267 Truly Unique Tanning Salon Names (Creative & Catchy)

Are you looking for unique tanning salon name ideas?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In today’s article, I’ll take you through a tanning salon name list that is packed with good tanning salon names for you to choose from.

I’ll cover both mobile spray tan business names and regular tanning salon names that are catchy, creative, funny, and unique.

I’d recommend you get a pen and paper out now (or your iPhone notes app) and make note of the names you like.

At the end of the article, I’ll take you through some important techniques to help you choose the best tanning name for your wellness business.

Here are the different types of tanning names we’ll cover today.

Unique Tanning Salon Names

Do you plan to open a tanning salon in an area with a lot of competition? Are you an up and coming salon trying to make a name for yourself and want to let your clients know that you do things differently?

Many salons are branching out by choosing a unique name that easily sets them apart from the others. Nothing catches a client’s eye more than an edgy name that they’re not likely to forget.

Tanning salons have always been popular and with the rise of spray tans, they aren’t going anywhere soon. There will most likely be others in your area. It’s important to consider naming your salon something that won’t be mistaken for another around town.

I think you’ll like the unique names I’ve listed below to give you some ideas for a name that won’t be forgotten.

Unique tanning salon names

Unique Tanning Salon Name Ideas

  1. Afterglow
  2. The House of Sun
  3. Glow Getters
  4. Interstellar Tan
  5. Day to Night Tanning Salon
  6. Golden Sun
  7. Summer Solstice
  8. Desert Tan
  9. Gold Bar Tan
  10. The Glow Zone
  11. Startruck Tans
  12. Golden Paradise
  13. Sunovation (like innovation)
  14. Luminance Tan
  15. Five Star Tan
  16. The Sandbar
  17. Setting Sun Salon
  18. Staycation
  19. Kiss of Sun
  20. Glow On
  21. Eclipse
  22. Solar Tan
  23. Touch of Sun
  24. Sun Lounge
  25. Majestic Tan
  26. Sun Infinity
  27. Sun Pros
  28. Iconic Tan
  29. Miss Sun
  30. Bronze Bunny
  31. Mystic Sun
  32. House of Tan
  33. Garden of Sun
  34. High Noon Tanning Salon
  35. Cloud 9 Tan
  36. Supreme Sun
  37. The Golden Gates
  38. Showstoppers Tanning Salon
  39. Sunshine Central
  40. Flash of Light Tanning Salon
  41. Sun Shocked
  42. Paradise Found
  43. Daylight Tan
  44. Cocoa Tan
  45. The Tan Touch
  46. So Sun
  47. Vivid Tan
  48. Fantasy Tan
  49. Paradise Tan
  50. Big Time Tanning
  51. Rockstar Tans
  52. The Bronze Age
  53. Sinfully Sun

Catchy Tanning Salon Names

Are you looking to name your tanning salon something that promotes itself? If you aren’t quite sold on a more unique name, then choosing something catchy is another option. 

The right name can do all the advertising for you. You can do this by choosing something that will stick with any potential clients that come across your salon’s name. 

When choosing a name for a tanning salon, going with something mediocre doesn’t give clients any incentive to try your salon over the others. Try choosing a play on words or a catch phrase that’s not only fun to say but fun to see.

Another great idea is choosing a name that references a beach or place well-known for being a sunny vacation spot. This simple trick will help catch the eye of people looking for a tanning salon.

Below I’ve listed some catchy ideas for a tanning salon that will be sure to stay on everyone’s mind even after they’ve left.

Catchy tanning salon names

Catchy Tanning Salon Name Ideas

  1. Miami Tan
  2. Tropic Touch
  3. Bikini Tan
  4. Sunset Salon
  5. Bahama Mama
  6. South Beach Tan
  7. California Sun
  8. Destination Tan
  9. Hawaiian Sun
  10. Sun Beach Tan
  11. Rio Tan
  12. Sun Time Tan
  13. Resort Tan
  14. Eternal Summer
  15. Poolside Tan
  16. L.A. Tan
  17. Temptation Tans
  18. Sun City
  19. Sun-o-mania
  20. Sunshine Tan
  21. Sun Nation
  22. Seaside Tans
  23. Viva Sun!
  24. Sun Style
  25. Gifted with Sun
  26. Out of Time Tan (good choice if you are promoting quick service)
  27. Tan Express (another choice for quick service salons)
  28. Hang Tan (like the surfer phrase hang ten)
  29. Out of This World Tans
  30. Republic of Sun
  31. Mad About Sun
  32. The Tanporium
  33. Sun Sensation
  34. Sun to the Extreme
  35. By the Boardwalk Tanning Salon
  36. Beach Stand Tans
  37. Under the Sun
  38. Perfect Ten Tans
  39. Nothing but Sun
  40. Tanfiguration
  41. Smitten with Sun
  42. The Glow Up
  43. Venus Tan
  44. Brightlight Tan
  45. Talk of the Town Tanning Salon
  46. Glitz & Glam Tan
  47. Relax & Tan

