352 Unique Esthetician Business Names 2023 (Creative & Catchy)

Are you looking for catchy skin care names?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In today’s article, I’ll give you a list of my favorite aesthetic names to give you some inspiration.

I’ll cover both medical spa names and esthetician business names that are catchy, creative, funny, and unique.

I’d recommend you get a pen and paper out now (or your iPhone notes app) and make note of the skin care business names you like.

unique esthetician business names

Catchy Skin Care Business Names

Are you looking to name your esthetic business something that promotes itself?

The right name can do all the advertising for you. You can do this by choosing something that will stick with any potential clients that come across your esthetician business name. 

When choosing a aesthetic name for a skin care business, going with something mediocre doesn’t give clients any incentive to try your salon over the others. Try choosing a play on words or a catch phrase that’s not only fun to say but fun to see.

Below I’ve listed some catchy ideas for a aesthetic names that will be sure to stay on everyone’s mind even after they’ve left.

catchy esthetician business names

Catchy Skin Care Business Name Ideas

  1. Skintechnicians
  2. Beauty Aesthetics
  3. The Vanity
  4. Sparkle Skin
  5. Skinpeccable
  6. Hello Aesthetics
  7. Skin Esteem
  8. Birds of a Feather Aesthetics
  9. No Filter Aesthetics
  10. Rewind Skin Spa
  11. Baby Face
  12. Skinsations
  13. Pandora’s Box
  14. Flattery Aesthetics
  15. Dream Aesthetics
  16. Happy Aesthetics
  17. Unicorn Aesthetics
  18. Trusted Touch
  19. Skin Analytics
  20. Instant Aesthetics
  21. Divinity Skin
  22. Luminance Aesthetics
  23. Skin Yoga
  24. The Holy Touch
  25. Skinalicious
  26. Blemishes Be Gone
  27. Tend to your Skin
  28. Happy Skin
  29. Skin O’Clock
  30. Skin Sanctuary
  31. Skincentives
  32. Cherish Your Skin
  33. Get Your Shine on Skin
  34. Pretty Skin
  35. Morning Glow Skin
  36. Porcelain Aesthetics
  37. Violet Sky Aesthetics
  38. Forget Your Troubles Skin

Unique Esthetician Business Names

Do you plan to open an esthetician business in an area with a lot of competition? Are you an up and coming skin care salon trying to make a name for yourself and want to let your clients know that you do things differently?

Nothing catches a client’s eye more than an edgy business name that they’re not likely to forget.

A great way to come up with your unique aesthetic name is to think through what your business offers. What are your hero services and do you have something in your menu that is different from other spas? This can be a good angle to take when trying to identify a unique esthetician business name.

I think you’ll like the unique names I’ve listed below to give you some ideas for a name that won’t be forgotten.

Unique Esthetician Business Name Ideas List

  1. Time for You Skin spa
  2. Excellence Esthetics
  3. Center-stage Skin
  4. Self Care Skin Spa
  5. Proven Skin
  6. Superb Skin
  7. Aesthetic Haven
  8. Viva La Skin
  9. Opal Esthetics
  10. New Skin
  11. Aesthetically Yours
  12. Skinworks
  13. Reflections
  14. Skin So Smooth
  15. Cloud Skin
  16. Devote Aesthetics
  17. True Skin
  18. The Skin Company
  19. Wonder Skin
  20. Staycation Skin Spa
  21. Diamond Skin
  22. Tranquility Skin
  23. Vacation Facials
  24. Zen Skin
  25. Tantalizing Aesthetics
  26. Pressure Points Facials
  27. Handy Helpers Aesthetics
  28. Carefree Aesthetics
  29. Moon Skin
  30. Fearless Skin
  31. Skin Enhance
  32. Instaskin
  33. Camera Ready Aesthetics
  34. Skin Promises
  35. Over the Rainbow Aesthetics
  36. Chamomile Skin
  37. Palm Skin
  38. Love Yourself Aesthetics
  39. Bountiful Skin

Relaxing Esthetician Business Names

Clients look for a skin care salon not only to treat their skin concerns.

