459 Coolest Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors 2023

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At the end of the list, I’ll also take you through a short guide to help you judge which of the tattoo business names you’ve identified will be the best one for you.

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Cool Tattoo Shop Names

When you think of someone with tattoos, do you imagine someone hip, trendy, and edgy with ink? Well, why not choose a name that’s cool!

You can’t go wrong with a cool name that plays on the image a tattoo already has. Going with something fresh and modern says your tattoo shop keeps up with the current trends. Customers in the market for a new tattoo are more likely to go to a tattoo studio with a cool image. 

Below you’ll find some examples in this list of cool tattoo shop names. 

Cool tattoo shop names

Cool Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Rocksteady Tattoo Parlor
  2. Tatted Out Tattoo Parlor
  3. Tiger Tattoos
  4. Hardcore Ink
  5. Tattoo Nation
  6. Ignite Ink
  7. Inkjection
  8. Dragonborn Ink
  9. Apocalypse Tattoos
  10. VIP Tattoo
  11. The Inkspot
  12. 90 Degree Ink
  13. Convicts Tattoo Parlor
  14. Beyond Ink
  15. Vice Tattoo
  16. Edge of Insanity Tattoo
  17. Rolling Thunder Tattoo Shop
  18. The Joker Tattoo Parlor
  19. Revelry Tattoo
  20. Tempest Tattoo Shop
  21. Ring of Fire Tattoo
  22. The Howling Wolf Tattoo Shop
  23. Blackheart Ink
  24. Rampage Ink
  25. The Void Tattoo Shop
  26. Obey Tattoo Studio
  27. Flying Serpent Tattoo Shop
  28. Boneshakers Ink
  29. Valhalla Ink
  30. Touchdown Tattoo
  31. Alloy Ink
  32. Showcase Tattoo Shop
  33. Signature Tattoo
  34. Ink Envy
  35. Collision Tattoo
  36. Sabbath Ink Studio
  37. Diablo Tattoo Studio
  38. Funky Ink
  39. Anarchy Ink
  40. Saints & Sinners Tattoo Shop
  41. After Midnight Tattoo Parlor
  42. Raven Tattoo Parlor 
  43. Synergy Ink
  44. Battle Scars Tattoo

Unique Tattoo Shop Names

Are you opening a tattoo shop in a place with a lot of competition? A unique name for a new tattoo studio is a great choice if you want to catch the eye of potential customers. 

A unique name serves as its own advertisement. People are more likely to remember a uniquely named tattoo shop even if they aren’t ready to get a tattoo at the time. Your tattoo parlor will be the first a client thinks of when they find themselves looking for a tattoo later on.

If you want to stand out, here’s a list of some unique examples for your tattoo shop.

Unique tattoo shop name ideas

Unique Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Body Wrapped Tattoos
  2. Eclipse Ink
  3. Inked Out Tattoos 
  4. Deluxe Tattoo
  5. Etched in Ink
  6. Addicted to Ink
  7. Altered Skin
  8. The Tattoo Den
  9. Dragon’s Maw Tattoo Parlor
  10. Half Moon Tattoo Shop
  11. Afterthoughts Ink
  12. Lineage Tattoo
  13. Destination Ink
  14. Kingdom of Ink
  15. Misfits Tattoo
  16. Eternium Tattoo
  17. Around the World Tattoo Parlor
  18. Radical Ink
  19. The Talisman Tattoo Shop
  20. Sacrilege Tattoo Shop
  21. 1st Edition Ink
  22. Covert Ink
  23. Shadow Ink
  24. Rising Sun Tattoo Studio
  25. One Nation Under Ink
  26. Golden Gates Tattoo Parlor
  27. Metamorphosis Ink
  28. Transference Tattoos
  29. Skin Polish Tattoo Shop
  30. Bloodlines Tattoo Studio
  31. Paragon Tattoo
  32. Homegrown Ink
  33. The Ink Factor
  34. Conspiracy Theory Tattoo Shop
  35. Natural Elements Ink
  36. Mantra Tattoo
  37. Wicked Tattoos 
  38. Hidden Gem Tattoos
  39. Mayhem Tattoo 
  40. Portrait of a Tattoo (like Portrait of an Artist)
  41. The Doghouse Tattoo Studio
  42. The Asylum Tattoo Parlor
  43. Revelations Ink
  44. Into the Void Ink

Vintage Tattoo Shop Names

Vintage has and always will be a trendy way to brand a business. A tattoo shop is no different. Referencing back to the style of an era long gone evokes a reaction in people and is a great way to establish a connection with customers.

