My Top 5 Salon Instagram Post & Story Ideas (for Hair Stylists & Beauty Pros)

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Are you looking for salon Instagram post ideas? In this post, My shares 5 Instagram content tips she uses in her hair salon Peach Stockholm. We’ll cover salon Instagram story ideas and general ideas for marketing a beauty salon on Instagram.

So My has been doing extraordinary well when it comes to growing her salon Instagram account. They now have over 27,000 followers and have really high engagement on what they are posting.

So we thought we’d share some ideas on how you can grow your Instagram. And in particular, you’re going to get five different post ideas that you can use for Instagram.

John: If this is the first time we meet, my name is John Hallberg.

My: And my name is My Erlandsson. 

John: So My will share five of her best-performing posts and stories that you can also copy and use those ideas for your Instagram account. 

But before we get to that, how are you using stories, and how are you using posts? How would you use those different types of posts 

My: With the posts, you want to be more particular with the flow. You wanted it to look good, but you can be more personal with the stories, and you don’t have to be as picky. You can do more fun stuff. One time, we remade a popular Tik Tok dance and posted it on stories.

Like those types of stuff that are trending that people like. You can do those on stories and then link back to your post. So you will get more engagement on your post via IG stories. 

John: So like when you share a new post, you would also post about that. 

My: Yeah. Yeah. So I think they should work together, but on the post you can be pickier and choose, like, this is what I want. But stories disappear after 24 hours.

1. Use Video on Instagram

John: Yeah. So that’s good. Cause you want to have a nice impression. So let’s go into some more ideas that people can use for their salon’s Instagram. What would you say would be a good performing post and that you would recommend people to use for Instagram?

My: Instagram favors the reels and IGTV. So it’s more going to moving pictures rather than just a before and after picture.

You can film it instead and maybe put your hand underneath the hair and make it wave a bit, or create a simple braid while filming and make it really, really simple.

You don’t have to do a big video or something like that. You can ask the customer to wave their hair a bit. That will also make it a moving picture instead of a still, 

John: I think that that’s a great point. Like, it doesn’t need to be that complicated. I think it’s easy to feel that to do a video, you need to have a setup, and you need to do many things.

But it’s like taking a picture, just like you do something small to turn it into video. Because that is something that the Instagram algorithm favors when they see video content, and typically people would stay longer on the post.

My: Yeah. And when it’s, when they see it in their flow, it’s easier to get the eye to catch on a moving picture than just a still. So I think that’s one. 

John: Okay. So that’s a great tip. So just like, instead of just doing photos, try to give it a bit more life with video, even if it’s as simple as a photo. So that’s a great simple tip.

2. Engage Your IG Followers

John: So what would you say tip number two would be like in terms of the type of posts? 

My: Instagram favors you when you get your followers more engaged. So I think also posts where you ask, what would you like to see more of? Or did you like our last video or something like that?

To engage your followers to write a comment. 

John: Yeah, so that’s a great point. Like, have people engage on the posts. Instagram likes to see engagement.

3. Ask Clients if You Can Take Videos or Photos with their Faces Showing

John: What about post idea number three?

My: If the customer is feeling okay with showing her face, Instagram also likes a smile or eyes. So if, if the customer is okay with showing a face, maybe take the picture from her front. Or from the side, if you can see the face, it makes it more personal, not just the hair.

Uh, I mean, some customers love, they don’t see it, but when you ask them that they love to show their face. 

That’s a good point. Because you do a bit of a mix on that pitch and write some just from behind that some suddenly face. And typically, you would see better performance on those posts where you show face.

4. Ask Questions and Have Your Followers Vote on Before & After Posts

Ask questions on stories, do things that people can click on this or that vote on. Do you think this show before picture is better, do you think it looks good on this customer, will it be darker or lighter and they can vote. And then on the next one, oh, it was lighter. So that, that, um, the follower will want to click onto the next story.

So they don’t just swipe to the following account. They want to stay on your account stories. 

Yeah. That’s a great one. So this or that tip, because we use a lot that is working well, right. For which look or whatever you should have, right.

5. Create Storylines and Use the Professional Instagram Account

John: And then you said a second word also to create storylines in between what you’re posting on your story – and you make sure that the different stories hang together somehow, right?

My: Yeah. So that they want to stay. You can easily see on your statistic on Instagram, like how many saw the first story and how many saw the left so that you can see, okay. How many of my followers follow me to the end, or are they just staying for the two first and then swiping to the next? So that also gives you an idea of what they want, what your followers want to see more of.

John: That’s great. So for sure, like if you don’t have a professional account yet, it’s easy to change from a personal to a professional because then we get access to all these insights and data. So if you don’t have a professional account, I think you should change it today. It’s easy. It doesn’t cost anything.

General Instagram Ideas for Salon Owners

John: That’s great. And obviously, we can learn a lot from just seeing what performance as well.  So that was five different specific tips, but do you have any general concepts or strategies that you’re using?

My: I think, in general, be more personal because you will see when you start your account that it’s pretty hard to get it running. It’s easier for people to follow people, follow a person, a personality.

It’s not that much follow a company. So that’s why we, as hairdressers work in a relationship business. So I think it’s essential that we use the knowledge we have. We know our customers. We know what they like. So let that shine through on your Instagram and be personal. You can also have a live chat on Instagram.

You can write in the week, like, oh Friday; we’re having a live chat with all our beautiful followers. Be sure to tune in and ask us anything you want. Uh, and then you can interact directly with your followers.

John: About using the different Instagram features. So you’re talking about live. You mentioned the reel stories post, like using the different types of features that the platform offers. Instagram typically likes visit counts. 

My: Yeah. The more you use, the more Instagram likes you. What you will notice when you start to get more and more followers and more and more questions on Instagram, they’re more and more customers or followers that write on you on DM, is that it will start to disappear. It will be hard to handle all the DM’s and people writing, so we noticed that we, the DMS, actually disappeared. So customers had to write to us several times for us to snap it up and answer back.

Conclusion: How to better Manage Communication with Salon Clients

John: We’ve developed an app for this, which you’re running with right now at Peach Stockholm. This is a tool that helps you manage conversations on your different channels, including Instagram.

My: And also will help you not to miss one customer, not to miss one DM, so we have got more customers as well. 

John: Yeah. So it is essential to all, and that it’s helping you as you are using it now in the salon. It’s a tool called Brief that you can start using to better manage communication with clients.

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