24 Best Spa Websites for Design Inspiration

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Are you looking for inspiring examples of spa websites?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, I’ve collected some of the best spa website designs from around the world. It includes many modern and stylish spas, including hotel spas, resort spas, and medi-spas.

If you are planning for a new spa website design, there are many things that you need to consider. The first and foremost thing is deciding the goals of your website and knowing your target customers.

What matters most when you’re on the lookout for a spa website design is the user experience. The last thing you want is to lose that client due to an inferior website or poor user experience.

That’s why I have created a free video-based course on how to create a salon website. In this course, I lead you through the exact steps you need to take to create a modern spa website that allows you to start selling services, gift cards, and products online.

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As many spas had to close their physical salons during the pandemic, you will notice that many of the website examples have added an e-commerce store to their business.

Now, let’s get to the list of spa website examples.

It’s quite a long list.

So I recommend you save it to your Pinterest board together with the websites you like so that you can come back to it later.

1. AIRE Ancient Baths London

The AIRE center is full of history and has a unique and magical ambiance. This is well reflected in this beautiful website. Notice also how well designed the booking and e-commerce pages are. Made with the CMS (Content Management System) Drupal.

Spa website design AIRE Ancient Baths London
Spa website design AIRE Ancient Baths London

2. Amanbagh Spa Resort in Rajasthan, India

With its ancient forts and tiger-inhabited wilds, Rajasthan is renowned for its beauty, nowhere more concentrated than in the Aravalli Hills in the garden oasis that is Amanbagh. 

Great photography and comprehensive content and information pages make this website stand out. Made with the CMS Drupal.

website design Amanbagh Spa Resort
website design Amanbagh Spa Resort

3. Amanjena Luxury Spa in Marrakech

Amanjena Wellness  & Fitness has one of the best spa websites I’ve seen. They use a visual design layout with beautifully color-coordinated photography that truly engages the visitor as you land on their site.

website design Amanjena Luxury Spa in Marrakech

4. Bamford Wellness Spa – The Berkley London

The website for Bamford Wellness Spa has a sense of calm with a clean and simple design that still contains all the essential elements. Made with the CMS EPiServer.

5. Bare Flyt Spa Norway

Bare Flyt (Just Float in Norwegian) is a spa where people can try floating in a safe space. There is good information about their services and the color scheme reinforces the attributes of their main offerings. Made with Squarespace on the Commerce plan. MindBody online booking system for yoga and health-related sites.

6. Blue Lagoon Iceland

This is a cool website in a nordic minimalist style, which makes sense for a geothermal seawater spa in Iceland. It’s a great combination of fresh and light outdoor images with moody and dark indoor images arranged in an asymmetrical and dynamic layout.

7. Elements Spa

Here is another example of cool nordic minimalism for the Elements Spa located close to nature in central Stockholm. Made with WordPress. Booking system Boka.

website design Elements Spa
website design Elements Spa
website design Elements Spa
Website: Elements Spa

8. Gaia Retreat and Spa

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Australia is brought to life with great environmental photos of their natural surroundings. Made with WordPress and the Elementor theme and WooCommerce for the online shop.

9. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centered around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This has evolved into a unique combination of our own thermal spring, holistic medical expertise and everything a five-star luxury resort has to offer.

This spa website design is a very good combination of form and function. Everything is easy to find and the service information is thorough. Booking system by Synxis Guest Connect.

10. Grotta Giusti

Grotta Giusti is a journey into wonder, a magical place where nature and poetry intertwine with history. It is a splendid nineteenth-century villa, embraced by a large park, in Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa.

Classical typography, historic graphical elements, and modern lifestyle photography is a winning combination for this website made with WordPress.

Spa website design Grotta Giusti

11. KOK Oslo

The website for this outdoor bathouse/spa in Norway uses a charming illustration to draw in visitors through the overlaid menu buttons. This is something we would like to see more of. Made with WordPress.

Spa website design KOK Oslo
Website: KOK Oslo

12. La Mamounia Marrakech

Smooth marble, rounded curves, and bands of tadelakt together form a harmonious ensemble, sheltered from outside light, creating a soothing, subdued atmosphere where time seems to stand still the moment you step inside.

This luxury spa has a truly gorgeous homepage. It’s almost an adventure to explore the various parts of this website. Made with WordPress. Booking system by Synxis.