Tattoo parlors are the perfect business to name with something vintage. Choose words or phrases that reference the past. Think about other time periods and cultures that were known for having tattoos.

A well-chosen vintage name will spark good feelings in your client when they see your tattoo studio. Check out this list below of examples for a tattoo shop that will do just this! 

Vintage tattoo shop name ideas

Vintage Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Forever Yours Tattoos
  2. Old School Tattoos
  3. Pinup Tattoo Parlor
  4. Soulful Ink
  5. Casablanca Ink
  6. Royalty Tattoos 
  7. Castaways Tattoo Parlor
  8. The Armory Tattoo Shop
  9. The Catwalk Tattoo Parlor
  10. Vintage Customs Tattoo Shop
  11. Greased Lightning Tattoos (like the film)
  12. Ancient Arts Tattoo Shop
  13. Rose Tattoo Parlor
  14. Medusa Tattoos 
  15. Primordial Art Tattoo Parlor
  16. Samurai Ink
  17. Ink Lore 
  18. Anchors Away Tattoo Studio
  19. The Yardstick Tattoo Shop
  20. Celtic Tattoo Studio
  21. Wild West Tattoo Parlor
  22. Sailor Tattoo Studio
  23. Viking Tattoo
  24. Reclaimed Tattoos
  25. Boho Ink
  26. Ships & Sails Tattoo Shop
  27. The Jazzclub Tattoo Studio
  28. King Arthur’s Tattoo Shop
  29. Pirate Ship Tattoo Parlor
  30. Yankee Doodles Tattoo 
  31. Legacy Ink
  32. Ye Olde Tattoo Parlor
  33. Black Flag Tattoo Parlor 
  34. Good Times Tattoo
  35. Sword & Crown Ink
  36. Old Town Tattoos
  37. Long John Silver’s Tattoo Shop
  38. Remnants Tattoo Parlor
  39. Prohibition Ink
  40. Omega Tattoo
  41. Portrait Ink
  42. Fleet Street Tattoos
  43. Good Ole Days Tattoo Parlor 

Funny Tattoo Shop Names

Is your tattoo shop relaxed and laid-back?  A name that gets a laugh is a great way to show your tattoo shop is approachable and chill. Choosing a funny name can help set you apart from other tattoo studios that are pompous or intimidating.

Another good reason to consider something funny is a name that gets a laugh can make potential customers feel closer and more connected to your tattoo parlor. Establishing a connection with a customer before they even enter your shop’s door is what leads to business. 

Take a look at these funny tattoo shop names below that are sure to get a smile! 

Funny tattoo shop names

Funny Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Your Name Here Tattoo Parlor
  2. Got Ink?
  3. Marked
  4. No Pain No Gain Tattoos
  5. Go with the Flow Tattoo Shop
  6. Inkaholics 
  7. Not Your Mother’s Tattoo Parlor
  8. Inkredible
  9. Period Table of Tattoos
  10. Just Ink It 
  11. Tattootastic
  12. Ink it Out
  13. Skin Deep
  14. No Regrets Tattoo Studio
  15. Voodoo Tattoo
  16. Inkspiration
  17. Super Freak Tattoo Shop (like the song)
  18. Guns out Tattoo (like a tattoo gun)
  19. Ink About It
  20. Blindman Tattoo
  21. Time-out Tattoos
  22. Target Practice Tattoo Shop
  23. The Tattoo Cure
  24. Up the Ante Ink
  25. Ink a la Mode
  26. Like a Boss Tattoo Studio
  27. Tattacular (like spectacular)
  28. Ready, Set, Ink
  29. Ink Wrapped
  30. Bullseye Tattoo
  31. Tit for Tat
  32. Tattooties 
  33. Just in Time Tattoos
  34. Lunatats (like lunatics)
  35. Get Your Ink On
  36. X Marks the Spot 
  37. Inkspot
  38. Tattatouille (like ratatouille) 
  39. Monster Tats (like monster trucks)
  40. Always There Tattoo Parlor

Catchy Tattoo Shop Names

A catchy name for a tattoo shop can be welcoming and help counter the edgy and unapproachable image some tattoo shops have.