It’s likely that it also has something to do with the relaxing spa experience you bring. Employing this sense of relaxation in your esthetician business name can help you bring that calm feeling across to your clients.

Given this is one of the most sought for benefits your skin care spa provides, it’s a smart idea to let it transcend into your skin care spa name as well. Let’s look at some examples.

Relaxing Names for Spas List

  1. Bright Glow
  2. Relaxation Sensation
  3. SkinIQ
  4. Enhanced Esthetics
  5. Too Good Skin
  6. Skin Blues
  7. Jetsetters Skin Spa
  8. Cinema Aesthetics
  9. Expertise Esthetics
  10. Method Spa
  11. Skin Fresh
  12. Sonder Skin
  13. Red Sea Spa
  14. Miracles Esthetics
  15. Skin Clinic
  16. Just Relax
  17. Lotus Aesthetics
  18. Day Rituals Skin
  19. Unwind Aesthetics
  20. The Ark
  21. The Oasis
  22. Aurora Aesthetics
  23. Asana Aesthetics
  24. Zen Den
  25. Meditation Aesthetics
  26. Good Day Skin
  27. Grace Aesthetics
  28. Composure Skin
  29. The Hideout Skin Spa
  30. Celtic Aesthetics
  31. Heaven-sent Skin
  32. Lovely Aesthetics
  33. Skin Dew
  34. Strobe-light Skin
  35. Peaches and Cream
  36. Botanic Skin
  37. Calm Winds Aesthetics
  38. In Nature Aesthetics
  39. Honest Aesthetics
relaxing esthetician business names

Med Spa Names

Medical spas and medical estheticians are a growing area of aesthetics.

With the onset of new technology and procedures, many esthetician businesses are focusing on the medical aspect of their spa.

Below are some names to represent your skin care spa that let clients know your services are top-notch!

Med Spa Name Ideas

  1. True Skin
  2. Spiritual Skin
  3. Healing Ways
  4. Smart Skin
  5. Hybrid Esthetics
  6. Intuitive Healing
  7. Love Your Skin
  8. SkinCenter
  9. Serenity Skin Company
  10. Skin Visions
  11. Dermaesthetics
  12. Ancient Ways Spa
  13. Organic Esthetics
  14. Designer Esthetic Spa
  15. The Rose Room
  16. Rising Sun Spa
  17. Misty Mountain Medical Spa
  18. Derma Future Skin
  19. Doctor Skin
  20. Diagnostic Aesthetics
  21. Face Spa
  22. The Chemist
  23. Chi Skin Spa
  24. Well-being Aesthetics
  25. New Age Aesthetics
  26. Recharge Aesthetics
  27. Infinite Skin Spa
  28. Vivify Skin Spa
  29. Aesthetic Masters
  30. Power of Aesthetics
  31. Skin Enthusiasts
  32. Gemstone Skin Spa
  33. Goddess Skin Spa
  34. Skin Comforts Spa
  35. Works of Art Spa
  36. Skin Spa Regeneration
  37. Vintage Day Spa
  38. Skin Organix
  39. Cozy Skin Spa

Classy Spa Names & Esthetician Business Names

Do you run a high-end luxury skin care spa?

Then you probably want to avoid the funny aesthetic names and instead go for a more elegant and classy skin care salon name.

The way you come up with a premium name for a brand like yours is different from traditional brands. For starters, a luxury brand is never launched. It exists because of a reason. Because of something that happened in the past.

Just think of any luxury brand that you like. I’m pretty sure that the name either represents the founder of the brand or another reason to why the brand exists. Just think of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Prada, Hermes – they all have this in common.

