279 Most Unique & Creative Massage Business Names

Are you looking for massage business name ideas?

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I have summarized a list of 279 unique, creative, cool, catchy and funny massage therapy business names. And I’m sure you’ll be able to get some ideas that’ll fit your massage spa business.

At the end of the article, I’ll also share some guidance on how to pick massage company names that will fit your business.

Here are the types of massage business names we’ll go through today.

Unique Massage Business Names

Are you planning on opening a massage business in an area with a lot of competition? If so, consider choosing a name for your salon that’s unique. When trying to make a name for yourself you’ll want to go with a name that won’t be mistaken for another around town.

Choosing a unique name will let people know that you do things differently. A unique name catches the client’s eye and gives them an incentive to get a massage at your business instead of the others. 

Check out some unique names for a massage therapy business below. These are some good examples that won’t be forgotten!

Unique massage business names

Unique Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Vivify Massage
  2. Rising Sun Massage Therapy
  3. Massage Central
  4. Muscle Masters
  5. Prana Massage (prana is breath and life-force)
  6. Silent Serenity Massage Parlor
  7. Essence of Massage
  8. Massage O’Clock
  9. Soft Spots Massage Therapy
  10. Catching Comfort
  11. Mountain Air Massage
  12. Composure Massage Therapy
  13. Wildflower Massage
  14. In God’s Hands Massage Studio
  15. Carpe Diem Massage Company (Latin for seizing the day)
  16. Release Massage Therapy
  17. Arc Massage
  18. Elemental Energy Massage Company
  19. Massage Sanctuary
  20. Exquisite Massage
  21. Gratitude Massage Therapy
  22. Celtic Healing Massage
  23. Zone of Zen
  24. Contours Massage Company
  25. The Hideout Massage Therapy
  26. Moon Walk Massage
  27. New Concepts Massage Company
  28. Yin & Yang Massage
  29. Massage Zen
  30. Breath of Life Massage
  31. Commitment to Comfort
  32. Solace Massage Company
  33. The Wind Down
  34. Delightful Den Massage Therapy
  35. The Botanical Garden Massage Therapy
  36. Fountain of Youth Massage Therapy

Creative Massage Business Names

Unique names aren’t the only way to represent your massage business. Maybe you want to show potential clients how you’re different by flaunting your creative side? 

Consider choosing a name with an artsy flair that’s calm and relaxing to symbolize the creativity that you offer with your style of massage therapy. Choosing a name to let people know that you’re artistic builds confidence in your ability to provide services that meet the soothing nature massage is known for.

If your massage business is artistic, check out some of the good ideas below for some creative inspiration.

Creative Massage Business Names

Creative Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Healing Touch Massage
  2. Imagine Massage Therapy
  3. Breathe In Massage
  4. Power Massage Therapy (good choice for sports massage businesses)
  5. Forever Balanced
  6. The Power of Touch Massage Therapy
  7. Masterpiece Massage
  8. Font of Life Massage
  9. Massage Heaven
  10. Tranquility Massage
  11. Candlelight Massage Therapy
  12. Ancient Remedies Massage
  13. Sunflower Spa Massage Therapy
  14. Enigma Massage
  15. Transfer of Energy Massage
  16. Full Moon Massage
  17. Chakra Massage (like the 7 chakras of our body in Ayurveda practice
  18. Druid Massage Therapy (druids were considered philosophers and healers in ancient Britain)
  19. Asana Massage (asana is the seated yoga position)
  20. Somewhere over the Rainbow Massage
  21. Wind Spirits Massage Therapy
  22. Transcendance
  23. Spectrum of Serenity Massage
  24. Salt & Stone Massage Therapy (these are considered natural healing elements)
  25. One with Nature Massage
  26. Sacred Serenity Massage
  27. Chi Massage (chi is breath or energy)
  28. Well-being Massage Therapy

Catchy Massage Business Names

Are you looking for a massage business name that promotes itself? If you aren’t crazy about a unique or creative name, then choosing something catchy is another great option. 

