251 Catchy & Unique Barbershop Slogans

Are you looking for catchy and cool barbershop slogans?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In today’s article, I’ll give you a list of my favorite barbershop sayings to inspire you.

Barbershops are ever-increasing in popularity as men to look for their own hair salons that specialize in short cuts and beards.

I’ll cover both barber slogans and shaving slogans that are catchy, clever, creative, cool, funny, and unique.

I’d recommend you get a pen and paper out now (or your iPhone notes app) and make note of the barbershop slogans you like.

At the end of the article, I’ll take you through some important techniques to help you choose the best sayings and quotes for your barbershop advertisement.

Here are the different types of barbershop slogans we’ll cover today.

best barber shop slogans

Catchy Barbershop Slogans

Let’s start off with catchy barber shop slogans.

Catchy barbershop slogans and barber quotes are a great way to make your barbershop stand out.

By employing rhymes and phrases that go well together, you can also make your barber shop slogans more memorable.

I have put together some examples of catchy barbershop sayings like this below.

Catchy Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. Let your hair do the talking. 
  2. Fast fades in no time.
  3. Straight shaves, straight styles.
  4. Be on the starting line-up. 
  5. All About You
  6. Come get shaped up. 
  7. Tailored hair.
  8. So fresh and so clean.
  9. The best shop in town
  10. All about quality.
  11. Try a different style
  12. Superior cuts.
  13. Always fulfilling your expectations
  14. Your satisfaction is our goal.
  15. High standards are on us.
  16. Get groomed right.
  17. Cuts of your life.
  18. Good ole boys cuts.
  19. Don’t miss our cuts.
  20. Enjoy our service
  21. No pain here
  22. Come to the professionals
  23. Straight shaves
  24. Styles on us.
  25. It’s your time to get buzzed

Clever Barber Shop Slogans

What’s more memorable than a catchy barbershop slogan?

A clever barber saying.

Humor is powerful. It drives emotion. And we tend to remember things that we associate with an emotion better.

Using clever barbershop quotes with humor also makes your shop more approachable as it signals that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. People like that.

The only caution I would add to the use of funny barbershop sayings is that it may harm the premium perception of your barber business.

Clever Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. The design is in the detail. 
  2. The gentlemen’s lounge. 
  3. You’ll be sure to have an old fashioned time.
  4. We’ll clip you
  5. Be treated like a king.
  6. Your hair, your style
  7. Let your hair do the talking.
  8. Expect the best.
  9. Live life on the edge.
  10. Quality, service, atmosphere!
  11. Mess with us and get cut.
  12. Buzzed just right
  13. Try us out and see.
  14. Faded right
  15. You’ll find no one better!
  16. Buzzed by the best
  17. Take a load off and get a cut
  18. Stay for awhile
  19. Good times cuts
  20. Come to the corner for a great cut
  21. Barbers and buzzes
  22. Cut central
  23. Come hang with your boys
  24. Be a team player with us
  25. We’ve got it all
  26. Relax and sit back
  27. Vintage style with modern cuts
  28. Get a cut on us.

Creative Barbershop Slogans

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to branding any business. This goes for your barber shop.

Do you do cool cuts and fades? Express your creativity with a creative barber shop saying.

Choosing a quote to let people know that you are artistic builds confidence in your barber shop’s ability to provide services that keep up with the trends.

If it’s your artistic image you are trying to portray, check out the barber shop slogans below for some creative inspiration.

Creative Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. Our impression is your expression.
  2. Fades to die for.
  3.  You imagine and we create.
  4. Clip your life
  5. Connoisseurs of style
  6. Real cuts by real professionals.
  7. A breath of fresh hair.
  8. Not your father’s barber shop!
  9. Award winning style.
  10. Get a buzz on us.
  11. Stroke of genius for your hair.
  12. Buzzes of art.
  13. We’ve got you
  14. If you can dream it, we can cut it
  15. Come flex with us
  16. Creative cuts are what we do.
  17. Cut right in your world.
  18. Discover what good hair is with us.
  19. We’ll get you buzzed.
  20. Get it done right!
  21. Hairstyles for everyone
  22. Different designs for everyone
  23. Reveal your true self
  24. The cut you want
  25. Vintage and defined.

Cool Barber Shop Slogans

Barber shops already have a fun and hip image. Naturally, they are a great choice for adding a slogan! 

Consider choosing a slogan or tagline that plays on being cool and trendy for your barbershop. It’s especially important that you choose a slogan that sets your barber shop apart from the others since most towns usually have plenty of them around. 

Check out some of these cool barbershop slogans below for some ideas that will cause a buzz.

Cool Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. Sit back and relax. 
  2. Smooth shaves every time. 
  3. Looks for less
  4. Put your feet up and relax.
  5. The styles on us.
  6. Cuts for everyone.
  7. Where the cool kids hang. 
  8. All we do is win. 
  9. We’re in high demand
  10. Join our team!
  11. Courtside cuts
  12. Fade your world.
  13. Get more for less
  14. Men can be trendy, too.
  15. Live your best life.
  16. Ready to roll
  17. Perfection with every clip.
  18. We got you clipped.
  19. Faded perfection.
  20. All about quality.
  21. Complete transformation.
  22. You’re our top priority.
  23. Down to Earth Cuts
  24. Get your barber on
  25. Forget your troubles here
  26. Don’t forget to get buzzed
  27. Clean cuts every time
  28. Professionalism at it’s finest
  29. Choose your cut
  30. Be more
  31. Get cool today with us.
  32. Trendy buzzes.
  33. Get cut the right way.
  34. Upper-class buzzes.
  35. Where the guys hang.
  36. Feel classy with our cuts.
  37. Beyond expectations.
  38. Take a seat.
  39. We’ll get you lookin’ fine and fancy
  40. Proper cuts with us.
  41. Ready to rock
  42. Fine cuts for fine men
  43. Stars and Stripes cuts
  44. Choose us for a better cut

Funny Barber Shop Slogans

This section is dedicated to funny barber shop slogans and barber shop quotes.