Creative Tanning Salon Names

Are you still looking for a different type of name to represent your tanning salon ? Perhaps you are a salon owner who wishes to show their artistic side.

Consider choosing a name with an artsy flair to symbolize your creativity. Choosing a name that lets people know that you are artistic builds confidence in your salon’s ability to provide services that meet expectations and keep up with the trends.

If it’s your artistic image you are trying to portray, check out the ideas below for some creative inspiration.

Creative tanning salon names
  1. Mirage Tan
  2. Painted with Sun
  3. A Brush of Sun
  4. Shimmer & Glow
  5. Bronze Life
  6. Sunspired
  7. Sun Kissed Tans
  8. Sun Theory
  9. You Glow Girl
  10. The Sun Lab
  11. The Gold Standard
  12. Planet Tan
  13. Totally Tan
  14. Extreme Tan
  15. Pure Gold
  16. Color it with Sun
  17. The Sun Studio
  18. Sun Spectrum
  19. Ray of Light Tanning Salon
  20. Say it with Sun
  21. Passion for Sun
  22. The Sun Palette
  23. Sunstrokes
  24. Tan Extraordinaire
  25. The Sun Room
  26. House of Gold
  27. Pure Sun
  28. Brushed by the Sun
  29. Creative Contours (also great for a spray tans)
  30. Sun Academy
  31. Blush Rush Tanning Salon
  32. Highlighter Tan
  33. The Midas Touch (the Greek god who turned everything he touched to Gold)
  34. Glow
  35. Solid Gold
  36. Bronzage
  37. Sun Aesthetic
  38. The Amber Zone
  39. Lush Tanning Salon
  40. The Fountain of Youth

Funny Tanning Salon Names

Do you want people to know that your salon has a laid back vibe? Choosing a name that’s funny can help set you apart from other salons that may be perceived as pompous and higher-end.

A name that makes people smile is a great way to show that your salon is approachable. A name that’s unique, creative, or especially classy may not be a good idea if you don’t wish to come across as snobby and off-putting. If you want to appeal to the everyday person then going with something funny is a good idea.

Take a look at these funny salon names sure to get a laugh.

Funny tanning salon names
  1. Sunny Side Up Tanning Salon
  2. Tan O’Clock
  3. Taniverse
  4. Tanology
  5. Tantastic
  6. All About the Base Tanning Salon
  7. Time to Tan
  8. Get Your Glow On
  9. Tan out of Ten Tanning Salon
  10. Tip Top Tans
  11. Under the Sun
  12. Tan & Toned
  13. Sunny with a Side of Tan
  14. Tan-o-holic
  15. Sunny Express
  16. Tutti Frutti Tanning Salon (like the song)
  17. Sun Addicts
  18. Tan-talizing Tans
  19. Suns Up Tanning Salon (like surf’s up)
  20. Sun-La-La (like the phrase sha-la-la)
  21. The Gold and the Beautiful (like The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera)
  22. Golden Girls (another TV show reference)
  23. Sandy Buns Tanning Salon
  24. Tan-on Salon
  25. Beach Bums
  26. Hold the Sun
  27. Tan-possible
  28. A Side-dish of Sun
  29. Tell All Tans
  30. Tantacular

Classy Tanning Salon Names

Maybe you are opening a tanning salon that wants to have a more serious and refined image. Maybe you are looking catch the attention of a higher-end clientele and charge more for your services.

Many people want to feel like they are being pampered when they go to the tanning salon. A classy name can let clients know these are the services you offer. 

If these are the type of clients you are looking to attract, choosing something funny, catchy, or unique may not be in your best interest when wanting to appeal the crowd that set themselves apart from the rest.

Below you’ll find some names that represent class and elegance.

