59 Best Salon Website Examples 2023: Design Inspiration & Ideas

Are you looking for examples of beauty & hair salon websites?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

I see a lot of salon and spa websites in my work. And when starting any new website design project, I always begin by grabbing inspiration from the top websites out there.

This is why I’ve summarized this list with some of the best salon website examples in 2023. It includes hair salon websites, beauty salon websites, barbershop websites, nail salon websites, and spa websites.

I’ll also pass along a few things we can learn with each example. And, when possible, I’m also calling out the website builder and online booking tool used as these platforms will play a major role in the website experience you can create.

I keep adding examples to this list all the time and it’s starting to get quite long 🙂

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Nail, hair, and beauty salon website design examples & ideas

Artika Salon

The Artika website has a fresh and minimalistic design that brings to life their brand in a beautiful way while at the same time making the experience for visitors easy and intuitive. Here’s a few things we can learn from Artika:

  • Showing salon interior pictures right on the home page. This makes it obvious for the person landing on the website what type of business it is. It helps people enter into the Artika experience before even visiting the location.
  • Intuitive navigation and the “book now” button clearly visible (without looking salesy)
  • Fully integrated and intuitive booking flow via their Mangomint website booking widget that simply fades in over the website.

I also recommend you check out the about us page.

A best-in-class example on how you tell your story and also introduce your team to start building relationship with clients ahead of their visit.

Cheeks + Co: Salon Website and Online Store

Landing on the Cheeks + Co website is like entering right into the service experience. The first thing you’re met by is a full-screen video of the service. It’s beautifully produced and you’re hooked immediately.

But cheeks+co is not just a website. It’s a full-blown online store where they sell products and service gift cards. It’s built on top of Shopify and the Mangomint salon and spa software.

This is the perfect setup for salons that want to run an online store.


Because these two platforms integrate directly with each other. So you can use both the best online store platform and salon and spa software simultaneously.

Whatever stock you have of products in the salon (which Mangomint keeps track of), Shopify will automatically know and update available inventory on the website.

Like magic 🙂

This means you manage your gift cards, memberships, bookable services, and retail in one place but still allow people to buy wherever they want.

How gift cards are offered using the Mangomint website widget that slides in on top of your website

Honey Rose Aesthetics: Salon Website and Online Store

When you land at the Honey Rose Aesthetics website, you’re immediately taken on the journey you would experience during the appointment. A full-page video tells the story from when a client arrives, through consultation, and into the appointment.

Video is such a powerful way of hooking the visitor as they land on your website while it allows you to show the full experience of your brand.

But what they’re doing well here, that you may not notice at first, is how they’ve structured their website to allow for SEO (search engine optimization).

By creating a dedicated page for their core services (like hydrafacial in the image here), they significantly increase the chances that they will show up at the top of Google’s search result page when a potential new client is searching for that service while being located in the area of the salon.

SEO is one of my favorite forms of marketing. And I’ve put together a full salon SEO guide where you can learn more about this strategy.

Fringe Hair Salon Website

There are many things we can learn from the Fringe salon website.

  • Intuitive home page design:  You immediately get that the website you’ve landed on is about hair and hair treatments. They’re also using an image from the salon, which introduces the environment in a natural way to visitors. 
  • Book Now button on the home page: Website visitors are immediately presented with the call-to-action to book an appointment that links to their salon booking system (which is ultimately what you want your visitor to do).

Mobile Hair Salon Website

Salon website booking button

Desktop Hair Salon Website

Hair salon website example

Fringe’s website really ticks all boxes of what a good hair salon website should have. The address and contact details are clearly visible with a simple scroll. You’ll also see that they call out all magazines where their salon has been featured. This is a great way to build confidence with new website visitors that this is a trustworthy website.   

Best hair salon website credentials

Yello: Salon Website and Online Store

Yello’s energetic vibe is something you can feel across their brand. Clearly they know how to present their unique personality with consistent use of their neon color palette.

This is another great example of a salon using the magic combination of Mangomint and Shopify to offer and online store that integrates with the salon inventory.

Btw, I just love the cool items they are selling in their store.

Ama Nail Salon Website

Ama has one of the best nail salon websites I’ve seen. They use a visual design layout, without much text, which truly engages the visitor as you land on the site. 

