147 Best Hair Quotes & Sayings for Instagram Captions [Images]

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Are you looking for good hair quotes?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite hair quotes that I use in captions for Instagram and other places.

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The list contains 147 quotes about hair so you should certainly be able the hair caption, saying, or quote on hair you need. It includes funny hair quotes, short hair quotes, long hair quotes, quotes for colored hair, bad hair days and everything in between.

So, if you’re ready to get deep into all things hair, let’s get this party started!

When to Use Hair Quotes

Hair quotes are great to use when you want to express what you feel about your hair, or if you’re a hairstylist, your clients hair. It gives you a funny and/or inspiration way to communicate that people can relate to.

I use quotes frequently for Instagram captions but also other social media like my WhatsApp status or Facebook status. If you run a salon, they could also be good to use. on. your stylist business card or website to communicate what you’re about.

Haircut Quotes & Sayings

Let’s kick off with some haircut quotes & sayings.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a haircut that has changed our life. Whether it’s in a good or bad or even funny way. These haircut quotes are everything from relatable quotes to funny, & sometimes inspirational. But no matter what, it’s going to be crazy fun! So, sit back, grab your wine, & let’s get started on these fun cutting quotes.

“You’re only as good as your last haircut.”

quotes on new haircut

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

quotes about haircut

“Happiness is a new haircut.”

quotes about hair

“Never underestimate the power of a good haircut.”

good hair quotes

Hairstyle Quotes & Sayings

The next section is all about hairstyle quotes! Have you ever had a really good hairstyle that you just can’t get over? Or maybe you just wear the same one every single day & are looking for motivation to try a new one? Maybe there’s even a hairstyle you admire that you can’t necessarily achieve or feel confident in.

Whatever it is, I have an entire section dedicated to anything & everything hairstyle related that I know you’re going to love. Read on for some inspiring & funny hairstyle quotes & hairstyle captions!

“I have a new hairstyle. It’s called “I tried”.”

hairstyle quotes

“The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful & a beautiful woman unforgettable.”

hair style quotes

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”

quotes on hairstyle

“A great hairstyle is the best accessory.”

hairstyle quotes and sayings

“I don’t need a hair stylist. My pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.”

quotes for hairstyle

“My hairstyle was perfect, & then humidity said: Today I shall make you look like The Lion King.”

status on hairstyle

“Today’s hairstyle is called, “and I didn’t brush my teeth either.”

caption for hairstyle

“A new hairstyle is like new relationship: it makes you giddy, confident, & excited.”

status for hair style

Hair Color Quotes & Sayings

Color communicates more than words.

It gives us power and evokes emotion.

Let’s celebrate this with some inspiring quotes on the importance of color in life!

“If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color.”

hairstyle caption

“You know you’ve made it when you can dye your hair blue.”

hair color quotes

“It’s not just a hair color, it’s a state of mind.”

hair colour quotes

“You can change your whole attitude by changing your hair color.”

quotes on importance of colours in life

“I’m crazy for hair color. Color embraces you. It wakes you up & keeps you present.”

good hair quotes

“Somethings are basic, but your hair shouldn’t be one! Live your life in color.”

quotes on hair

“When a woman is in her red hair phase, leave her alone, she’s going through some stuff.”

caption on hair

“If she changed her hair color after the breakup, you’re never getting back together.”

hair captions

“A girl who colors her hair is creative beyond measure.”

caption for hair

“Girls with colored hair are gypsy souls & free spirits.”

Inspirational hair color quotes

Good Hair Day Quotes & Sayings

Do you ever just have a really good hair day? Like, where you feel on point in all aspects of your life, & then take like a million selfies?

You know what I mean when I say that good hair can totally change your day & your mood. Let’s be honest, when our hair is a mess, we all tend to feel down, unmotivated, & just a bit snappy. But having hair that’s on fleek can make you feel confident and powerful. This section is full of all those quotes all about good hair days.

“If my hair looks good, I can deal with anything.”

good hair day quotes

“Happiness is a good hair day.”

good hair quotes

“Good hair does not stay in on a Friday night.”

funny quotes about good hair day

“I hope your day is as nice as my hair.”

funny good hair day quotes

“I didn’t want to go out, but my hair looked too good to stay in.”

beauty quotes about good hair days

“Good hair makes me feel like I can rule the world.”

good hair day beauty quotes

“Never underestimate the power of a good hair day.”

quotes about good hair days

“Can we have a moment of silence for all those good hair days where no one important saw you.”

relatable good hair day quote

“I hope your day is as nice as my hair.”

good hair day quote

Bad Hair Day Quotes & Sayings

And, of course, with good hair days comes bad hair days. I know, they’re all of our arch enemies, but, unfortunately, they’re just a part of life that we all must deal with.