Classy Esthetician Business Names

  1. Facial Palace
  2. Enchanted Esthetics
  3. Rose Skin
  4. Luxe Skin
  5. Glisten
  6. Aesthetique
  7. Fountain of Youth
  8. Lush Aesthetics
  9. Haus of Skin
  10. Posh Skin
  11. Designer Skin
  12. Coco Esthetics
  13. Private Aesthetics
  14. 5th Avenue Aesthetics
  15. Venus Skin
  16. High Maintenance Aesthetics
  17. Fairytale Aesthetics
  18. Glory Aesthetics
  19. New York Aesthetics
  20. Bella Skin
  21. Thrive Aesthetics
  22. High Standards Aesthetics
  23. Creme de la Creme Spa
  24. Aesthetically Inclined
  25. Glam Skin
  26. Aesthetically Pleasing
  27. The Royal Treatment
  28. Angel Aesthetics
  29. Succulent Skin Spa
  30. The Botanical Garden
  31. Award-winning Aesthetics
  32. Skin Boutique
  33. Couture Aesthetics
  34. Glitz & Glam Aesthetics
  35. Skin Naturel
  36. Hawaiian Sun Skin
  37. Self Love Skin Spa
  38. Silk Skin Spa
  39. Skin Perfection
  40. Crema Skin

Clever Esthetician Business Names

What’s more memorable than a catchy skin care name?

A clever skin care spa name.

Humour is powerful. It drives emotion. And we tend to remember things that we associate with an emotion better.

Using a clever esthetician business name with humor also makes your spa more approachable as it signals that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. People like that.

The only caution I would add to the use of funny spa names is that it may harm the premium perception of your skin care business.

Clever Spa Name Ideas

  1. Fun Facials
  2. Skin Spirit
  3. Naked Skin
  4. Skinthetics
  5. Good for You Aesthetics
  6. Synthetic Skin
  7. Glow to Go
  8. Sunny Skin Up
  9. New You Skin
  10. Brighten Up
  11. Concerns-no-more
  12. Baby Skin
  13. On Cloud 9 Spa
  14. Skin Time
  15. Fancy Facials
  16. SkinSperts
  17. Ready, Set, Skin
  18. Skin Deep
  19. Wise Aesthetics
  20. Process Aesthetics
  21. Skin
  22. Font of Life
  23. Enigma Aesthetics
  24. Finishing Touch Facials
  25. Skin Coorporation
  26. Out of this World Aesthetics
  27. Zero Gravity Aesthetics
  28. Bewitched Aesthetics
  29. Wrinkle Free Aesthetics
  30. Free to be You Aesthetics
  31. Stairway to Heaven Aesthetics
  32. Aesthetic Acrobatics
  33. Red Carpet Skin
  34. Film Ready Aesthetics
  35. Regeneration
  36. Serendipity Skin
  37. Bold Aesthetics
  38. Reset Aesthetics

Creative Esthetician Business Names

Are you still looking for a different type of name to represent your skin care salon ? Perhaps you are an esthetician who wishes to show their artistic side.

Consider choosing an aesthetic name with an artsy flair to symbolize your creativity. Choosing a name that lets people know that you are artistic builds confidence in your skin care spa’s ability to provide services that meet expectations and keep up with the trends.

If it’s your artistic image you are trying to portray, check out the ideas below for some creative inspiration.

Creative Skin Care Names List

  1. Create Aesthetics
  2. Mirage Skin
  3. New Thoughts Aesthetics
  4. Wildflower Aesthetics
  5. Cedar House Spa
  6. Planet Skin
  7. Calm Tidings Aesthetics
  8. The Towel
  9. Skin Art
  10. The Easel
  11. Nirvana Aesthetics
  12. Over the Rainbow Aesthetics
  13. Melody Skin
  14. Elite Retreat Aesthetics
  15. Feather Aesthetics
  16. Aesthetic Therapy
  17. Skin Advisors
  18. The Science of Skin
  19. White Coat Aesthetics
  20. Davinci Skin
  21. Skin Canvas
  22. Skin Renewal
  23. Pure Bliss Aesthetics
  24. Masterpiece Aesthetics
  25. Serenity Skin
  26. Face Techs
  27. Skin Alchemy
  28. Express Yourself Aesthetics
  29. Release Aesthetics
  30. Elemental Aesthetics
  31. Sinful Skin
  32. Fire & Ice Aesthetics
  33. High Rollers Aesthetics
  34. Candlelight Aesthetics
  35. Pink Glow Skin
  36. Dollskin
  37. Sunrise Spa
  38. Lavender Aesthetics
  39. Coral Sunset Skin
  40. Satin Skin
  41. Mayfair Aesthetics