My main take-away from Ama’s website is the consistent execution of their salon brand – online and offline. Visiting their website is almost like walking into the salon. In fact, they use a lot of welcoming images taken inside the salon combined with artistic images that you’ll also find on the walls inside the salon. You’re truly immersing yourself in Ama’s salon experience just by visiting their website. 

Mobile Friendly Nail Salon Website

Nail salon website design on mobile

Desktop Nail Salon Website

Nail salon website design

Check out Ama’s website here.

Being consistent in your online and offline visual execution is important as you want visitors to your website to immediately also recognize your salon next time they walk by on the street. It also helps create a consistent experience of you which builds a stronger connection between you and your salon clients.

Groom Service Hairdresser Website

As you land on on Groom Service’s website you immediately understand what they are about. Your also presented all the most important information in perfect priority order: book now, social media buttons, menu for more information. 

It’s truly a school book example of what a good hair salon website should consist of. However, what you can learn specifically from Groom Service is their use of content. 

Most good salon websites include the basic information a client need to book an appointment. This is already a good start. In fact many salon’s miss that and you need to spend time just to figure out how to get an appointment booked.

However, Groom Service is taking content to the next level and also includes some more in-depth content about their key services. For example, they’ll have a dedicated page for bridal services as well as a section on cruelty free brands. 

Having more in-depth content is not only good for website visitors who want to learn more about your offer, but it will also help Google and other search engines better understand what your salon is about. This will help your salon show up higher in Google’s search results when people look for the type of service you’re describing which can win you a lot of new clients in the long run.  

Mobile Version

Top hairdresser website example

Desktop Version

Check out the Groom Service website here. 

The website is built using WordPress website builder.

Fabio Doti Hairdresser Website

The Fabio Doti website manages something many hair salon websites struggle with.

They’re a premium hair salon, playing a luxury position in New York’s financial district. But despite that they’ve been able to give their website a very personal and welcoming touch. If you have a luxury salon, you can learn a few things here. Striking the right balance between being luxury and at the same time being approachable is a fine line to walk.

The website is designed using luxurious images and language. But there’s two things that make the salon approachable and welcoming for clients: 

  • Well-integrated social media: As you scroll down you’re exposed to their social feed where you get a more personal view of what’s happening in the salon. This help clients get to know them better without yet having visited the salon. On top, they link out to all places where they have a presence, including Yelp and Foursquare where you can read what others think about the salon. 
  • Detailed and visual staff page: Each staff member have their picture together with a personal story and resume posted on the website. Another great way to allow new visitors to get to know the salon better.

Mobile Hair Salon Home Page

Desktop Hair Salon Home Page

Check out the Fabio Doti website here

The website was built using Squarespace.

Having a content strategy for your different platforms on the web is a smart way to manage this. Although you need to ensure brand consistency, you can allow your website to yse more luxury cues while your social profile can be more open and personal.

Cuts and Bruises Barbershop Website

I just had to include a barbershop in the top salon websites list and Cuts a Bruises is a great barbershop website example. Simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate website. 

What we can learn from Cuts & Bruises is how they integrate rich content on the website. Right on the home page you’re presented with videos that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the salon. 

Barber website design example

They’re also integrating their social feed (with great imagery) so that potential new clients get a view on what they can expect in the salon. 

Barbershop website idea with social media

Check out the Cuts and Bruises barbershop website here

The website was created using the Wix website builder.

Jocelyn Petroni Skin & Nail Salon Website

Designed with WordPress, Jocelyn Petroni website is the example of a well-organized site that includes everything in one go. The site holds a defined and extensive menu bar, latest blogs, testimonials, and media coverage, giving the site a competitive edge. You can directly make an appointment through the menu bar’s “Make an Appointment” selection.

Nail salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.jocelynpetroni.com/ 
The website was built using WordPress.

Butchers Eco Salon Website

All information in one, this website design using WordPress is right for a brand that is looking to convey its story in one go. You can find the menu bar with every important detail – from Service Menu to Book an appointment and more. The social media icons on the top right corner helps you check their social media galleries in a click. 

Eco Salon Website Design

Access the website here: https://www.butcherssalon.com/ 
The website was built using WordPress.

Salon Sloane Website 

Sharp, unfussy, and elegant, the Salon Sloane website design is made using Wix and is quite an inspiration for those looking to create a distinct impression. The prices of the salon packages to trending styles are all mentioned on the homepage to take a look at. You can also check the Appointment and Contact info right at the corner of the page, which makes it easier for the customer to book a service quickly.