But even though bad hair days aren’t our best days, there’s definitely plenty of relatable quotes out there that we can laugh at to lighten up these kinds of days.

This section is all about bad hair day quotes that will at least get your smiling if nothing else!

“A bad hair day ruins my entire mood any day.”

quotes about bad hair

“A bad hair day: ain’t nobody got time for that!”

quote about bad hair

“Bad hair day? More like bad hair life.”

laughable bad hair day quote

“When you look in the mirror & think, “did I really look like that all day?”

relatable bad hair day quotes

“The solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low-cut blouse.”

funny bad hair day quotes

“You can’t control everything. Your hair was put on your head to remind you of that.”

quotes about bad hair day

“If I have a bad hair day, I don’t go out in public.”

funny bad hair day quotes

“Everyone has a bad hair day. The trick is to not have it on picture day.”

bad hair day quotes

Funny Hair Quotes & Sayings

Aside from bad hair days, we’ve all had days where our hair just looks goofy & we can’t help but laugh at it.

This section is dedicated to you goofballs. Don’t worry, it’s all in a light heart! Here are my favorite funny hair quotes.

“Thanks, humidity. I always wanted to look like a lion.”

funny humidity hair quotes

Me: My hair actually looks good today!

Rain: LOL not for long!

funny relatable hair quotes

“Dear hair – if you cooperated in the first place, I wouldn’t have to do this the hard way.” – Sincerely, girl with flat iron

funny messy hair quote

“A moment of silence for that one hair that is always left out of the braid.”

funny quotes about hair

“My hair looks good: 3% at school, 7% at home, & 90% when I’m about to shower.”

funny hair quotes

“I don’t know what’s messier: my hair or my life.”

funny hair day quote

“Some girls do a messy ponytail & look like a fairy princess. I do a messy ponytail & look like a founding father.”

messy hair quote

“You ever have those bad hair days where you just look like a troll doll?”

funny messy hair quote

Beautiful Hair Quotes & Sayings

Alright, it not. all about funny hair and bad hair days.

Let’s also cover some quotes on beautiful hair.

“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”

beautiful hair quotes

“Hair doesn’t make the woman, but good hair definitely helps!”

quotes on beautiful hair

“Long, beautiful hair is the key to drawing in a prince. It also makes for a handy ladder when you need to escape.”

beautiful hair quotes and sayings

“Sure, my life isn’t perfect, but my hair is.”

positive hair quote

“Sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.”

hair volume quote

“My hair makes me feel beautiful.”

beauty inspiration quote

“The most beautiful makeup for any woman is her natural hair & natural beauty.”

natural beauty quote

“Beautiful hair isn’t hard to achieve. Just be yourself & you’ve got it.”

beautiful hair quote

Hair Love Quotes & Sayings

There are so many different hairstyles, hair colors and hair cuts in the world – from short, to long, to pink, to blonde, each hairstyle is unique in its own way.

This section is about love and appreciation to all the different types of hair out there.

For the love of hair, let’s get started!

“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.”

hair love quotes

“Love isn’t in the air, it’s in the HAIR.”

love my hair quotes

“Dear hair, I’m sorry I cut you, burn you, & tie you up. But I will always love you.”

i love my hair quotes

“I love my hair because it is a reflection of my soul.”

“I love my hair the way it is. I don’t want to change it.”

“To love one’s hair is to love yourself on all levels.”

New Hair Quotes & Sayings

We all get a new hairstyle from time to time.

It’s good to change and embrace change. A new hairstyle can increase your confidence, make you feel beautiful, and awaken a totally different person within you.

This section is dedicated to all those new hairstyles we try throughout our lives.