Upon searching the web for relatable & funny barber shop slogans, I realized that there were a plethora of funny sayings to choose from.

These particular quotes I have chosen are a mix of relatable slogans for barbers & everyday people who enjoy a good haircut. From clipper mishaps to jokes only a master barber could understand, theres something for every barber here.

The only caution I would add to funny barber shop sayings is that it’s probably not a good fit if you’re trying to portray a high-end image. In those cases, you actually don’t want to be approachable but rather distanced and exclusive.

Check out these funny barber quotes list below.

Funny Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. We’ll clip you better
  2. Recreate yourself
  3. Let it loose!
  4. Get right.
  5. We’ll love your hair
  6. Your one stop cut shop
  7. Be the life of the party
  8. An old fashioned barbershop without old fashioned barbers.
  9. Get freshly cut.
  10. Get your buzz on.
  11. Have a seat!
  12. Just a little off the top.
  13. Leave it to us.
  14. The ladies will love it
  15. Man up!
  16. Be in demand.
  17. Style your life!
  18. The man groomers
  19. Put your head in our business.
  20. Come be a man.
  21. We cut heads.
  22. Be a champ with us.
  23. Get up, get cut.
  24. Where the good guys go
  25. Because no one likes a guy with bad hair.
  26. Fine and fancy
  27. No bull buzzes.
  28. Book with us and get buzzed
  29. Mess with the best!
  30. Don’t be sloppy, be stylish
  31. Because every man needs to look good
  32. No pain no gain haircuts
  33. Dirty South Cuts
  34. We’ll upper cut you!
  35. Right cuts, right price

Unique Barber Shop Slogans

If you’re going to catch a client’s eye in a town full of competition, you need to step up your game.

Nothing catches a client’s eye more than an edgy barber shop quote that they’re not likely to forget.

A great way to come up with a unique barber shop saying is to think through what your salon offers. What are your hero services and do you have something in your menu that is different from other barbershops? This can be a good angle to take when trying to identify a unique barber shop slogan to market your hair business.

I think you’ll like the unique sayings I’ve listed below to give you some barber shop quotes that won’t be forgotten.

Unique Barber Shop Slogans List

  1. Quality cuts at a good price.
  2. Tame your tresses
  3. The shop with style.
  4. We make your dream cut come true. 
  5. Good cuts, good style.
  6. Straight from the shop.
  7. Only the best.
  8. Urban in the Suburbs
  9. Barbering at its best.
  10. Be your best.
  11. You won’t be able to resist
  12. The mark of a man
  13. Cut for less
  14. Feel at home with us.
  15. Fresh fades
  16. Where champions are made
  17. King cuts.
  18. Systematic style.
  19. Sporty cuts
  20. Nothing but the best here
  21. Take your chance with us.
  22. A breath of fresh hair.
  23. Let is all hang out.
  24. Get to your goal with us
  25. No ideas? No problem. We’ve got you
  26. Change it up.
  27. Be who you want
  28. In it to win it!
  29. A unique experience
  30. You deserve the best cut
  31. Delightful cuts
  32. Get right with us
  33. Be who you want
  34. Take a chance on us
  35. Systematic styles
  36. Need a style? Come to us!
  37. A cut for every type
  38. Take the time to get a good cut
  39. Always ready for you
  40. Great cuts don’t happen by chance.
  41. Shear delights
  42. Your hair is your crown.
  43. Life’s too short for a bad buzz.
  44. A change on us
  45. Low country cuts
  46. Help us help you
  47. Because men can be stylish too!
  48. Even the tough guys love us
  49. Don’t settle!
  50. King for a day
  51. Look good, look great

Shaving Slogans

Who doesn’t love a good shave? The truth is, a lot of men go to a barber shop to touch up their beards and moustache.

A good shaving slogan will let clients know you go above and beyond with all types of barber services- not just hair cuts.

Check out this list of shaving slogans below sure to cause a buzz.

Shaving Slogans List

  1. Smooth faces every time
  2. The shave is on us
  3. Get smooth
  4. Just leave the beard to us.
  5. Shaved effortlessly
  6. Skin like glass
  7. Because men like to be pampered, too
  8. A facial fit for a king
  9. Let us trim your beard
  10. Get the knife out
  11. The shave is on us
  12. Ready to cut
  13. It’s just better here
  14. We’ll get it done right.
  15. Shine and shave
  16. Get your beard on
  17. Don’t forget the shave
  18. You’ll get the best
  19. Lined-up
  20. Saved by the blade
  21. A shave to die for
  22. Leave a smooth feeling
  23. A better shave with us
  24. Stubble no more
  25. Trimmed right
  26. Aftershave delight
  27. Let us handle it
  28. Bearded or buzzed, come to us!
  29. Sharp blades
  30. Shaved, trimmed, and ready
  31. No razor burn here
  32. A shave you deserve
  33. Fresh every time
  34. Skin deep
  35. Let us help you
  36. Bringing you joy with every shave
  37. No shave, no problem
  38. Smell good with our products
  39. Summertime shaves
  40. Limitless designs
  41. Beards R Us
  42. Star spangled shaves
  43. Champion shaves
  44. Real men come to us


You’ve just been on a journey through inspiration, humor, and sentiment.

Who knew you could get all of that from just barber shop quotes, right?

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