

I think that’s an essential point of actually having a website and that your website is for booking, but not only that but also for you to get discovered online and get new clients. It’s not only about allowing people to book you but getting people to find you.

Yeah. So this is a topic that I’m very passionate about, and we talked about this earlier. So we will be doing a training session around, helping you get found by more new clients online And local searches online are up 900% versus the previous year. Like near me searches.

It was exciting to hear that you don’t have a phone in your salon anymore, so people can’t even call the salon like it’s all online now.

So tell us a little bit more, how is that working? 

My: We concluded that we didn’t need a client phone because no one was calling, and we often didn’t answer. We just had an answering machine saying contact us online instead. So instead of getting clients to be irritated that we didn’t answer, we made it easier to contact us online.

So we have a chat on our website, we have emails and contact via Instagram. And we’re very good at always answering very quickly. So they don’t feel that they have to wait for an answer. So then it almost becomes like better customer service.

And I think people today are used to emailing, used to chatting. They don’t always want to call. Maybe it’s easier for them to write. What should I book? Because that’s our most common question and then we can, okay, you should buy a book foils. So you should book balayage, and then they can go in and see the whole schedule, pinpoint a time that they want, instead of calling on the phone and just getting two options.

So most people want to do that. They do that with the restaurant, with the hotel. So I think. Sometimes you have to see outside our hairdresser business to see okay. In the other branches that are customer-driven, how do they do? 

John: Yeah, that’s cool. You can see a lot of innovative thinking about how you’re driving your digital marketing and how that’s creating a queue of clients, enabling you to get a new stylist in and fill the chairs.

Not saying it’s all easy. I know there’s a lot of work that goes into getting you to where this is, but of course, you started somewhere, when it comes to finding clients who will book, finding those who are looking for a balayage in Stockholm right now, like that is the primary vehicle.

So great. I think that’s what we had to share today. I hope you got some new inspiration for things that you could be doing differently in your business through this video. Thanks for coming here, and for people who want to find out more about you and what you’re doing, where should they go?

You could go to our website at, or you can search us on Instagram. 

Awesome. Thanks for today. And I look forward to seeing you in the future.

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