The right massage therapy name can do all the advertising for you. You can do this by choosing something that will stick with any potential clients that come across your business. Try choosing a play on words or a catchphrase that’s both fun to say and to see.

Here’s a list of some catchy ideas that will be sure to stay on everyone’s mind even after they’ve left. 

Catchy Massage Business Names

Catchy Massage Business Name Idea

  1. The Zen Den
  2. Daydreams Massage Therapy
  3. Cocoon of Healing Massage Parlor
  4. Helping Hands Massage
  5. Bountiful Breaths Massage
  6. Relax & Renew Massage Therapy
  7. Great Expectations Massage Therapy (like the classic novel)
  8. Tender Time Massage
  9. Rejuvenate Massage Therapy
  10. The Flex Zone
  11. Rainy Day Massage Therapy
  12. Vacation for a Day Massage Therapy
  13. Take Your Time Massage
  14. The Finishing Touch Massage Therapy
  15. Easy Elements Massage
  16. New Heaven Massage Therapy
  17. Soft Sounds Massage
  18. Wishing You Well Massage
  19. Tried & True Massage Parlor
  20. Walking on Air Massage
  21. Light & Loose Massage Therapy
  22. Holy Touch Massage Therapy
  23. Go with the Flow Massage
  24. The Tropic Touch Salon (a good choice if you are in a summer vacation spot)
  25. Be Blessed Massage Parlor
  26. Find Your Zen
  27. The Simple Life Massage Therapy
  28. Stretch It Out Massage
  29. Serenity Found Massage
  30. New Life Massage Therapy
  31. Pure Peace Massage
  32. Free to Be Massage Therapy
  33. Let’s Relax! Massage Therapy

Funny Massage Business Names

Do you want people to know that your massage business has a laid-back vibe? Choosing a name that’s funny can help set you apart from other salons that are pompous and higher-end.

A name that makes people smile is a great way to show that your massage parlor is approachable. A name that’s unique, creative, or especially classy may not be a good idea if you don’t want to come across as snobby or off-putting.

If a relaxed massage therapy business is your goal, then check out these funny examples for names below! 

Funny Massage Business Names

Funny Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Takin’ It Easy Massage Parlor
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Bring It Back Massage Therapy
  4. Apply Pressure Here Massage
  5. Stay In Touch Massage Therapy
  6. Knothing to See Here (like the knots in your back)
  7. Jostling Joints
  8. Take a Load Off Massage
  9. Slow Down Massage
  10. Pass the Peace Massage Therapy
  11. Dazed and Confused Massage Therapy (like the song)
  12. Ready, Set, Relax!
  13. Loosen Up Massage
  14. Pain Be Gone
  15. Rubber Band Massage therapy
  16. These Old Bones Massage
  17. Snap! Massage
  18. The Pain Thieves
  19. Footloose Massage
  20. Out of this World Massage
  21. Kneaded Dough Massage Therapy (like kneading bread with your hands)
  22. A Good Night’s Sleep Massage Therapy
  23. Crackle & Pop Massage Therapy
  24. Nothing Knotty Here
  25. Pay Back Massage
  26. Breathe In Breathe Out Massage
  27. Posture Check
  28. Sore No More Massage Therapy
  29. Zen It to Win It Massage
  30. The Young and the Restful (like the famous TV show)

Massage Spa Names

If you planning on offering a wider range of spa services, and not just massage therapy, then you should consider a massage spa name.

The image of a spa is one of soft sounds, pleasant scents, dim lights, and above all: relaxation. Choosing words that paint this image in a client’s mind is important when choosing a name for your massage business that is fit for a spa. 

Going in the direction of a spa is also a good choice for the massage therapy business wanting to attract higher-end clientele.  A good spa name pairs well with words that show elegance and class.

Below are name examples for the massage business that wants clients to know that they’re cool, calm, and collected. If you want to dive deeper into spa name options, I also recommend you check out my article dedicated to spa name ideas here. These are names for full services spas but can work very well for a massage studio as well.