Good Esthetician Business Names

Do you have a cute corner in your skin care salon for makeup or facials? Or maybe just a small spa parlor that you’re looking for a cute skin care salon name for?

Here’s a collection of cute esthetician business names that might interest you!

Good Spa Names Ideas

  1. Amazing Aesthetics
  2. Garden of Paradise
  3. Sunshine Skin Spa
  4. Doll Face Aesthetics
  5. Magical Skin
  6. Anytime Skin Spa
  7. Summertime Skin
  8. All About Aesthetics
  9. Ready Aesthetics
  10. Future Aesthetics
  11. Eden Skin
  12. Trilogy Skin Spa
  13. Urban Unwind
  14. Soak Skin Spa
  15. Hope Aesthetics
  16. Premiere Skin
  17. Crown Royal Skin
  18. Smile Aesthetics
  19. Feel-Good Facials
  20. The Break
  21. Absolute Skin
  22. Energy Aesthetics
  23. Skin Spectrum
  24. Out of this World Aesthetics
  25. Fresh Faces
  26. Detox Facials
  27. Chill Skin
  28. Lucky Charm Aesthetics
  29. Exquisite Aesthetics
  30. Skinful
  31. Jewel Skin
  32. Esthetic Energy
  33. Rhapsody Skin
  34. Explicit Aesthetics
  35. Afterglow
  36. Spa Land
  37. Happy Skin
  38. Years Younger

Natural Skin Care Business Names

Is your esthetician business focusing on natural skin care products?

Then choosing a name for your skin care spa that sounds natural is a good way to go.

The image of a natural skin care spa is one of soft sounds, pleasant scents, dim lights, and above all: relaxation. Choosing words that paint this image in a client’s mind is important when choosing a name for your natural skin care business.

A natural skin care name pairs well with words that reflect nature and the Earth.

Here’s some natural skin care business names to inspire you.

Natural Skin Care Business Name Ideas

  1. Monk Skin Spa
  2. Jade Esthetics
  3. Gemstone Aesthetics
  4. Arbor Aesthetics
  5. Peace and Aesthetics
  6. Seaside Skin
  7. Eternal Aesthetics
  8. Reflections Aesthetics
  9. Aesthetic Loft
  10. Body and Mind Aesthetics
  11. Mint Aesthetics
  12. Herbal Remedies
  13. Joyful Aesthetics
  14. Namaste Aesthetics
  15. Essence Aesthetics
  16. Solitude Skin
  17. Scalp and Skin Spa
  18. Health and Hygiene Aesthetics
  19. Belief Aesthetics
  20. 5 Senses Aesthetics
  21. Abundance
  22. A New Day
  23. Devotional Aesthetics
  24. Druid Aesthetics
  25. Wind Spirit Skin
  26. Helping Hands Aesthetics
  27. Timeless Skin
  28. Easy Breezy Aesthetics
  29. Gratitude Aesthetics
  30. Yin & Yang Skin
  31. Let It Go Aesthetics
  32. Stone Aesthetics
  33. Whisper Aesthetics
  34. Remedies
  35. Love at First Sight Skin
  36. Aesthetic Generation
  37. Kind Aesthetics
  38. Baby’s Breath Skin
  39. Perfect Aesthetics
natural esthetician business names

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