421 Best Yoga Studio Names (Creative & Unique)

Are you ready to name your new yoga studio but need some yoga business name ideas?

If you’re having trouble finding a name, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

In the article below I’ve collected some of the best yoga studio names and wellness business name ideas to inspire you.

We’ll cover some of the best yoga studio names that are cool, creative, catchy, unique, and hot- and let’s not forget pilates studio names! I’ve also included Sanskrit yoga studio names for your spiritual yoga business if you want to express your holistic side.

Avoid the common mistakes when picking your business name

Naming Guide

I’ve put together a free guide for you to download. You can use this workbook to learn how to select the best yoga studio name for you. It’s easy to follow and covers all the steps you need to know to ensure the name you pick will be a success.

Now let´s start going through the collection of yoga studio names:

best yoga studio names

Cool Yoga Studio Names

Are you not sure what direction you want to go in with your wellness studio name?

I get it. There are many different directions you can choose. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep it simple and go with a cool yoga business name.

I have pulled together a list below of trendy yoga studio names that I hope should do the trick. I hope you’ll find some interesting ideas in the list.

Check out this cool yoga studio names list below.

  1. Asana Aesthetic
  2. Mantra Yoga
  3. Crave Studio
  4. Bend it over
  5. Momentum Yoga Studio
  6. Here With Me Yoga
  7. Yoga Delight
  8. Enlighten Within
  9. Team Yoga
  10. Astral Space
  11. Driven Yoga
  12. High Performance 
  13. 100% Yoga Studio
  14. Freedom Yoga
  15. Enigma
  16. One Life Yoga Studio
  17. Octave Yoga
  18. Element Yoga
  19. Arch Yoga
  20. Balance Yoga
  21. Flying Fish Studio
  22. Transit Space
  23. Just Evolve
  24. Synchronicity Movement
  25. Expanding Universe
  26. Work Your Balance Yoga
  27. Westside Yoga Studio
  28. Yoga with (your name)
  29. Blue Moon Yoga
  30. All One Studio
  31. Enlighten Within
  32. Hot Spot Yoga
  33. Fig Garden Yoga Studio
  34. Harmony Yoga Studio
  35. The Yoga Roots
  36. CorePower Yoga
  37. Yoga Reclaimed
  38. Holy Space
  39. Spiritual Bliss
  40. Devotional Yoga
  41. Beat Yoga
  42. Groove Yoga
  43. Harmony Yoga
  44. Joy & Shine 
  45. Bow to Yourself Yoga
  46. Chase the Sun Yoga Studio
  47. Sunsetters Yoga Studio
  48. Little Treasures Yoga 
  49. Just go with it Yoga 
  50. See the Difference Yoga Studio
  51. Sunshine Sweat Yoga 
cool yoga studio names

Unique Yoga Studio Names

If you’re looking to stand out from the competition of other yoga studios then consider choosing a unique yoga studio name.

When choosing a unique yoga studio name, try to come up with something that no other yoga studio has chosen. Avoid common cliches and words or phrases that are usually associated with yoga.

Here’s a list that I’ve compiled of the most unique yoga studio names:

  1. Tranquil Studio
  2. Energy Center
  3. Circle of Yoga
  4. Loving Kindness
  5. Be Still Yoga
  6. Harmony Center
  7. Divine Bliss
  8. Immortal Yoga
  9. Just Flow
  10. Ascend Yoga
  11. Calm Heart Studio
  12. Robust Bodies
  13. Blessed Be Yoga
  14. Beatitude Yoga
  15. Groove Yoga
  16. Earth Star Yoga
  17. Treaty Yoga
  18. Do You Yoga
  19. Carpe Diem Yoga
  20. Yoga Premium
  21. Bodycore Yoga
  22. Equinox
  23. Lift and Tone Yoga
  24. Top Yoga
  25. Yoga Anytime
  26. Astral Space
  27. Vida Yoga
  28. Stretch Therapy
  29. Zazen Collective
  30. Arch Yoga
  31. Element Yoga
  32. Easy Yoga
  33. Yoga Works Studio
  34. The Sanctuary Wellness Center
  35. Warmth Studios
  36. Gentle Times 
  37. Smell the Flowers Yoga
  38. Sundial Yoga
  39. Cloud Yoga
  40. Universe Yoga
  41. Cosmic Bliss
  42. Full Cup Yoga
  43. Let’s Get Flowing 
  44. Seize Your Day Yoga Studio 
  45. Eastern Sun Yoga 
  46. Shoot for the Stars Studio
  47. Leisurely Yoga 
  48. Sensations Yoga 
  49. Work it out Yoga 
  50. YinYang Studio
unique yoga studio names

Catchy Yoga Studio Names

Do you want something thats will stand out and make people go “wow!” when they hear it? Then you can’t go wrong choosing a yoga studio name thats catchy and creates a buzz.