Classy tanning salon names

Classy Tanning Salon Name Ideas

  1. Sun Couture
  2. Lux Tan
  3. Radiance
  4. Bronze Goddess Tanning Salon
  5. Luminescence Tan
  6. Sun Divas
  7. Glowing Goddess Tanning Salon
  8. Salon de Soleil (like Cirque de Soleil)
  9. On Trend Tans
  10. Elegant Tans
  11. Timelessly Tan
  12. Sun Extravagant
  13. Divaza Tan
  14. Coutured Tans
  15. Capucci Tan
  16. Haus of Tan (German for house)
  17. Coco Bronze
  18. Sun Majesty
  19. Signature Sun
  20. Platinum Tan
  21. Imminence Tan
  22. Ethereal Tan
  23. Diva Tan
  24. Park Avenue Tanning Salon
  25. Bronzed Beauties
  26. Sunlux
  27. Runway Tan
  28. Elite Tan
  29. Le Soleil (French for sun)
  30. Royalty Tanning Salon
  31. Uptown Tan
  32. Belladonna Tanning Salon
  33. Tan Palace
  34. Ibiza Tan
  35. Bella Tans
  36. Get Glamorous
  37. Rapture Tanning Salon
  38. Ensoleillé (French for sunny)
  39. Ambrage (like the color amber)
  40. En Vogue Tan
  41. Chic Skin
  42. Suntan Palace
  43. Le Petit Soleil (French for the little sun)

Mobile Spray Tan Business Names

Mobile spray tan businesses are an in-demand and growing opportunity for salon entrepreneurs who wish to expand their market. 

Many clients who choose to get a mobile spray tan are looking for a personalized in-home experience that makes them feel like the queen (or king) of the castle.

A good name for a mobile spray tan business should flow naturally with mobile or spray, to differentiate yourself from a traditional tanning salon.

When choosing a name for a mobile spray tan business it is still important to keep your salon’s image in mind, even if you don’t have a the brick and mortar storefront displaying your name.

Below are some names for a mobile spray tan business that are sure to deliver service with a smile.

Mobile Spray Tan Business Name Ideas

  1. Glow on the Go
  2. Tans to Go
  3. Gold on the Go
  4. Sun-Kissed Spray Tans
  5. Stellar Spray Tans
  6. Airbrushed by Lisa (your name)
  7. Sun and Sand Spray Tans
  8. Brush and Stroke Spray Tans
  9. Seashell Spray Tans
  10. Ray of Sun Spray Tans
  11. Solstice Spray Tans
  12. Natural Glow Spray Tans
  13. Sun Inspired Spray Tans
  14. Blank Canvas Spray Tans
  15. Serenity Spray Tans
  16. Hue Spray Tans
  17. Personalized Spray Tans
  18. Sunny Coated Spray Tans (like sugar coated)
  19. Natural Blush Spray tans
  20. Sparkle Spray Tans
  21. Custom Sun by (your name)
  22. Genie in a Bottle Spray Tans (a play on the spray bottle)
  23. Magic Brush Spray Tans
  24. Bronze Me Beautiful
  25. Liquid Sun Spray Tans
  26. Bountiful Beauty Spray Tans
  27. Dream Skin by (your name)
  28. Perfect Picture Spray Tans
  29. The Tanning Genie
  30. Touchup Spray Tans
  31. On Call Tans
  32. The Tan Taxi
  33. Blushing Beauty Spray Tans
  34. Sun on the Run
  35. Blessed with Blush Spray Tans
  36. Subtle Sun Spray Tans
  37. The Beautification Station
  38. Total Tansformation
  39. The Contour Queen
  40. Subtle Shimmer
  41. Trusted Tans
  42. Sunside Service (like curbside)
  43. High Shine Spray Tans
  44. Sun at your Door
  45. Shine On Spray Tans
  46. Flawless Spray Tans
  47. Great Touch Spray Tans
  48. Sleek & Smooth Spray Tans
  49. Supple Sun Spray Tans
  50. Sun at your Side Mobile Spray Tans
  51. Be Natural Spray Tans
  52. Forever Young Spray Tans
  53. Sunbaked Spray Tans
  54. Sunward Bound Spray Tans
  55. Pampered by (your name) Spray Tans

That’s that tanning salon names I had to share with you today. For even more salon name ideas, check out my list of 2754 Unique Salon Names (Hair, Beauty, Barbershop, Spa, Nail).

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