Elegant Wix Salon Website

Access the website here: https://www.salonsloane.com/ 
The website was built using Wix.

Taylor Taylor London Salon Website

This WordPress-designed site exudes simplicity and richness in one go. The Taylor Taylor London logo on the homepage is minimalistic whereas the “Book Now” tab on the top-right corner of the page helps you book an appointment with just a click. So, if you are looking for something simple, clean and to the point, this website design is right for you.

Taylor WordPress Salon Website

Access the website here: https://taylortaylorlondon.com/ 
The website was built using WordPress.

Mèche Salon Website

As exotic as the salon can get, the Mèche’s website too flaunts exclusivity and is made using WordPress. The video on the homepage offers a view of the salon and about their services. The Book an Appointment tab on the site is easy to locate and helps users book immediately, without any hassle.

Salon Website Idea

Access the website here: https://mechesalonla.com/
The website was built using WordPress.

Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salon Website Design

The Nicola Clarke at John Frieda website is built using Wix and exudes elegance and to-the-point information. The homepage has all the info that you need – right from The Team to Services and Store location. If you are looking to create a first big impression on your customers, this site design is right.

Nicola clark Wix hair salon website

Access the website here: https://www.nicolaclarkeatjohnfrieda.com/ 

Miss Thang Nail Salon Website

This one, in particular, stood out. Minimalistic text, menu, and images on the homepage is the perfect example of easy interface and usefulness. Designed using Wix, the website flaunts simplicity. You can check out their services and their respective prices simply by clicking on Services. The clean design is a game-winner.

Miss Thang Nail Salon Website

Access the website here: https://www.missthangnails.com/ 

Blue Tit Salon Website

An impressive, vibrant, and colorful design – thanks to the eye-catching images and simple text. The combination is just right – WordPress and WooCommerce. The information on the top of the page, the menu bar, is apt. You can also see a Book Last Minute option on the right of the page, which is an interesting add-on.

Wordpress salon website design template

Access the website here: https://www.bluetitlondon.com/ 

Bijin Salon & Spa Website

When it comes to the website design, Bijin Salon & Spa went for an exclusive concept made using WordPress. This site offers a no-scroll homepage which makes it quite simple as you don’t have to go to the bottom of the page to look for the services offers. From packages to online appointment, everything is there right in front of the customer.

Bijin salon and spa website example

Access the website here: https://bijinsalon.com/ 

Paris Parker Salons & Spas Website

The clean image and text placement makes this website striking, thanks to one of the most popular website design platform, WordPress. Moreover, the simple use of text logo well-placed call to action button right on the homepage image is an excellent idea. The menu bar, although of two rows, is clean and complements the design of the website well.

Paris Parker salon website inspiration

Access the website here: http://parisparker.com/ 

Fringe Hair Cut Salon Website

Sleek and elegant website design made using WordPress, this one is perfect for those who love minimal use of color. Fringe Hair Cut Salon has put up a solid website that showcases the simplicity and offers a hassle-free user experience on the site. The menu bar is well-organized and does not include any irrelevant info.

Fringe hair cut salon website

Access the website here: https://fringeinc.ca/ 

Illusions Color Salon Website

The simple font of the website makes the design look even more appealing, thanks to the WordPress website design. The combination of text and images on the website is not only attractive but easy on the eye. One of the highlights of the design is the contact info that remains constant on the top-right panel, even when you scroll on the site.

Illusions Color Salon Website Example

Access the website here: https://illusionscolorspa.com/ 

Stag Hair Parlor Website

The Stag Hair Parlor website reflects the simplicity of their salon interiors. The menu bar of the site offers a simple design and includes everything that the customer would need – from booking an appointment to products and contacts, the website is pretty simple to find everything on the same page.

Access the website here: http://staghairparlor.com/ 

Andy LeCompte Salon Website

The elegant one-page website by Andy LeCompte Salon is designed using WordPress. It’s an inspiring example for those who are looking to find information without much hassle. The large-sized images along with minimalistic options on the menu bar give the user the idea of a classic salon.

Andy LeCompte Salon Website Example

Access the website here: https://www.andylecomptesalon.com/ 

Ramirez Tran Salon Website

Visuals are very important and the Ramirez Tran Salon website has it right there. It is designed using WordPress and the large image on the site does a dual work of banner image as well as the logo. The simple and definitive menu bar highlights the crucial elements only, keeping it to the point and simple.