We’ve discussed in other articles such as in the list of hair salon name ideas that a catchy business name will separate you from the competition. This is especially important when your yoga studio is in a large town with other wellness studios to choose from.

Create a buzz with one of these catchy yoga studio names from the list below.

  1. Yoga Today Yoga Tomorrow 
  2. Yoga or Bust
  3. That’s Life
  4. All the Time Asana
  5. Jump and Jam
  6. Yogis for Life
  7. Go with the Floga
  8. Start up Yoga Studio
  9. Move it! 
  10. Flow Bodies Yoga
  11. Arms, Knees, and Toes
  12. Yogi Me Yogi You
  13. Symmetry Bliss
  14. La Mode Yoga
  15. Treatise Yoga
  16. Union Yoga
  17. Felicity Yoga
  18. Heartbeat House
  19. Blissful Monkey
  20. Cosmic Bliss
  21. Be a Yogi
  22. The Posture People
  23. Yoga to the People
  24. Sweat a Little Studio
  25. Pretzel Kids
  26. The Little Yoga
  27. Pause & Vibe
  28. Treasure Trove Yoga
  29. Laughing Frog
  30. Peace Tree Yoga
  31. Now and Zen Yoga Studio
  32. Black Dog Yoga
  33. The Space Yoga Studio
  34. Yoga Belly
  35. The Yoga Room
  36. Tower of Yoga
  37. The Sweat Yoga Studio
  38. Totally Toned.
  39. Integral Yoga Center
  40. Equip Yoga Studio
  41. Good Deed Yoga
  42. Green Yoga
  43. Relative Space Yoga
  44. Lights off Yoga
  45. Let’s get it ! Yoga 
  46. Flo & Go Yoga 
  47. Universal Yoga Inc. 
  48. Equilize Yoga Studio
  49. Momentum Be with You Yoga 
  50. Cool & Calm Yoga 
  51. Glow & Go
  52. Round The Clock Yoga

Hot Yoga Names for Studio

This list of hot yoga names for studio below has some of the most exciting and buzz worthy ideas to name your wellness business

Another reason to choose a hot yoga name for your yoga studio is if you offer hot yoga classes. Let potential members know they can get a hot yoga class at your business with a name that says heat!

Read on to see the best hot yoga name ideas:

hot yoga studio names
  1. Light Within
  2. Wind River Studio
  3. Sky High Yoga Studio
  4. Your Best Day
  5. Expand Yoga
  6. Rise and Shine Yoga
  7. Floating Space
  8. Heal Within Yoga
  9. Mountain Grove
  10. Spirituality Circle
  11. 4 Elements Yoga
  12. All the Time Yoga
  13. Goddess Within
  14. Peace of Mind
  15. Mountain Grove
  16. Blue River Yoga
  17. Repose Yoga
  18. Circle Space
  19. From the Heart
  20. Human Kind Collective
  21. Flower Spring Studios
  22. Levity Yoga
  23. Earth Bliss Studio
  24. Nature Made Yoga
  25. One Spirit Yoga
  26. Bridge to the Soul Yoga Studio
  27. Mountain Grove
  28. Universe Yoga
  29. Zazen Collective
  30. Insight Studio
  31. The Move Connection
  32. Rise Hot Yoga
  33. Core Power Yoga Studio
  34. With Light Yoga
  35. Seaside Yoga Sanctuary
  36. Dragonfly Yoga
  37. Spiritual Bliss
  38. Inner Child Yoga Studio
  39. Mode de Yoga
  40. Karma Yoga
  41. Yoga Vibe
  42. Coolidge Yoga
  43. Majestic Yoga
  44. Sync Yoga
  45. Airborne Meditation.
  46. Free your Mind yoga Studio 
  47. Flow & Sway 
  48. Glow Getters Yoga Studio 
  49. Yoga Motion
  50. In it to Win it Yoga 
  51. Sauna Studio

Pilates Studio Names

Maybe you focus on other types of workouts such as pilates. Many yoga studios now offer pilates workouts in addition to traditional yoga classes.

