Defining Your Salon Brand Strategy

Here you’ll find the resources you need when creating and defining your salon brand strategy and visual identify

Creating Your Salon Brand

Why You Need a Brand Strategy

Having a clear brand strategy is crucial for any business. Your brand is your promise to your customers. It communicates what your customer will get when they book a service in your salon or buy a product from you. But it is more than just your services and products, it also includes the feeling they will have when they visit your salon.

Your Brand Persona

You can think of your brand like a person. A person that has its personality and appearance that your clients will judge before they decided to do any business. Thus, you want this person to be the person that your clients will like, trust, and maybe even admire (if your are a luxury salon).

Your Brand Elements

Your brand logo is a central element of your brand but the brand is represented in many other ways: The design of your website, the choice of interior design in your salon, your Instagram profile, the paper thickness of your brochures, what your staff where, and I can go on.. Everything communicates your brand.

It is important that the brand elements work together and that they are communicated consistently. If you fail on this in one area, you will confuse your clients and over time lose the trust with your clients.

Let’s Start Working on Your Salon Brand

The below guides will take you through what you need to know to successfully create your salon brand.

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