Massage Spa Names

Massage Spa Name Ideas

  1. Lotus Spa
  2. A New Day Spa
  3. Divinity Massage Spa
  4. Pure Bliss Massage Spa
  5. Aurora Massage Spa
  6. Spa du Jour Massage (French for a spa that is trendy)
  7. King (or Queen) for a Day Spa
  8. Devotional Day Spa
  9. Jade Massage Spa
  10. Spa Magique
  11. Renewal Massage Spa
  12. Spa Lux
  13. Thrive Wellness Spa
  14. Diamond Day Spa
  15. Royalty Massage Spa
  16. Oasis Spa
  17. Luminance Spa
  18. Spa Bonjour (French for good day/hello)
  19. High Standards Spa
  20. Uptown Massage Spa
  21. Spa Massaggio (Italian for Massage)
  22. Pearl Spa
  23. Revival Spa
  24. Cherry Blossom Massage Spa
  25. 4 Seasons Spa
  26. The Rose Garden Massage Spa
  27. Spa of Zen
  28. Hidden Paradise Spa
  29. The Wellness Spa
  30. Spa Elegance
  31. Renew Day Spa
  32. Spa Détendu (French for relaxed)
  33. Stone & Diamond Massage Spa (good choice if you specialize in stone massage)

Mobile Massage Business Names

The mobile massage business is an in-demand market and a growing opportunity for the masseuse or masseur who wishes to expand their clientele. 

The type clients who are looking to get a massage from a mobile massage therapy business are looking for a personalized massage experience in their own domain.

A good name for a mobile massage business should go well with being mobile or on the go, to differentiate yourself from a brick and mortar massage therapy business. Don’t forget that when choosing a name it’s still important to keep your company’s image in mind!

Below are some good examples of mobile massage names to let your clients know that you deliver great service to their door.

Mobile Massage Business Names

Mobile Massage Name Ideas

  1. Therapy to Go
  2. Delightful Dwellings Mobile Massage
  3. Calm Mobile Massage
  4. Massage 2 You
  5. Help You Out Mobile Massage
  6. Take It Back Mobile Massage
  7. Massage Chez Vous (French for at your place)
  8. Relax with Me Mobile Massage
  9. Relax with (your name)
  10. Get Well Soon Mobile Massage Therapy
  11. Helping You Heal Mobile Massage
  12. Make It Yours Mobile Massage
  13. Treat Yourself! Mobile Massage
  14. Body Techs to Go Mobile Massage
  15. Mobile Medics Massage
  16. On Time Mobile Massage
  17. Traveling Hands Mobile Massage
  18. All Hours Mobile Massage
  19. From Dawn Until Dusk Mobile Massage
  20. Mobile Massage Express
  21. In Your Element Mobile Massage
  22. Peace Be With You Mobile Massage
  23. Homebodies Mobile Massage
  24. Out of Time Mobile Massage
  25. Pillar of Peace Mobile Massage
  26. Domestic Bliss Mobile Massage
  27. Always at Your Door Mobile Massage
  28. By Your Side Mobile Massage
  29. Stay Awhile Mobile Massage
  30. Above and Beyond Mobile Massage
  31. A Moment to Yourself Mobile Massage
  32. Takeout Mobile Massage
  33. Renewal on the Go
  34. Ring of Peace Mobile Massage Therapy

Cool Massage Business Names

Maybe you’re opening a massage therapy business that wants to be hip.  Many people get massages to feel like they’re treating themselves and want to go to the newest massage business that’s all the rage. A cool name will let potential clients know that these are the massage services you offer.

If these are the type of clients you’re looking to attract to your new massage business, choosing something funny, catchy, or unique may not be in your best interest when trying to appeal the crowd that’s looking to be trendy.

Below you’ll find some examples so people know that you’re cutting edge!

