Salon Website Design Tips (That Increase Bookings)

Do you need some salon website design ideas to get more new salon clients online?

Then you have come to the right place.

Before deciding on your salon website theme and appointment booking app, we want to share some website design tips that apply to hair salons, barbershops, and other beauty salons.

So I often get the question, should I have a website? As a hairstylist, do I need it? I have my Instagram account. I have a Facebook page. Do I need a website? Yes, you do. Your website is one of your most important marketing channels and marketing tools as a salon or hairstylist.

But what should you put on your website? What should you do with your website to make it interesting for clients who land on it? And that is what we’re going to talk about today. 

John: And I have My from the hair salon Peach Stockholm with me today as well.

 So, how important is your website to your business?

My: It’s very important. Our website is the main thing that attracts customers because the person who searches for a hair salon on Google is a potential customer who wants to get their hair done. On Instagram, it’s more oh, they liked the pictures. I might follow this.

But when they go onto your website, it’s because it’s more likely that they’re looking for a salon to book a time right now.

Because they’re finding you on Google when searching for your service, and that’s why they land there.

Visitors can get more deeply into your website and read about your staff, who you are, the type of services you have. These are things that you don’t have on Instagram, 

John: You were saying you’re getting like 30,000 visitors every month coming to your site. This is driving a queue of clients to your salon, enabling you to have full books and everything, which is awesome.

So when clients land on the website, they want to dive into your site and ultimately book. But what are some of the tips you’re working with to make your website interesting to the visitor? 

1. Show a lot of pictures, so visitors immediately see it’s a hair salon website

My: The most important thing is that when they land on your website, they immediately see that this is a hairdresser’s website. So they know exactly what are they doing? I’m in the right place. Okay. I want to do my hair. This is a hair salon site. So show a lot of pictures, what you do, so they immediately get interested.

Oh, this. Nice hair. That’s good, that’s something like that. I want. So it’s easier for visitors to stay on the website rather than having a lot of information. What brand do you use, for example? Oh, Olaplex or L’Oreal. And then there are a lot of texts on that. I think if somebody wants to read about all the Plex, they will go to their website.

They’re on your website to learn more about you and see what you do.  

John: Information has its place like, introducing your team talking about your services, even the brands you would carry. But maybe that would not be like where people would land.

We need to work with visuals, making sure visitors understand where they’ve landed. What’s the salon is doing.

2. Keep the Visitor Engaged on Your Salon Website as Long as Possible

My: Yeah. Keep it interesting? Like they want to see beautiful hair. They want to know that you can do that. And then they, if they are interesting, they will click into who works there, what’s the staff, like we’ll get more in deep to the side. And also the longer they stay on the site. The better for Google it is. If you have a quick bounce rate, Google will see your site as not as good as other sites. 

John: That’s an advanced tip as well, but yeah, that’s so true.

If Google sees that people who find you and stay on your site for a longer time, that tells Google that this is a quality site, this is a quality business. This is a quality salon. We should be showing that to more people. So yeah, keeping it interesting, making sure they can dive into your universe of what it is that you’re doing.

And I’ve seen it on your website, cause you do a lot there, right? You have a lot of pictures. It looks like you’re posting every day.

3. Get Your Hair Stylists to Post Regularly on the Salon Website

My: That’s because all of my staff are connected to the website. We work a lot on this. So this is an advanced tip, but all of my staff posts pictures on our site. So that’s why we have a lot of photos on the site.

John: This is awesome because I think what most stylists and salons do is use Instagram to post pictures.

So you don’t have to take new pictures just for that. You can use the same images on both platforms.

My: And then it’s easy for them to press the booking button where they can book a time.  We also have a chat on our website. So it’s easy for the customers. They can write us directly.

How do you move them to become a client? And, we shared some of the pro tips as well, for how do you improve in the eyes of Google. So you get more visitors. There’s a lot more that goes into all this.

And we’re doing free training as well where we go more in-depth. So you learn more of the strategies. What you can do to both get more visitors to your site and increase the likelihood that those visitors turn into clients for your business, as well as you get the most out of your website, because, in the end, that’s what your website should be as well.

Like your digital receptionist working 24/7, meets new potential clients, welcomes them, gets them interested in your business, and then funnel them through to booking with you. So that’s how we want that to work. So yeah, in that training, we’re covering that in much more depth.

My: Yeah. So I think the biggest tip from this talk is to make the first page very visual. So it gets interesting because that’s what the customer first want’s to see beautiful pictures of hair that you have done. 

Yeah. Awesome. Thanks for today. And we look forward to seeing you in the future.

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