Like a unique name, a clever name for your tattoo parlor can also do the advertising for you. Try choosing a play on words or a catchphrase that’s both fun to say and to see. A catchy name that sticks with potential customers is a sure way to get people to remember you. 

Here’s a list of some catchy ideas for your tattoo shop that are unforgettable. 

Catchy tattoo shop names

Catchy Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Pain & Patience Tattoo Shop
  2. Everlasting Ink
  3. Illuminate Ink
  4. Iconic Ink
  5. Once Upon a Tattoo
  6. Roadrunner Tattoo Studio
  7. Inkphoric (like euphoric) 
  8. Above & Beyond Tattoos
  9. You Only Live Once Tattoo Parlor
  10. Out of This World Ink
  11. Flashy Ink
  12. The Inkstain
  13. Pins & Needles Tattoo
  14. Live Fast Ink
  15. Tenacious Tattoos 
  16. Ink Incorporated 
  17. High Tide Tattoo
  18. Take a Bow Tattoo Shop
  19. Turn It Up Tattoo Shop
  20. Idol Ink
  21. Chronic Ink
  22. Noteworthy Tattoo
  23. Tattoo Paradise 
  24. Big Top Tattoo Shop
  25. Sin City Tattoo Studio
  26. Needle Notions
  27. The Needle Groove
  28. The Ink Stop
  29. White Tiger Tattoos
  30. Talk of the Town Tattoos
  31. The Tattoo Tribe 
  32. Snazzy Tatts
  33. Ink Evolution
  34. Foxtrot Tattoo Shop
  35. Totally Tattoo
  36. Ready to Ride Tattoo Shop
  37. Tapout Tattoos 
  38. No Ordinary Ink
  39. Image of Ink
  40. Affliction Ink
  41. Tango Tattoo Parlor
  42. Tantalizing Tattoos
  43. An Iota of Ink (iotas are small amounts)
  44. Skin Shakers Tattoo Shop

Clever Tattoo Shop Names

Do you want a clever name for your tattoo shop that leaves no doubt in people’s minds that you’re the best at what you do? Choosing something clever can do the job.

A clever name for your tattoo parlor will demonstrate you have skill. Customers will know they can expect a great tattoo if they come to you. Like catchy and unique names, a clever one can also promote itself. A name that comes off as intelligent is sure to attract people who want the best of the best. 

Here are some good examples of clever tattoo shop names that exude confidence and capability.

Clever tattoo shop names

Clever Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Tattoo You
  2. Futuristic Ink
  3. Ascension Tattoo 
  4. United States of Ink
  5. Eternal Ink
  6. Ink Masters
  7. Rebel Ink
  8. Hybrid Skin Tattoos
  9. All Good Ink
  10. Blue Bloods Tattoo
  11. Skin Shifters
  12. Pleasure & Pain Ink
  13. Tattoo Temple
  14. Toned up Tattoos
  15. Body Adornments 
  16. First in Line Tattoos
  17. Second Skin
  18. Eye of the Needle
  19. Enhanced Art Tattoo Studio
  20. Ink Finesse 
  21. Decadent Ink
  22. Body Armor Tattoo
  23. Prophecy Tattoo Studio
  24. Transmutation Tattoo
  25. Jetsetters Tattoo Shop
  26. Empowered Ink
  27. Body Architects 
  28. Garden of Eden Tattoo Parlor
  29. The Ink Arsenal 
  30. Spear Strike Tattoo 
  31. Continental Ink
  32. Third Eye Tattoo
  33. Needle Grind Ink
  34. Renown Tattoo
  35. Ink Culture
  36. Masterful Designs Tattoo Studio
  37. Body Murals
  38. Compelling Body Art
  39. Aces High Tattoo Studio
  40. High Caliber Ink
  41. The Originals Tattoo Parlor
  42. Origin Ink
  43. Stained Impressions Tattoo
  44. Counterculture Ink
  45. Body Expressions 

Creative Tattoo Shop Names

Creativity and tattoos are synonymous. Why not choose a name for your tattoo shop that shows how original and inventive your work is? 