“New Monday. New week. New hair.”

new hair quotes

“Often times, for a woman, a new hairstyle is a new way to look at life.”

new look quotes

“New hair, new me.”

my hair quotes

“There’s nothing like new hair to make you feel confident & beautiful.”

new hair confidence quote

“When life doesn’t allow you to change anything else, get a new hairstyle.”

bold hairstyle quote

“Even if it’s not the look for you, you are right in trying. Be bold!”

bold new look quote

“New hair makes me feel like I can do anything.”

new hair quotes

“When I’m bored with my life, I just change my hair. It keeps life more exciting!”

hair change quotes

“Give a girl a new hairstyle & see will conquer the world.”

new hairstyle quotes

Long Hair Quotes & Sayings

Now this section is dedicated to all my long-haired girls out there. Having long hair definitely has its perks and its disadvantage that people with short hair just won’t understand.

Most people think it’s easy with absolutely no downside, but we all know that’s not true. These quotes are all about those moments; the good, the bad, and everything long hair related.

“If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.”

quotes on long hair

“Long hair, don’t care.”

long hair quotes and sayings

“Having long hair is the most annoying & wonderful thing ever.”

missing my long hair quotes

“Long hair is hugging someone & getting your hair stuck in their armpit.”

relatable long hair quotes

“I love my long hair because it represents my strength & my patience with life.”

motivating long hair quotes

“Life is short, but your hair doesn’t have to be.”

inspiring quotes about long hair

“Boys will never understand the struggle of long hair & lip gloss on a windy day.”

long hair quotes

“Having long hair makes me feel like a princess.”

long hair quote

Short Hair Quotes & Sayings

There’s something about short hair that has people very curious but also intimidated.

Having short hair can be a very empowering experience that can make you feel powerful and free.

This section is dedicated to all those short hair quotes and sayings out there that I just couldn’t pass up.

“Something about a woman with short care just screams power.”

short hair empowerment quote

“The shorter the hair, the harder they stare.”

inspiring quotes about short hair

“Short hair, don’t care!”

funny short hair quotes

“He liked her with long hair, so she cut it short.”

motivational quote about short hair

“Make them stop & stare. Cut your hair.”

motivating short hair quote

“I had short hair for a while & ended up loving it.”

positive short hair quote

“Let your short hair do the talking.”

short hair inspirational quote

“When someone tells you that long hair is more feminine, remind them that pop culture’s most iconic women, like Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn, had short hair.”

quotes about short hair

“Happiness is having short hair.”

short hair quotes

Hair Care Quotes & Sayings

There are two types of people in the world. The type that either loves taking care of their hair or hates it.

No matter what side you stand on, I think we can all agree that hair care is important whether we like it or not. Our hair is one of the first things people see and you want it to look healthy.

Here are some quotes about hair care.

“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.”

inspirational hair care quotes

“Surround yourself with beautiful hair, not negativity.”

positive hair care quotes

“Your hair is 90% of your selfie. Take care of it.”

motivational hair care quotes

“If it doesn’t nourish your hair or your soul, let it go.”

inspiring hair care quotes

“I regret taking good care of my hair.” – Said no one ever

quotes about care of hair

“Inner beauty is great, but fabulous, healthy hair never hurt!”

quotes about hair care

“Life is short. Take care of your hair.”

hair care quotes

Curly Hair Quotes & Sayings

We all know someone with a beautiful curly-hair that we wish we had. Or maybe that curly-haired person is you.

Regardless, as with anything in life, there are sure to be ups & downs & hair mishaps when it comes to any hairstyle. So, for this section, I chose some of my absolute favorite curly-haired quotes that I feel as though anyone with curly hair can relate to.

“I’m a queen crowned in my curls.”

inspiring hair quotes

“My mood depends on how good my curls look.”

curly hair quotes

“Sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.”

funny big hair quotes

“People: Do you scrunch or curl it?

Me: No. I try not to anger the beast.”

relatable curly hair quotes

“When people ask how you get your hair curly:

Step 1. Wash it.

Step 2. Hope for the best.”

funny curly hair quotes

“Curly hair is not a trend, it is a lifestyle.”

quotes about curly hair

“I’m a big woman, I need big hair, that’s why I’m naturally curly.”

curly hair quotes

Straight Hair Quotes & Sayings

Having straight hair is something that is sought after & admired deeply throughout the media. But having straight hair definitely does have it’s ups and downs and this section is all for that.