Spa website design La Mamounia Marrakech

13. Lanserhof

The website for Lanserhof, an Austrian/German medi-spa is a great example of a stylish layout combined with an efficient and professional presentation of information.

Website: Lanserhof

14. La Réserve Geneva

We are maintaining youthfulness: a science, a way of life.

I really like this swiss spa website. Everything is beautiful and well organized in a clean simple layout. Even the booking page is elegant. Made with WordPress. Booking by Bookwize.

Spa website design La Réserve Geneva

15. Linnaean Medi-spa

Linnaean takes its name from the Swedish 18th-century botanist, zoologist, and taxonomist Carl Linnaeus. This heritage is present in the lovely interior design, typography, and presentation of information on the website.

website design Linnaean Medi-spa
website design Linnaean Medi-spa

16. Scarlet Spa

Find some more profound quiet amongst the hushed Cornish clifftops.

This is a simple and well-designed website that quickly gives an overview of the atmosphere and services provided at the spa. Made with CMS Craft. Booking system by Premier Software.

website design Scarlet Spa
Website: Scarlet Spa

17. Selman Luxury Spa in Marrakech

This luxury well-being spa in Marrakech has an attractive website to match the exquisite interiors. Reservations system by Travelclick.

18. Shou Sugi Ban House New York

Shou Sugi Ban House is a newcomer to the spa retreat world. The simple and minimal design perfectly matches its Japanese origin. Made with WordPress.

19. Sturebadet Stockholm

Sturebadet was built in 1885 by Carl Curman, an early pioneer in Balneotherapy a method of treating diseases by bathing, and usually practiced at spas. This is an attractive website with up-to-date information on services provided, but also with some interesting historical background information. Made with WordPress.

webdesign Sturebadet
webdesign Sturebadet
Website: Sturebadet

20. Susanne Kaufmann Spa Bezau

The Susanne Kaufmann Spa combines cosmetics expertise, professionally trained therapists, a medical team, and 25 years of spa know-how.

A cool and professional design that inspires trust in the treatments provided. CMS by Umbraco

21. The Coach House Spa Beaverbrook Surrey

If the artist David Hockney had designed a spa, it might look some like this. Made with WordPress. Booking system by SpaBooker from Mindbody.

The Coach House Spa Beaverbrook Surrey web design example

22. Willow Spa

To be the natural wellness and beauty resource that guides and offers quality products and services at the best price, most sustainably, and organically.

A simple website that is attractive and informational. Made with WordPress and WooCommerce. Booking system by Booker.

Website: Willow Spa

23. Yasuragi

At Yasuragi in Stockholm, you can experience a spa in the Japanese tradition. Beautiful video and photography give an immersive experience. The extensive information about the location and services is also good and the booking button is always easy to find. Made with WordPress.

Spa website design Yasuragi
Spa website design Yasuragi
Website: Yasuragi

24. Ananda Spa

Escape the chaos and stress of lockdown in your city and relax in the Himalayan foothills at Ananda. The 100 acre Palace Estate surrounded by pristine forests allows you to enjoy lush nature, fresh air, and the energy of the hills.

This website does many things right, a video in the header gives a quick overview of the beautiful location and services. Social proof in the form of an award is visible above the fold. Made with WordPress. Booking by Synxis. 

Ananda Spa web design
Ananda Spa web design
Website: Ananda Spa

Conclusion: Lessons Learned From The Best Spa Websites?

It’s not easy to know where to begin when you’re about to build a new website. But studying what the best spa websites do is a great start.

A few important takeaways from the examples in this list are:

  • Visual impression: How fast do you understand what the website is about, and does that resonate with your target customers? Is it consistent with your establishment so that the client’s experience is aligned online and in real life?
  • A strong call-to-action: Can you easily see a book now button that links you to the spa’s appointment scheduling software?
  • Is contact information easy to see: Do you immediately find opening hours, address, and phone number on the website? This will be the reason most people visit your spa’s homepage.
  • Wise use of content: Do you include specific pages for your essential services, and is your website integrated with your social media. Producing and publishing more content will help your spa show up better on Google and other search engines.

I hope the top spa websites in this post have inspired new ideas for your website. But don’t just leave it as an idea. Start taking action on getting your new website online today.

Order a spa website today from 99Designs or follow my guide on how to create a salon website yourself here.

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