25 Modern & Beautiful Hair Salon Websites

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In this article, I’ve collected some of the best hair salon website designs in the world. It includes a large variety of modern, stylish, and edgy hair salons.

First, a Word on the Technology to Use for Your Hair Salon Website

When designing your hair salon website, it’s important to consider the technology behind it. The choice of website builder platform and salon software can greatly impact the experience your site provides and how successful it is at building your brand and attracting clients.

It’s crucial to ensure that the two technologies integrate well for a seamless user experience.

For salon software, my top recommendation is Mangomint. It offers excellent integration with your website’s online booking experience, regardless of the website builder platform you choose.

When a visitor clicks on your “book now” button, it appears smoothly over your website with customizable colors and branding.

While not specifically designed for hair salons, the booking experience with Mangomint is illustrated below.

As for website builders, I would recommend Shopify if you plan to sell products online, or Squarespace if you want an easy way to build an attractive website yourself. For future online stores, Mangomint and Shopify integrate directly and allow you to synchronize your online and offline inventory.

To learn more about your technology options when building your barbershop website, read the articles below:

Now, let’s get to the list of hair salon website examples.

It’s quite a long list.

So I recommend you save it to your Pinterest board together with the websites you like so that you can come back to it later.

The Harlot Salon

The website design of The Harlot Salon is a true reflection of their unique and avant-garde style. The homepage immediately captures visitors’ attention with a bold video showcasing the salon’s portfolio and the talented team of stylists.

The website’s layout is clean, elegant, and easy to navigate. The color scheme is a combination of black, white, and red, which complements the salon’s brand and adds a touch of sophistication.

With the help of Mangomint, The Harlot Salon was able to embed an online booking widget onto its website seamlessly. Clients can now book appointments directly through the site

Mangomint’s booking widget is not only easy to use but also customizable to match the salon’s brand. The platform also provides a range of useful features, including automated reminders, waitlist management, and real-time updates, making it easier for the salon to manage its bookings.

The Harlot Salon’s website design is a perfect blend of style and functionality. The integration of Mangomint’s online booking widget has made it even easier for clients to book appointments and get the salon experience they deserve.

  • Link: The Harlot Salon
  • Website builder: Elementor theme with WordPress. WooCommerce for eCommerce
  • Online booking & salon software: Mangomint

Palm Sunday

In addition to the stunning website design and online booking platform, Palm Sunday has taken its online presence to the next level by building a webshop to sell its salon products.

Using Mangomint’s integration with Shopify, the salon was able to create a fully functional online store that seamlessly integrates with their website.

The website’s design is clean, minimalist, and visually appealing, with a color scheme that complements the salon’s brand. Clients can easily navigate through the website, browse through products, and make purchases without ever leaving the site.

Mangomint’s integration with Shopify provides a range of useful features, including inventory management, order tracking, and payment processing, making it easier for the salon to manage its online store. The platform also offers customized branding options, allowing the salon to match its online store to its brand.

THP Hair

This is a beautiful website for THP Hair in Australia designed by Mint Lane Studio. Harmonious colors, photos, and graphic elements make the website and brand cohesive and easy to navigate. The site is designed with Squarespace and the booking system is from Vagaro. (Read my review of Vagaro Pro).

Hair salon website design example - THP Hair
Hair salon website design example - THP Hair
Website: THP Hair

David Mallet Hair Salon Website

David Mallet has several salons in Paris and New York. He is known for combining glamour with practicality and that is also visible on this elegant website that gives the viewer an overview of the exteriors and interiors of the different locations. The website is made with WordPress and the online shop with WooCommerce. The booking system is by Kiute.

I believe that hair should look amazing in the real world, not just for the time when one is in the salon. My philosophy is about being practical, about showing clients how to have beautiful hair even when I won’t be there with them.

David Mallet Hair Salon Website example

Holiday Hair Studio

Located in Portland, Oregon this hair salon has a creative and edgy style that many also associate with Portland itself. CMS (Content Management System) by WordPress and the booking system is from Booker.