Cool Massage Business Names

Cool Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Good Vibrations Massage Therapy (after the song)
  2. Rewind Massage
  3. Hands On Healing Massage Therapy
  4. Glow Massage Therapy
  5. Pressure Points Massage
  6. Detox Massage
  7. Meditate Massage
  8. The Serenity Garden
  9. Devotion Massage Therapy
  10. Massage Elite
  11. Le Petit Main Massage (French for small, delicate hand)
  12. Revive Massage Therapy
  13. Power Pose Massage
  14. Calm Seas Massage
  15. Light Forged Massage Therapy
  16. Heavenly Highs Massage Therapy
  17. Karma Massage
  18. Power Up Massage Therapy
  19. Oxygen Massage Therapy
  20. Sacred Healing
  21. East Meets West Massage Therapy
  22. The Gold Standard Massage
  23. Seance Massage
  24. Massage Alchemy
  25. The Peacekeepers Massage Therapy
  26. Repose Massage
  27. Body Repair
  28. The Alchemist’s Stone Massage
  29. Born Again Massage Therapy
  30. Downward Dog Massage (a yoga pose)
  31. Chill Massage Parlor
  32. Express Yourself Massage
  33. Good Day Massage Parlor

Clever Massage Business Names

Do you want a clever name for your massage therapy business that leaves no doubt in clients’ minds that you’re the best at what you do? Choosing something clever and witty will do just that. 

As we discussed above when choosing a catchy name, something clever can also promote itself. A name that comes off as intelligent is sure to attract people who want the best of the best. 

A clever name will convey your skills and clients will know that they can expect excellent service if they choose your massage company.

Here are some good examples of clever massage names that exude confidence and capability!

Clever Massage Business Names

Clever Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Skin Deep Massage
  2. Head to Toe Massage Therapy
  3. Savor It Massage Therapy
  4. Touch of Magic Massage Therapy
  5. Peace of Mind Massage
  6. Rollover Massage Therapy
  7. Sky High Massage
  8. The Right Touch Massage Therapy
  9. Herbal Remedies Massage Therapy
  10. Mechanics of Massage
  11. Feeling Deep Massage Therapy
  12. Just Breathe Massage
  13. Shifting Energies Massage Therapy
  14. Sommeil Massage (French for sleep)
  15. Recharge Massage Therapy
  16. Infinite Zen
  17. Balanced Bodies Massage
  18. Time Out Massage Therapy
  19. Peaceful Warriors Massage Therapy
  20. Afternoon Delight Massage Therapy
  21. All Wound Up Massage Therapy
  22. Zero Gravity Massage Therapy
  23. Let It Go Massage Therapy

Cute Massage Business Names

If you’re still on the fence about which type of image to go with for your massage business, a cute name may be your best option. You can’t go wrong with choosing a name that brings a smile to your client’s face.

Try adding the word “parlor” to something simple and sweet. A cute massage-inspired name with parlor will come across as endearing and welcoming to just about everyone. 

If none of the names so far have appealed to you, then take a look at the cute examples below for your massage business!

Cute Massage Business Names

Cute Massage Business Name Ideas

  1. Merry Moments Massage
  2. Healing Hands Massage
  3. Handy Helpers Massage Parlor
  4. Lullabies Massage
  5. Hello Sunshine Massage Parlor
  6. The Pampered Parlor
  7. Fairytales Massage Parlor
  8. Parlor of Peace Massage Therapy
  9. The Royal Treatment Massage Parlor
  10. Moonlight Massage Parlor
  11. Precious Moments Massage Parlor
  12. Sunshine Massage
  13. Grace Massage Parlor
  14. Falling Leaves Massage
  15. Smooth Sailing Massage
  16. The Tranquil Touch
  17. Blissful Day Massage Parlor
  18. Timeless Massage Parlor
  19. Walking on Sunshine Massage Parlor
  20. Lucky Charm Massage Therapy
  21. Light Touch Massage Parlor
  22. Bring The Peace Massage Parlor
  23. Touch Your Toes Massage Therapy
  24. Cherished Massage Parlor
  25. Bewitched Massage Parlor
  26. Endless Comfort Massage Parlor
  27. Carefree Massage Therapy
  28. Easy Breezy Massage
  29. Angel Massage Parlor

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Note that this article is part of my overall guide to opening a spa or salon. If you haven’t check it out already, I strongly recommend you go through my opening a salon checklist for more tips and ideas when starting a massage business.

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