Ramirez Hair Salon Website Example

Access the website here: http://ramireztran.com/ 

Kimble Hair Studio Website

The horizontally-elongated banner image design is the focus of the website. This site design is made using Shopify and is great for those looking to highlight their brand name. The clean, well-defined menu bar includes everything that the customer needs – from shop to salon and contact. Although there is no Booking info on the homepage, the contact info can be used instead. 

Kimble hair studio website example

Access the website here: https://shopkimkimble.com/ 

Nine Zero One Salon Website

This is again a game-winner! Made using WordPress, the site uses large-sized images with a clean menu bar option is a well-thought-out design plan. The light background keeps the focus right on the content of the website. The contact option lets you send them a message or get in touch with them through a phone call or an email.

Salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.ninezeroonesalon.com/ 

Cinta Salon Website

The design of Cinta Salon website is clean and well-organized. It is a visually appealing website that has all the primary options right at the top menu bar. Moreover, the Book, reschedule, and FAQs box on the page is quite a unique touch, keeping things simple for the customer. The large banner image keeps the focus on the site for long. 

Conta salon website example

Access the website here: https://cinta.com/ 

Jet Rhys Hair Salon

The Jet Rhys hair salon website is made using WordPress. The site has a full-screen background image of the salon artists working, which makes the site even more appealing. Clicking the ‘Menu’ option on the top-right corner of the site will give you all the details including an appointment placement and more. The bottom of the page includes the opening hours of the salon and a newsletter sign-up option for the latest updates.

Hair salon website inspiration

Access the website here: https://jetrhys.com/ 

The Parlour Room Website

Rich, vibrant, and magazine-like – The Parlour Room website has it all. The site is designed with GoDaddy website builder. A bright and appealing design, the site is not just great for including images but the menu holds quite a few options. From group bookings to appointments and contact, you can get everything right under a single menu bar, that’s the beauty of this site design. 

The Parlour Website Example

Access the website here: https://theparlourroomnj.com/

Le Laque Boutique 

This Australian beauty salon website is made using Wix and flaunts a bold and inspiring design. You can find the booking tab right at the top of the page, making it easy for the customer to book for a service. It is also an e-commerce site so that you can buy any of their exclusive products simply on the Shop section.

Beauty salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.lelaque.com.au/ 

Skye McIntyre Nail Salon Website 

If you want to narrate your brand story extensively, then Skye McIntyre’s Squarespace website design! The menu bar on the top as well as the bottom of the page includes services and gallery, media, contact and about the brand, which the customer can easily locate, thanks to the simple design.

Nail salon website inspiration

Access the website here: http://www.skyemcintyre.com.au/

Vaia Beauty Salon Website

The visually appealing website of Vaia Beauty uses Shopify and is a perfect blend of bold images and mild text content. You can easily search for the desired service through the search bar on the top. They have smartly used the combination of very little text and imposing images to make their brand stand out.

Vaia Beauty Salon Website Example

Access the website here: https://vaiabeauty.com.au/

Nail Pop Art Salon Website

If you’re looking for a catchy, captivating website, then this is a great WordPress design. The large banner with superimposed text content highlights the motto of the brand. The site allows the inclusion of numerous images, perfect for those who want to showcase their portfolio. The customer can get in touch with them directly by sending a message through the Contacts section on the menu bar.

Nail salon website ideas

Access the website here: http://nailpopart.com.au/

Larry King Salon Website

The Larry King website design offers the right blend of clean design and apt placement of images and text. The site is designed using WordPress and WooCommerce. The limited usage of text on the website helps in reducing any redundancies. The “Book Online” option on the top right corner helps the user to make an appointment with a single click.

Salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.larryking.co.uk/salon/ 

Hershesons Berners Street Salon Website

If you are looking for a perfect combination of text and image placement, then this Magento website design is right for you. The clean font size keeps things simple and to the point. There is also a shopping cart to purchase the products of your choice and store information for salon queries and appointments.

Salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.hershesons.com/stores/salons/berners-street/

George Northwood Hair Salon Website

Bold and gorgeous! The George Northwood hair salon website is perfect for those looking to make a mark through their website design. We liked the unconventional placement of the menu bar, which is on the top left corner of the page. You can also find “Book online” option to make a quick appointment. A user-friendly website design. 

