The Ultimate Tools You Need to Start & Grow a Salon Business

I’m regularly asked about recommendations for different tools, services, and salon software to use when starting out or growing a salon business. This is why I’ve put together this list of resources I strongly recommend salon owners use.

My intent here is to bring you the best, most cost-effective, resources to help grow your salon business.

I’ve used all the recommendations on this page. In fact, many of the resources listed here have been crucial to running my business and for growing the business of many successful salons so I’m excited to share it with you.

Please note that the page contains special offer links and discount codes. If you decide to make a purchase using these links and offers, I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you). 

Best Point of Sale System for Salons

Your salon needs a solid POS solution to manage payments, inventory, and service bookings.

SQUARE Point of Sale | The Best POS for Salons

The Square POS system is, hands down, the best POS for salons and spas. Square goes way beyond the requirements of a POS system to deliver features that are designed to help salon businesses grow.

Despite being incredibly feature-rich, it’s clear that Square has made simplicity and ease-of-use a priority. Their sleek design and super-intuitive interface make it a breeze to use.

It integrates with all other Square products (like their appointment scheduler, credit card reader, website builder, and marketing suite). This makes it the most complete solution on the market.

Best Salon Appointment Scheduling Tools

Your salon must offer online booking today or you’ll lose out on many potential new salon clients. But a good appointment scheduler can do a lot more than just accept online bookings. Below are the two best options on the market right now.

SQUARE APPOINTMENTS | The Best FREE Appointment Software (Available in US, Canada, Australia)

A free appointment scheduler with a minimalistic design that is easy to use and packed with powerful functionality. Square Appointments comes with all the features you need to manage your appointment book effectively. It also has advanced support for SMS & email appointment notifications. 

It integrates with all other Square products (like POS system, credit card reader, website builder, and marketing suite). This makes it the most complete solution on the market.

ACUITY SCHEDULING | The Most Customizable Appointment Software (Available Worldwide)

This is the most sophisticated appointment scheduling solution on the market.

Acuity Scheduling allows you to redesign the full booking experience to fit your salon brand. It also integrates seamlessly with almost any other software.

This makes Acuity the most versatile appointment solution out there. 

Building a Professional Salon Website

Your salon’s website is in most cases also your salon’s first impression with new clients. So you want it to look stunning, be functional, and help you convert visitors into salon clients. Below are the services and tools I recommend to grow your salon business online with a professional website.

Square Online | Free, Easy-to-Use, Online Store Builder (Available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia)

Do you want to sell gift cards, service subscriptions, and retail products for pickup and/or delivery on your salon’s website?

Then Square Online is the answer.

Square is making it super easy to add an online store to your existing salon website or to build a full-blown website with an online store integrated.

Although Square Online was initially created to allow businesses to sell online, they do offer a super easy-to-use website builder which in fact allows you to create a full salon website (see my example website here).

The website builder that comes with Square Online is restricted to using their pre-defined blocks. This makes it incredibly easy to use but does not allow the same flexibility and precision to detail as you would get with other website builders.

I recommend Square Online to anyone who wants to add an online store to their salon business or to those who just want to create a website in the easiest way available possible.

Squarespace | Advanced, yet Beginner Friendly, Website Builder (Available Worldwide

Do you want to create the most beautiful website possible for your salon?

Then you should give Squarespace a try.

Squarespace offers more advanced styling options for your website than the free Square Online platform. But it also has a bigger learning curve.

This is for the perfectionist who is ready to spend a bit extra time to get the perfect website created.

99designs | Hire a Professional Website Designer (Available Worldwide)

Do you not want to spend the time creating your website yourself? Or you just want to hire a pro to ensure you get a top-notch result for your salon. Then 99designs is where you should turn.

Just follow their briefing guide to specify what it is that you want. You can then start a contest where you get several proposals back and you can pick the alternative you like most to move forward with.

99designs supports Square Online and Squarespace so it’s a great service to use in case you get stuck when designing your own website using these platforms.

Learn more about my recommended website builders for services businesses here.

Designing Your Salon Brand, Website, and Material 

When you’re in the beauty business, all you do should be beautiful. Thankfully, you do not need to be a graphic designer yourself to create top notch design. Below are my recommended services and tools to make your salon appear as beautiful as it is.