A creative name can show people your tattoos are better than the rest. A creative name is sure to attract customers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Think about using words that refer to colors, materials, and techniques used in art. 

Check out this list of creative tattoo shop names below that will let people know your tattoos are something else.

Creative tattoo parlor names

Creative Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Uniquely You Tattoo
  2. Artful Encounters Tattoo Shop
  3. Ink Theory
  4. The Spectrum Tattoo Parlor
  5. Dreamweaver Tattoos
  6. Poems & Prose Tattoo Parlor
  7. Dreaming of Ink 
  8. Sea of Color Tattoo Shop
  9. Advanced Techniques Tattoo Studio
  10. Inertia Tattoos
  11. Celestial Ink
  12. Jade Tattoo Parlor
  13. Modern Art Tattoo
  14. Sun & Moon Tattoo
  15. Colorful Chaos Tattoo Studio
  16. Zen Ink
  17. Brush & Easel Ink
  18. Mystic Ink
  19. Freestyle Ink
  20. Alchemy Tattoo
  21. Color Theory
  22. Rainbow Ink
  23. Graffiti Ink
  24. Feather & Arrow Tattoo Studio 
  25. Body Embroidery 
  26. Canvas Tattoo Parlor
  27. Art of Ink
  28. Blackout Tattoo
  29. Insignia Tattoo 
  30. Star Tattoo Shop
  31. Whimsical Tattoos 
  32. Wild Blue Yonder Tattoo 
  33. Spiritwalker Tattoo Studio
  34. Siren Tattoo Shop
  35. Symmetry Tattoo Studio 
  36. Enigma Ink
  37. Dream Visions Tattoo 
  38. Art History Tattoo 
  39. Azure Tattoo Parlor
  40. Inked & Adorned Tattoo 
  41. Luminary Ink
  42. Eternal Art Tattoo Shop
  43. Divine Ink
  44. The Power of Ink
  45. Enchanted Ink
  46. Shadow & Shine Tattoo Studio
  47. Permanent Paints 
  48. Spirit World Tattoo 
  49. Avant Garde Ink
  50. Pigments Tattoo Parlor
  51. Visions Tattoo Studio

Classic Tattoo Shop Names

You can’t go wrong with a classic name for a tattoo shop. Something classic lets people know your tattoo studio knows what it’s doing and has been around. 

It’s important when choosing a classic name to think about what comes to mind when one thinks of a tattoo. Words and phrases that play on parties, music, cars, guns, edgy phrases, and tribal images are some ideas to consider for a classic aesthetic. 

If you want a name that you can’t go wrong with, then check out this list below of classic tattoo shop names.

Classic tattoo shop names

Classic Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Tattoo Masters
  2. Tribal Tattoos
  3. Hot Rod Ink
  4. High Horse Tattoos
  5. Whiskey Tattoo
  6. Black Dragon Tattoo Parlor
  7. Motor City Tattoo 
  8. Designer Ink 
  9. West Coast Ink
  10. Grand Prix Tattoo
  11. Flesh & Bone Tattoo Parlor
  12. Sunset Tattoo Studio
  13. Bad Boys Tattoo Shop
  14. Kool Katz Tattoo Parlor
  15. Death or Glory Tattoos
  16. Ready to Rock Tattoo Studio
  17. Scorpion Ink
  18. Ink Fuel
  19. Axel Tattoo
  20. Big Dogs Tattoo 
  21. Ammunition Ink
  22. Stars & Stripes Tattoo 
  23. Daredevils Tattoo
  24. Tribal Scrolls Tattoo Studio
  25. Luck of the Draw Tattoo Parlor
  26. Berserkers Tattoo
  27. Royal Flush Tattoo
  28. Liberty Ink
  29. Free Bird Tattoo Shop
  30. Steel Rose Tattoo Parlor
  31. Walk the Line Tattoo Parlor
  32. Revolver Tattoo Parlor
  33. Overdrive Ink
  34. Spike Tattoo Studio
  35. Uptown Ink
  36. Eagle Tattoo Shop
  37. Turbo Tattoos
  38. Stilettos Tattoo
  39. Sonic Ink
  40. Ace of Spades Tattoo Parlor
  41. Torque Tattoo
  42. Street Art Ink
  43. Shotgun Tattoo Studio
  44. Black Widow Tattoo Shop

Good Tattoo Shop Names

If you’re still on the fence about which type of image to go with for your tattoo shop, then going with a good name may be your best option. 