Salon website example

Access the website here: http://georgenorthwood.com/

Jo Hansford Salon Website

The clean use of text and images is the highlight of this website. If you are someone who is looking to make a big impression of the brand through large images on the website, then this website design is apt for you. The simple font is elegant and brings out the brand ethos aptly.

Jo Hansford hair salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.johansford.com/

Four London Salon Website

The Four London website is designed on WordPress and exudes richness and exquisiteness. The dark background of the homepage helps in highlighting the text and the menu bar on the website. The top menu is clean, well-organized and contains everything, from services to online booking, which the customer would be looking for, making it a user-friendly website.

Four Salon Website inspiration

Access the website here: http://www.fourlondon.com/welcome/

Percy & Reed Salon Website

An attractive and appealing WordPress website design, the Percy & Reed website is an example of the right usage of color, font, and image. It gives quite a vibrant feel. You can find the menu bar, right at the top of the homepage with all the information you need.

Salon website idea

Access the website here: https://www.percyandreed.com/

The Roose & Spa Website

The Roose Parlour & Spa uses a simple-designed website that is easy to use as well as quite clean. The site is designed with Squarespace, one of the popular website builders. Users can find everything easily on the website and no bits and pieces are lying, avoiding distractions. The users can easily locate the “book now” button on the top-left corner of the site.

Access the website here: http://www.theroose.com/ 

Aveda Institute Website

If you are looking to make that first great impression with your website design, this Drupal site building platform is a big inspiration. You can find all the information required on the homepage itself. Right from best sellers to shops and offers, there is everything a customer would need.

Salon website design

Access the website here: https://aveda.edu/ 

Paul Edmonds London Salon Website

This WordPress website design is a winner when it comes to the vibrant use of the image on the homepage. The rich look of the website also comes from the text on the banner that brings out the highlight of the salon. Moreover, the “Book Now” option on the menu bar is a highlight of the site design.

Wordpress salon website

Access the website here: https://pauledmonds.com/

Aldo Coppola Salon Website

The Aldo Coppola website is built using WordPress and is all about an interesting and simple website design. The large and vibrant banner image on the homepage offers a grand entry to the website. The horizontal placement of the menu bar with every option – right from salon to contacts helps the user find whatever they are looking for, all in one place.

Salon Website

Access the website here: https://www.aldocoppola.com/en/ 

Metropolis Salon Website

Bold and beautiful is what we will call this. Designed using Squarespace, the website uses large text and image is the perfect amalgamation of high-quality design and right use of color and text. The site gives the idea of how great the services of the salon would be. The Book Your Visit tab on the top-right corner of the page grabs your attention and is correctly placed.

Metropolis salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.metropolissalonsc.com/ 

Salon 64 Website

This is another example of a bold and gorgeous WordPress site-building platform. We liked the limited use of text. The website has smartly used the testimonials on the homepage, showing the users exactly what they need to know. The unique placement of the menu bar on the bottom of the page is smart and uncluttered.

Salon 64 Website example

Access the website here: https://www.salon64.co.uk/ 

Muse Salon & Spa Website

The Muse Salon and Spa website offers a mix of both clean font and images. Made using Squarespace, the site offers space for adding a description of the salon and social networking sites of the brand. The menu is clean and provides a quick look at all the USPs of the salon.

Muse Salon & Spa Website Example

Access the website here: https://www.musesalonandspa.com/ 

Stil Salon Website

We personally liked this one due to its simplistic WordPress website design. Although you can see this design quite often, it is still one of the most popular ones. The placement of image and text is right and clean. The placement of the contact information helps the user to find it easily.

Salon website inspiration

Access the website here: https://www.stil-salon.com/ 

Glasshouse Salon Website

The Glasshouse Salon site is great to look at. We were immediately impressed by its design, use of color, text, and placement of the images. The salon address and other contact info are right in front of you, so that you can locate these easily. A minimalist, simple website design.

Salon website example

Access the website here: https://www.glasshousesalon.co.uk/ 

Ned’s Parlour Website 

If you are about all work and no play then this website design is great for you. The light background, simple font usage and limited text is quite professional and clean. The call to action buttons on the homepage can be easily located and helps users to book an appointment without much hassle.