Fox & Jane Salon

This is a great example of a website in a colorful and playful 80s style with creative use of type that still makes it easy to find all the relevant information. Fox & Jane has often been featured in the press, including Allure, Elle, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, and Seventeen, and also provides a press kit on the website. CMS: WordPress. Booking system: Boulevard. The online shop is on Threadless.com.

Fox & Jane Salon - Hair salon website design example
Fox & Jane Salon - Hair salon website design team page example

Björn Axén Hair Salon Website Design

Björn Axén has salons located in Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden. The salon is a former winner in The Global Salon Business Awards. The website makes good use of fullscreen video that shows some of the glamorous customers of the salon. The e-commerce part of the website is made with Magento.

Björn Axén Hair Salon Website Design example
Website: Björn Axén

Charles Worthington London Salon

The Charles Worthington London Salon is a premier hairdressing salon in London. It is a family-owned, independent salon that has been open for over thirty years. The website’s stylish designs show why they have become the go-to salon for celebrities, models, and heiresses. CMS: WordPress. Booking software by Zenoti.

Charles Worthington London Salon - Hair salon website design example
Website: Charles Worthington London Salon

David Lucas Hair Salon

Started in Paris, David Lucas offers his customers high-quality hair care and styling services. Designed with WordPress this website is an example of a well-organized site that includes everything in one go. The site has an extensive menu bar, news, testimonials, and media coverage, giving the site a competitive edge. CMS: WordPress with the Elementor theme. E-commerce with WooCommerce.

David Lucas Hair Salon website design
David Lucas Hair Salon website design - location page

Gielly Green Salon

Gielly Green is an award-winning hair and beauty salon in London’s Marylebone. Consistency in your online and offline visual execution is important as you want visitors to see your salon the next time they walk by. It also creates a consistent experience that builds a stronger connection between you and your salon clients. E-commerce on Shopify. Salon software by SalonIQ.

Gielly Green Salon - Hair salon website design example

Peach Stockholm Website Design

Peach Stockholm is a great example of a hair salon website that uses its blog to show examples of its hairstyling work. This will help your salon show up higher in Google’s search results when people look for the type of service you’re describing which can win you a lot of new clients in the long run.

Gina Conway Salons

Gina Conway Salon is a contemporary salon based in London. They take content to the next level. Having more in-depth content is not only good for website visitors who want to learn more about your offer, but it will also help Google and other search engines better understand what your salon is about. CMS: WordPress.

Gina Conway Salons - website design

Glasshouse Salon Website Design

The Glasshouse Salon London is an environmentally-friendly salon that incorporates natural ingredients into its services. The website is great to look at. I’m impressed by the design, use of color, typography, and layout of the photos. A minimalist, simple website design. Booking system by Kitomba.

Glasshouse Salon - Hair salon website design example

Fringe Les Hair Salon

You immediately know that the website you are on is about hair and hair treatments. The image from the salon itself introduces the salon in a natural way to visitors. Website visitors are then presented with the call-to-action to book an appointment that integrates with their salon booking system (which is ultimately what you want your visitor to do). The website is designed with Squarespace Commerce.

Fringe Les Hair Salon Website design
Fringe Les Hair Salon Website design


Gro has a really great gallery of example haircuts their customers have received. CMS: WordPress.

Gro Hair salon website design example
Gro Hair salon website design example
Website: Gro

Adam Reed London

This is one of the best hair salon websites I’ve seen. They use a visual design layout, without much text, which truly engages the visitor as you land on the site. Designed with the CMS Craft. Booking system by Gappt.

A creative hub rather than a traditional hair salon, we want clients to feel at home, get comfy and help themselves to a cuppa.

Adam Reed London Hair salon homepage design example
Adam Reed London Hair salon homepage design example
Website: Adam Reed London

Bruns Frisörer Website Design

Bruns Frisörer is a certified eco-friendly hair salon that doesn’t expose its customers to toxic chemicals. As you land on this website you immediately understand what they are about. All the most important information is in perfect order of priority: book now, social media buttons, and a menu for more information. Made with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Bruns Frisörer Website Design e-shop
Website: Bruns Frisörer

Blue Tit London

Blue Tit has some of the top hairdressers in London and meets the highest standards in reducing the environmental impact of hair salon products. An impressive, vibrant, and colorful design – thanks to the eye-catching images and simple text. You can also see a booking option on the right of the page, which is an interesting add-on. Made with WordPress and WooCommerce. Booking system by Gappt.