“Straight hair me & curly hair me are two totally different people.”

funny quotes about straight hair

“Straight hair problems: Getting excited when your hair looks slightly wavy after a braid.”

funny straight hair quotes

“Straight hair problems: Your hair is flatter than a steam-rolled piece of paper.”

straight hair problems quotes

“Girls with curly hair don’t understand girls with straight hair problems.”

quotes about straight hair

“Having straight hair means getting out of bed ready for the day without having to do anything to my hair.”

quote about straight hair

“Straight hair problems: Your forehead looks huge because your hair is flat.”

straight hair quote

“Having straight hair is curling your hair & using four bottles of hairspray, only to have it fall out & be straight within an hour.”

straight hair quotes

Girls Hair Quotes & Sayings

“Your hair is your best accessory.”

happy beautiful hair quotes

“Dear women – don’t be afraid to shine. Your hair is beautiful, & your skin is divine.”

inspiring beautiful hair quotes

“To all the girls, whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, it’s beautiful.”

quotes about hair being beautiful

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”

big beautiful hair quotes

“A girl looks 75% more beautiful when she lets her hair down.”

inspiring quotes about beautiful hair

“Sure, my life isn’t perfect, but my hair is & that’s all that really matters.”

hair that is beautiful quotes

“Never let anyone dull your curls.”

quotes on beautiful hair

“Life is short. Make every beautiful hair flip count.”

beautiful hair quotes

Hair Compliment Quotes & Sayings

We all love to get compliments but especially when it’s about our hair. A compliment can make any bad day good and spark happiness within your soul.

Here are great compliments to pass on to strangers you see just to watch their faces light up. Remember, even if you don’t always see it yourself, you are beautiful and you are worthy of all these compliments.

Now sit back and let’s praise all the beauties out there.

“Whenever we think our hair looks horrible, strangers tell us it looks amazing.”

quote on hair compliements

“Your new hairstyle makes you look so much younger.”

hair compliment quote

“Happiness is when someone compliments your hair.”

happy quotes about compliments

“It’s not just a hairstyle, it’s you, & it’s beautiful.”

quotes about hair compliments

“Give a woman a compliment on her hair & watch her whole world light up.”

hair compliment quotes

“When someone compliments my hair: “Thanks! I grew it myself!”

quotes about beautiful hair

“Beautiful hair can only come from a beautiful soul.”

beautiful hair quotes

Hair Loss Quotes & Sayings

Hair loss is a natural part of life and something all of us experience at some point or another. If you need a little extra help in seeing that, these quotes are for you.

These quotes are inspirational, uplifting, & empowering.

“Hair loss is God’s way of telling me I’m human.”

hair loss quotes

A very short poem about hair loss: Recede. Reseed. Thank you.

hair fall quotes

“I have little hair just because I have such a big brain that it pushes all the hair out.”

quotes about hair loss

“I love bald people. Just because you’ve lost your fuzz doesn’t mean you aren’t a peach.”

bald quotes

“I’m too sexy for my hair. That’s why it isn’t there.”

hair loss quotes

“Just because you’ve lost your hair doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

hair loss quote

Hairstylist Quotes & Sayings

Next, of course, I have to leave a spot for the hairstylists. The ones who make people feel beautiful through their art & passion. If you’re a hairdresser, I recommend you also check out my dedicated article with hairdresser quotes here.

“I wanted to make people feel beautiful, so I became a hairstylist.”

beautiful hair stylist quote

“A hairstylist is a person that touches more hearts than hair.”

inspiring hair stylist quote

“A good hairstylist is a shear delight.”

good hairstylist quote

“Don’t mess with a hairstylist. We get paid to cut people.”

hair stylist quote

“Too much busy day, not enough hairspray.”

quote of hair stylist

“Don’t make me use my hairstylist voice!”

quotes about hairstylists

“Yay, it’s Saturday! Oh wait, I’m a hairstylist.”

hairstylist quote

Salon Quote & Sayings

The last section I want to include today is all about salon quotes & sayings. Let’s be honest, we all know that a salon is one of the most magical places you can go. It is a place that can help you feel beautiful, confident, or give you an entirely new identity. That’s pretty powerful.

With that said, this section is dedicated to all those salon moments that we all know so well that we can’t live without!

“Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.”

quotes about salons

“Salons are where the magic happens.”

magical salon quote

“What happens at the salon stays at the salon.”

inspiring salon quote

“When in doubt, go to the salon.”

funny salon quote

“This saloon is fueled by passion & hairspray.”

hairspray quote

“Beauty comes from the inside. And by inside I mean inside the hair salon.”

hair salon quote

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t found the right beauty salon.”

salon quote

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