Choosing something good and simple is a great idea when you want to appeal to the most amount of people. A good name should come across as welcoming yet representative of a tattoo parlor to potential clients.

If none of the names so far have appealed to you, then take a look at these examples below for good tattoo shop names!

Good tattoo studio names

Good Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Timeless Tattoos
  2. Eternally Yours Tattoo Parlor
  3. Infinite Ink Tattoos
  4. All About the Ink
  5. Ink City
  6. California Ink
  7. Wanderlust Tattoo Studio
  8. Generation Tattoo
  9. Cosmic Tattoo
  10. Empire Tattoo Studio
  11. Carpe Diem Ink (Latin for seize the day)
  12. The Inkshop
  13. Fire & Ice Tattoo
  14. The Vortex Tattoo Shop
  15. Temptations Tattoo Parlor
  16. Illusions Tattoo 
  17. Revolution Tattoo
  18. Sacred Ink
  19. Cloud 9 Tattoo Shop
  20. Premier Tattoo
  21. Euphoria Tattoo 
  22. Rage Tattoos
  23. Big Shots Tattoo 
  24. Atomic Tattoos 
  25. Spellbound Tattoo Shop
  26. Hammer of Thor Tattoo 
  27. Passion for Ink
  28. Tattoo Revolution
  29. The Mosh Pit Tattoo Parlor
  30. The Ink Junction
  31. Sky’s the Limit Tattoo Studio
  32. Destiny Tattoo
  33. Ink Wonder 
  34. Paramount Tattoo
  35. Tattoo Utopia
  36. Octane Tattoo
  37. Boulevard Tattoo Studio
  38. Planet Tattoo
  39. Ink Doodles
  40. Exotic Inks
  41. Chill Ink
  42. Exhibition Tattoo 

Tattoo Artist Nicknames

Are you an independent tattoo artist interested in promoting yourself rather than a shop? A good tattoo artist nickname is just as important as a name for a tattoo shop when you are working on your own. 

A name for your persona as a tattoo artist is paramount to your reputation. Having a nickname sets you apart from other tattoo artists and promotes the image that you are ahead of the curve and more experienced than others. 

Are you edgy, creative, classic, or cool? Think of your nickname just as you would if you were opening a shop. 

Here are some good examples of nicknames for a tattoo artist, but don’t forget to make it your own!

Tattoo artist nicknames

Tattoo Artist Nickname Ideas

  1. The Tattoo Troubadour
  2. Professor Tattoo 
  3. Baldo
  4. Fish Boy
  5. Captain Ink
  6. The Pain Doctor 
  7. The King (or Queen) of Ink
  8. The Inksmith
  9. The Jack of All Tattoos
  10. Gunner
  11. Scar
  12. Big
  13. Cut
  14. Amigo
  15. Papa
  16. Cobra
  17. Razor
  18. The Owl
  19. Shagro
  20. Rusty
  21. Tank
  22. Boris
  23. Dreads
  24. Wolf
  25. Branded by (your name)
  26. Body Art by (your name)
  27. The Tattoo Tailor
  28. The Pen Pro
  29. The Skin Sculptor 
  30. Tattoo Guru
  31. Inkman (or woman)
  32. Tattoo Hustler
  33. Nomad Ink
  34. Junior
  35. Tweek
  36. The Tattoo Tech
  37. The Ink Doctor
  38. The Ink Broker
  39. The Fresh Prince of Ink
  40. The Traveling Tattoo Artist
  41. Tattoos on Tour by (your name)
  42. Emperor (or empress) of Ink
  43. The Renegade 
  44. Champ
  45. Chief
  46. Fox
  47. The Ink Scribe
  48. Mad Dog
  49. Thor
  50. Dutch
  51. Boar
  52. The Ink Advisor
  53. Renaissance Man (or woman)
  54. Architect of Ink
  55. The Muse Tattoo Artist
  56. Sailor (your name) 
  57. The Tattoo Taskmaster 
  58. Ink God (or Goddess)
  59. Grandpa
  60. Lucky
  61. Paco
  62. Jo Jo

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