CANVA | Create Beautiful Designs for FREE (Available Worldwide)

I’m a massive fan of Canva. I use it for everything design related. It’s the tool all people that are serious about their social media uses to design beautiful images for their Instagram and Pinterest boards. You can also create your full visual brand identity in Canva and it comes with ready-made designs for business cards, logos, posters, social media and much more.

I use their paid plan (at $9.95/month) as that gives me access to loads of royalty free images to use in marketing material and on my website. It also enables some more advanced functionality. However, if you’re on a budget, you can also use their free version which is awesome too (even if you need to buy images elsewhere).

They offer a free 30-day trial so you should always sign up for the free trial first. You can then downgrade to a free plan after 30 days if you feel you don’t need all they offer.  

99designs | Hire a Professional Designer (Available Worldwide)

99designs offer more than just websites. You can hire them for business card designs, logotype designs, or a complete brand identity pack.

Grow Your Salon Business with Effective Salon Marketing Tools

It doesn’t matter how good you are at performing services in your salon unless people know that you exist. The below tools helps you step up your salon’s marketing game so that you attract and retain more clients. 

SQUARE MARKETING | Email Marketing for Salons (Available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia)

Salons who use Square also gets access to Square Marketing. This is a simple, yet powerful, tool that helps you run your email marketing. You can, for example, set up automatic campaigns that are sent out when a client hasn’t visited you for a while or you can send a specific message right after they have purchased something from you.

Square Marketing only makes sense to use if you’re a user of Square POS or Square Appointments as the true power here comes from the fact that it is integrated with your customer and sales data and can act based on it.

CONSTANT CONTACT | Email Marketing Service for Salons (Available Worldwide)

A salon newsletter is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your clients in between appointments. Constant Contact is designed specifically for local businesses, like your salon, and make managing your email marketing easy.

It also integrates with the Acuity appointment scheduler so that you can run campaigns based on customer behavior.

To learn more about email marketing for salons, you also recommend you check out my salon email marketing guide here

TAP BIO | Convert Instagram Followers into Salon Clients with This Bio Link App

Have you noticed that Instagram only allows you to have one link in your bio? On top, you cannot include links in your salon’s Instagram posts. This makes the one link that you can have in your bio VERY important. This is the only place where you can turn your salon’s Instagram followers into salon clients by sending them to your salon’s website.

TapBio solves this problem for you and allow you to include and easily update multiple links. This way you can send your followers to all the different offers and pages to convert them into clients. TapBio is free and something all salon Instagram accounts should use.

For ideas on how you can step up your salon marketing game, I recommend you check out my list of salon marketing ideas here.

Cost Savings, Loans, and Salon Insurance: Helpful Tools when Starting a Salon

AMAZON BUSINESS | Get Better Prices on Salon Equipment & Accessories

You’ll most likely be purchasing a lot of items for your salon on Amazon. In fact, Amazon now even has a dedicated category for salon professional products.

By setting up a business account with Amazon, you get access to exclusive products and prices as well as other business dedicated services. This can save you both time and money. And best of all, it’s free! 

FUNDERA | Compare Financial Options for Your Salon

Need cash for an investment in your salon?

Fundera helps you discover financing options you didn’t even know you had.

It’s free to use Fundera and it won’t affect your credit scores.

ZEN BUSINESS | The Easy (and Cheap) Way to Form a New Salon Business

There’s a lot of paperwork that goes into forming a new business in the US. 

ZenBusiness sets itself apart in the industry by offering our customers a fast and simple business formation service with the lowest prices and best customer support available online.

They charge $49 for their service which saves you a lot of time and pain to ensure your business is set up in the right way from start.

It’s challenging enough to open a salon. Let ZenBusiness take care of the business formation for you.

LIVE PLAN | Create a Salon Business Plan in No-Time

Having a good business plan is critical to be successful with a salon.

But it’s not easy to write one the first time.

LivePlan help you create beautiful business plans. It provides helpful videos that guides you through the creation of every step of your plan. This ensures you leave with a perfect plan even if you’ve never done one before.