Blue Tit London Hair salon website design example
Blue Tit London Hair salon website design example
Blue Tit London Hair salon website design example e-commerce page
Website: Blue Tit London


Linnaean is a luxury hair and beauty salon in the heart of London’s Embassy Gardens. Visiting their website is almost like walking into the salon. In fact, they use a lot of welcoming images of their salon. Designed with the CMS Craft.

Linnaean Hair salon website design example
Linnaean Hair salon website design example
Linnaean Hair salon website design example e-commerce
Website: Linnaean

Noir Stockholm Website Design

Hans Nilsson’s creations are often compared to art. He has collaborated with top designers and celebrities on high-profile events. I love this website too! The clean menu bar with options that the customer would be interested in, gives the customer exactly what they need. E-commerce pages are made with Shopify.

Noir Stockholm Hair salon website design example
Noir Stockholm Hair salon website design example
Website: Noir Stockholm

Nook Stockholm Hair Salon

This is a great example of a minimal hair salon website designed mainly in black and white. Designed with WordPress.

Nook Stockholm Hair Salon website
Website: Nook Stockholm

Fabio Doti NYC

This is a premium hair salon. But despite that, they’ve been able to give their website a very personal and welcoming touch. If you have a luxury salon, you can learn a few things here. Striking the right balance between being luxurious and at the same time approachable is a fine line to walk. This website is made with the Squarespace Business plan.

Fabio Doti - Hair salon website design example

Percy & Reed Salon Website Design

This is an attractive and appealing website design, the Percy & Reed website is an example of the right usage of color, font, and image. It gives quite a vibrant feel. You can find the menu bar, right at the top of the homepage with all the information you need. E-commerce with Shopify.

Percy & Reed Salon Website example

Salon 64

This is another example of a bold and gorgeous hair salon website. I liked the limited use of text. The website has smartly used the testimonials on the homepage, showing the users exactly what they need to know. The unique placement of the menu bar on the bottom of the page is interesting.

Salon 64 Hair salon website design example
Salon 64 Hair salon website design example service page
Website: Salon 64

Taylor & Taylor

This WordPress-designed site exudes simplicity and luxury in one go. The Taylor Taylor London logo on the homepage is minimalistic whereas the “Book Now” tab on the top-right corner of the page helps you book an appointment with just a click. So, if you are looking for something simple, clean, and to the point, this website design is right for you.

Taylor & Taylor - Hair salon website design example
Taylor & Taylor - Hair salon website design example

Conclusion: Takeaways From The Best Hair Salon Websites?

I hope this list of website designs for hair salons has helped you find the right solution for your business.

As discussed, the most important job of your salon’s website is to drive more appointments. Thus, it’s even more important to have salon software that manages online booking well and that is integrated with your website.

I have shown a few examples of how online booking is managed using Mangomint, but if you want to explore different alternatives, you should also check out my list of the best salon software in 2023.

Key Takeaways

It’s not easy to know where to begin when you’re about to build a new website. But looking at what the best hair salon websites do is an excellent start.

A few important things that became very clear as we looked at the examples here are:

  • Visual impression: How fast do you understand what the website is about, and does that resonate with your target hair salon client? Is it also consistent with your establishment so that the client’s experience is aligned online and in real life?
  • A clear call-to-action: Can you easily see a book now button that links you to the salon’s appointment scheduling software?
  • Is contact information prominently displayed: Do you immediately find opening hours, addresses, and phone numbers on the website? In fact, this will be the reason most people visit your barbershop’s page.
  • Smart use of content: Do you include specific pages for your key services, and is your website integrated with your social media? Producing and publishing more content will help your salon show up better on Google and other search engines.

I hope the top hair salon websites in this post have inspired new ideas for your website. But don’t just leave it as an idea. Start taking action on getting your new website online today.

Next, follow my guide on how to create a salon website yourself here.

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