If this describes your yoga studio, then it may be a good idea to choose a pilates studio name.

Here are my favorite pilate studio name ideas:

  1. Bird Song Studio
  2. The Stretch you Want
  3. Horizon Pilates
  4. Sweat Time
  5. Pilates Flow
  6. Compassion Collective
  7. Tree of Life Pilates
  8. The Sauna
  9. Mountain Collective
  10. Lotus Studio
  11. Fit & Flexible Pilates.
  12. The Pilates Crowd.
  13. Joy Space
  14. Jump & Jive
  15. Bliss Pilates
  16. Nuture Space Studio
  17. Deep Roots Yoga
  18. Groove Pilates
  19. Let’s Sweat! Pilates
  20. Pose Pilates Studio
  21. Passage Studio
  22. Be Still
  23. Dream Studio 
  24. Cool Pilates
  25. Majestic Pilates
  26. Dancing Heart Studio
  27. Tone Yoga and Pilates
  28. Out Back Pilates
  29. Pilates Vibe
  30. Wellness Warehouse.
  31. Inner Peace Pilates.
  32. Stretch & Sweat Pilates.
  33. The Stretch Centre.
  34. Total Pilates Studio.
  35. Precision Pilates
  36. Club Pilates.
  37. Balance Pilates 
  38. Studio 54 Pilates.
  39. Awakenings Pilates
  40. No Pressure Pilates 
  41. Slay the Day Pilates Studio
  42. Pilates for All
  43. Pilates Infinity 
  44. Momentum Studio
  45. Find your Balance 
  46. Get Sweaty Pilates 
  47. All Points Pilates 
  48. Pilates to the Core 
  49. Everybody Dance Now! Pilates 
  50. No Worries Pilates 
  51. Let it Go Pilates

Sanskrit Yoga Studio Names

Yoga is a practice that dates back hundreds of years, and most yoga poses are known in their Sanksrit name.

Choosing a Sanskrit yoga studio name that touches on yoga mantras and poses is a great way to associate your wellness brand with traditional yoga.

If you are a yoga studio that focuses on pilates, then a Sanskrit name may not be for you. If you are opening a more traditional yoga studio however, then choosing a Sanskrit yoga studio name that touches on yoga mantras and yoga poses is a great way to associate your wellness brand with a more traditional yoga practice.

If your yoga studio focuses on meditation and tradition then these Sanskrit yoga studio name ideas below will inspire you.

  1. Asana Yoga
  2. Inertia Yoga
  3. Remote Asanas
  4. Dharma Space Studio
  5. Om Bliss
  6. Nirvana Flow
  7. Bodhi Tree Studio
  8. Mudra Yoga
  9. Child’s Pose Studio
  10. Bikram Yoga
  11. Vrkira Yoga Studio
  12. Rising Lotus Yoga
  13. Vrkira Yoga
  14. Prana Yoga
  15. Harakati Studios
  16. Yogi Asanas 
  17. Asanas for All
  18. Shanti Hot Yoga
  19. Yoga Mundra 
  20. Nadi Yoga
  21. Namaste your Day
  22. Yoga Ananda
  23. Ahimsa Studio
  24. Aryuveda and More
  25. Nhakti Yoga 
  26. Citta Studio of Yoga
  27. Yoga Mandala
  28. Bikram Hot Yoga
  29. Shanti Kitti Yoga
  30. Akasha Yoga
  31. Chakra Yoga
  32. Drishti Yoga
  33. Yoga Mantra 
  34. Ashtanga-All-Day
  35. Nirodha Yoga
  36. Yoga Dhyana
  37. Guru Yoga Studio 
  38. Find your Drishti Studio 
  39. Yoga Japa
  40. Ida-nadi Yoga
  41. Jnana Yoga Studio
  42. Studio Kosha
  43. Kundalini-Shakti Studio for Yoga 
  44. Yoga Nirodha
  45. Ojas Studio
  46. Niyama Yoga
  47. Om the Day
  48. Pingala-Nadi Yoga 
  49. Yoga Prajna
  50. Pratyahara Yoga 
  51. Prakriti Yoga Studio 
  52. Studio Samadhi 
  53. Satya Yoga Studio 
  54. Sutra Studio 
  55. Activate your Samskara 
  56. Svadhyaya Studio
  57. Yoga Tanta 
  58. Tapas Glow Yoga 
  59. Yama Yoga 
  60. The Prana Principle 

Creative Yoga Studio Names

Do you want a yoga studio name that shows your artistic side?