Ned Parlour Website

Access the website here: https://www.thened.com/spa-and-grooming/neds-parlour 

Neville Hair and Beauty Salon Website

Again a simple design but very captivating. The site is built using WordPress. The placement of image and text are so that there is equal attention of the user on both these elements. You can find the contact number at the top right corner of the page, easy to find. The menu is hidden at the top left corner, which makes it a clean design too.

Neville hair and beauty salon website

Access the website here: https://nevillehairandbeauty.net/ 

The Chapel Salon Website

We love this website too! The clean menu bar with options that the customer would be interested in, gives the customer exactly what they need. There is also an option of Late Availability on the right corner of the page and a Live Chat Now option on the left bottom. 

The Chapel salon website design

Access the website here: https://www.thechapel.co.uk/ 

Charles Worthington Salon Website

Charles Worthington is one of the most popular salons in the United Kingdom and its website exudes the reason why is it that popular. Designed using WordPress, the site showcases apt use of color, text, font, and image is a clear winner here. The menu covers options from Our Salons to Services, which helps the user get every info in just a click.

Wordpress Salon Website Theme

Access the website here: https://charlesworthington.com/

Windle&Moodie Salon Website

Windle & Moodie is the perfect example of to-the-point information and bold design, thanks to the platforms WordPress and WooCommerce. The monochrome color palette is great for grabbing the attention of the customer. There is everything you need to know about the salon and services in the design. Whether you want to book an appointment or shop products, you find it all here.

Woo commerce salon website design

Access the website here: https://www.windlelondon.com/

Hare & Bone Salon Website

You want to make sure your target customer knows you well in the first time, this WordPress website design inspiration is for you. Right from the menu bar which include “About Us, Salons, Services, Book Online”, and other options, to the large banner image that showcases important achievements, the site design is perfect for any brand.

Wordpress hair salon website design

Access the website here: http://www.hareandbone.co.uk/ 

Josh Wood Hair Salon Website

Are you looking to make sure that your customer knows about you and your work portfolio right when they get to your website, this Shopify design is the perfect choice. You can find the Shop section on the top left and the personal consultation on the top right corner of the site design, which makes it quite organized and useful. 

Hair Salon Website Design

Access the website here: https://joshwoodcolour.com/

Daniel Galvin Salon Website

For a more magazine-like feel, go for the Daniel Galvin website design inspiration. The site design is a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce. We like this design due to the minimal use of text, which keeps the site uncluttered and clean. The “Menu” is hidden, while the “Book Online” option can be found at the right side of the page.

WooCommerce Salon Website in WordPress

Access the website here: https://www.danielgalvin.com/

Salon U Website 

Designed with Squarespace, Salon U brings together a clean website design. Everything that a customer needs can be found at the bottom of the website. The large banner image is prominent, which offers a grand entryway to the website. Right from services to booking hours and contact info, the user can get every detail on the homepage itself.

Access the website here: http://www.salonustyle.com/ 

Next Hair Salon Website

The award-winning hair salon, Salon Next, is designed with Squarespace and has a clean, smartly-designed website that is quite captivating. The website offers a space for the logo of the salon on the top-left corner and menu on the top-right corner, keeping things separate and less distracting. From taking a look at the services to the products, you can easily locate the brand’s offerings.

Next hair salon website design inspiration

Access the website here: https://www.salonnext.com/ 

Cielo Hair Salon Website

This salon website is designed smartly and helps the user easily find a salon near their location. The site offers links to the salon locations, exclusive products, services, and gift cards. You can also buy their products easily on the site and take a glimpse of the looks of their clients.

Access the website here: http://www.saloncielo.com/

Conclusion: What Can We Learn From The Best Salon Websites?

It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re about to build out a new salon website. But starting to learn from what the best salon websites do is a very good start.

A few important themes that become very clear as we look at the examples here are:

  • Visual impression: How fast do you understand what the website you landed on is about and does that resonate with your target salon client? Is it also consistent with your salon so that the client’s experience is aligned online and offline?
  • Clear call-to-action: Do you immediately find a book now button that link you to the salon’s appointment scheduling software?
  • Contact information clearly visible: Do you immediately find opening hours, address, and phone number on the website? This will be the reason most people visit your salon’s page.
  • Smart use of content: Do you include specific pages for your key services and is your website integrated with your social media? Publishing more content will help your salon show up better on Google and other search engines.

I hope the top salon websites shared here have inspired new ideas for your salon website. But don’t just leave it as an idea. Take action on getting your new website up today.

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