Standard Salon Size & Dimensions: Room, Chair, Station, Layout

I’m right now involved in a new salon project where the salon owner is planning to open a new unit in a central city location.

Rents are very high in the area but she has found this super nice location that I know will look really cool when she’s done.

The problem is just that it is quite small. So I was thinking to myself, what is the average square footage of a salon? I decided to find out.

What is the average size of a salon? The average size of a salon is 1’500 square feet (140 square meters). Nail salons are on average 1’300 sqft (120 m²) while hair salons average around 1’500 sqft.

Source: First Research Industry Profile: Hair Care Services Industry Profile 

How Many Square Feet do You Need For a Salon?

The average salon size of 1’500 sqft is a good reference point but the size you need depends on how many stylists are working in your salon. A salon needs about 175 sqft per stylist so if you have a space of 1’500 sqft you can fit up to 8 stylists in the salon.

You also want to consider how spacious you want your salon to feel and also if you plan to use the space for events and other things where you’ll need to have some non-occupied areas.

Fitting 8 beauticians into 1’500 sqft can be a bit on the tight side and you will need to carefully select the furniture (styling stations, backwash, etc.) that you would install to optimize the use of the area in this case.

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Let’s take a closer look at the space you’ll need for different areas in your salon.

Salon Room Size Guidance

Below are some reference points on space you’ll need per room in the salon. Note that this is just some recommendations and you’ll ultimately have to decide how much space you’ll need for each part to be comfortable. 

Salon AreaSize 
Styling Station35 sqft (5×7)
Shampoo Area36 sqft (4×9)
Manicure16 sqft (4×4)
Pedicure32 sqft (4×8)
Spa Room100 sqft (10×10)
Retail Area100 sqft

Beyond the retail area and treatment rooms you should also consider space for an office, laundry room, changing room for staff, storage/ closets, restroom, and also a staff room.

How Close Can Salon Clients Sit?

As you optimize your salon space, you want to make sure that you are not jeopardizing the salon experience. Your clients want some privacy and space and do not want to feel crammed in with your other clients. You should also ensure sufficient space for a good working environment for your staff.

What is the right distance between salon chairs? You should try to allow at least 40 inches between salon chairs to avoid clients sitting on each other.

Learn more about my recommended salon chairs here.

What is the right distance between shampoo stations? You should allow for 32 inches left to right for each shampoo station. You should also allow 36 inches behind the station for the stylist.

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Beyond the treatment areas, there should also be space so that that staff and clients can move around in the salon.

What does it Cost to Rent a Salon?

What does it cost to rent a salon? The average salon rent ranges from $1 to $2.5 per square foot. The average salon costs about $2,000 per month if the size is 1,500 sqft. The costs primarily depend on the location but also the state of the property. 

You’ll have to balance location, state of the property, and cost to find the place that is right for your business.

Choosing the Salon Location 

“What are the three most important drivers of the success of any retail business? Location, location location.”

That is a pretty old saying and I believe that the new digital media is maybe changing that now as there are many more ways that you can get new salon clients than by catching them walking by. However, for a salon business, the location is still very important and I expect it’ll continue to be for some time to come.

You have a lot to benefit from picking a salon location that is in an area of high traffic with potential new clients walking by.

Areas that are particularly good are shopping malls or high street locations in the city.

Of course, such a location will also drastically increase the rent so you’ll need to balance the value of being close to potential new clients and how much space you can afford.  

To help you choose a good location for your salon, I recommend you read my complete salon location guide here

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