If this sounds like you, then you can’t go wrong choosing a creative yoga studio name.

Creativity sparks the imagination and inspires new thoughts. What better way to attract new members to your yoga studio than cultivating a wellness brand that says your yoga studio thinks outside of the box?

The list below has some of the best creative yoga studio names I’ve come across:

  1. Sprout Studio
  2. Glowing and Growing
  3. Smile Within Yoga
  4. Beauty Within Yoga
  5. Robust Yoga
  6. Celestial Beings
  7. Diamond Yoga
  8. The Splendid Space
  9. Bliss Yoga
  10. All Limbs Yoga
  11. Artistic Expressions Bodies
  12. New You Yoga
  13. Best Day Yoga
  14. All Members Studio
  15. Circle Space
  16. Sleeping Serpent Studio
  17. Serenity Yoga
  18. Bliss Yoga
  19. One Mantra
  20. Open Doors Yoga
  21. Times of Yore Yoga
  22. Super Bloom Yoga
  23. IntroSpect Studios
  24. Truth Yoga
  25. Beautiful Life Yoga
  26. Healing Heart Yoga
  27. White Heat Yoga
  28. Just Be Yoga
  29. Wind River Studio
  30. Just Flow
  31. Pleasure Point Yoga
  32. Splendid Space
  33. SunSpark Yoga
  34. The Yoga Collective Studio
  35. Inner Bodyworks Studio
  36. CorePower Yoga
  37. Absolute Yoga 
  38. Build & Breathe Pilates.
  39. My Mat Space.
  40. Relative Space Yoga
  41. Lights off Yoga
  42. Yoga Rock Studio
  43. (Your name) Yoga Centre
  44. Endurance  Yoga
  45. Balance the Soul Studio
  46. Everybody Yoga Now! 
  47. Plant Your Soul Yoga Studio 
  48. Always Here Yoga 
  49. Yogasatiable 
  50. Eternal Souls Yoga Studio

Best Yoga Studio Names

If you’re still not sure what to name your yoga studio, then choose a name you can’t go wrong with. One of your best choices for a yoga studio are names that immediately make someone think of calmness, stretching, and meditation

Here are some of the best yoga studio names I’ve found that you won’t go wrong with choosing:

  1. The Flow
  2. One with the Moon Yoga
  3. With Light Yoga
  4. Boundless Movement
  5. Dancing Heart Studio
  6. Free to Be Yogi
  7. All One Studio
  8. Little Buddha Studio
  9. Freedom Yoga
  10. Interbeing Yoga
  11. Amity Yoga
  12. Goodwill Yoga
  13. Friendship Yoga
  14. With Love Yoga
  15. Crown Yoga
  16. Illumination Studio
  17. Flux Yoga
  18. Beatitude Yoga
  19. Journey Yoga
  20. Vitality Space
  21. Aloe Yoga Studio
  22. Live Well
  23. The Yoga Nest
  24. Flow with Us Studio
  25. Mind & Body
  26. Desert Dreams 
  27. BURN Yoga
  28. Instant Karma Yoga
  29. Yoga Garden
  30. Shine Yoga 
  31. Balance Yoga Center
  32. Divinitree Yoga Studio
  33. Sync Yoga Studio
  34. I Am Yoga 
  35. Liberation Yoga
  36. Yoga Remote 
  37. Bliss Yoga
  38. Groove Yoga
  39. The High Life Yoga Studio
  40. The Calm Mind Collective
  41. Dharma Space
  42. Hello Namaste
  43. Yoga Made Easy
  44. Studio 54 Yoga 
  45. Get it and Go Yoga
  46. Live Your Best Life Yoga Studio
  47. Gaze Yoga
  48. Unfettered Yoga Studio
  49. All Points 
  50. Bodies Inc. 
  51. Into Nature Yoga 
  52. Ease Breezy Yoga
  53. Journey of the Mind Yoga 
  54. Into Motion Yoga Studio
  55. Studio Collaborative 
  56. Full Moon Yoga


Whether you’re opening a yoga studio, pilates studio, or general wellness business, this list of yoga studio name ideas should be enough to get you started for naming your new business.

Avoid the common mistakes when picking your business name

Naming Guide

I’ve put together a free guide for you to download. You can use this workbook to learn how to select the best yoga studio name for you. It’s easy to follow and covers all the steps you need to know to ensure the name you pick will be a success.

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