287 Truly Unique Spa Names for 2024 (Day & Med Spa)

Are you looking for spa name ideas?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In today’s article, I’ll take you through a spa name list that is packed with ideas for you to choose from.

Coming up with a spa name isn’t easy.

There are many spa words that have been watered out, overused, and kind of lost their meaning. And you want your spa name to be unique, right?

I’ll cover both day spa names as well as medical spa names so that you can find something that truly fits your spa business.

I’d recommend you get a pen and paper out now (or your iPhone notes app) and make note of the names you like.

Here are the different types of spa names we’ll cover today.

Now, let’s go through the spa name ideas!

Unique Spa Names

Unique spa names are spa names with meaning. They represent who you are and use spa words and language that represent what’s unique about you. This is how you come up with a truly distinct spa name for your business.

A great way to come up with your unique spa name is to think through what you offer in the salon. What are your hero services, and do you have something on your service menu that is different from other spas? This can be a good angle to take when trying to identify a unique spa name.

If your spa salon has a similar offer to other spas, you can turn to your history. I’m sure there are good reasons why you started your spa in the first place. What’s your mission? Where do you come from?

These can all be good cues to help you find a name that will be truly unique to your spa.

Still, many words you’ll find will probably sound fairly generic and not bring your uniqueness to life. This is why I’ve pulled together a list of unique spa names below that you can use as inspiration and pick what fits with your spa. I’m using a variation of words that mean wellness as well as other words that could symbolize your unique story.

Unique Spa Names List

  1. Spa Ubuntu (Nguni – the belief that we are defined by our kindness toward each other)
  2. Davinci Spa
  3. Sonder Spa (the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own)
  4. Mountain Spa
  5. Pure Spa
  6. Fernwhe Spa (German – missing a place you’ve never been)
  7. Spa Meraki (Greek – to do something with soul, creativity, or love)
  8. Jayus Spa (Indonesian – a joke so poorly spoken that it becomes funny)
  9. Salon Mudita (Sanskrit – taking delight in the happiness of others joy)
  10. Spa Clouds
  11. Glow Spa
  12. Tsundoko Spa (Japanese – the act of buying books and leaving them unread)
  13. Spa Embasan (Maguindanao/Philippines – to wear clothes while taking a bath)
  14. Voorpret Spa (Dutch – the sense of enjoyment before an event takes place)
  15. Thrive Spa
  16. Purpose Spa
  17. Beliefs Spa
  18. Spa Lagom (Swedish – just the right amount)
  19. Hygge Spa (Danish – the absence of anything annoying)
  20. The Senses Spa
  21. Active Spa
  22. Absolute Spa
  23. The Ark
  24. The Follicle Spa
  25. Namaste Spa

Creative Spa Names

Now, you should already have an idea of what’s unique about your spa, as well as unique spa names that fit your story.

It’s time to move to the next level and stretch our creativity to expand your list of spa name options. To help you with this, I have summarized a list of creative spa names below.

Using a creative spa name will make you sound more interesting and unique. You have a lot to win by not just using obvious services on your menu but employing creative massage therapy names and skincare treatment names, which also drive the unique image of your spa.

But for now, let’s go over a list of creative spa name examples to get your creative juice going.

Creative Spa Names List

  1. Craft Spa
  2. The Spa Formula
  3. Spa Art
  4. Spa Canvas
  5. Oxid Spa
  6. Create Beauty
  7. Drop Spa
  8. Flattered Spa
  9. Eden Spa
  10. Wildflower Spa
  11. Spa Saga
  12. Spa Renew
  13. Imagine
  14. Spa Innovation
  15. Mirage Spa
  16. The Chemist Spa
  17. The Spa Process
  18. Exhibit Spa
  19. Brain Spa
  20. New Thoughts Spa
  21. Trilogy Spa
  22. Spavegan
  23. Soak Spa
Creative Spa Names

Catchy Spa Names

Using rimes and phrases that fit well together gives your spa name a catchy swing. Not only does it sound nice with a catchy spa business name, but it also makes it more memorable.

Let’s go over some catchy spa name ideas.

List of Catchy Spa Names

  1. Tranquil Times
  2. Body Butter Spa
  3. Luscious Lather
  4. Lush Life Spa
  5. Salt Sea Spa
  6. Beauty Bomb Spa
  7. Thermal Thoughts
  8. Float & Fly Spa
  9. The Right Retreat
  10. Lovely Lather
  11. Barbie Boutique
  12. Lush Locks
  13. Cedar House Spa
  14. Nature’s Nest
  15. Solar Spa
  16. Mirror Mirror Spa
  17. Hollywood High
  18. Omni Float Spa
  19. Peaceful Pace Spa
  20. Dax & Wax Spa
  21. Planet Spa
  22. Skin & Scalp Spa

Clever & Funny Spa Names

What’s more memorable than a catchy spa name?

A funny spa name.

Humor is powerful. It drives emotion. And we tend to remember things that we associate with an emotion better.

Using a clever spa name with humor also makes your spa more approachable, signaling that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. People like that.

The only caution I would add to the use of funny spa names is that it may harm the premium perception of your spa business. Thus, if you’re running a high-end luxury spa, I’d rather go for a classy and elegant spa name.

List of Funny Spa Names

  1. Sparadise
  2. Spaaholic
  3. Face it
  4. Nail it
  5. Hairy Truths
  6. Bay Wash
  7. Pool Plunge Spa
  8. Steam Machine Spa
  9. Love the Skin You’re In Spa
  10. Nature’s Tub
  11. Pit Stop Spa
  12. You’ve Got Nail
  13. Relax in Wax
  14. Mean Steam Spa
  15. Hot Pot Spa
  16. Don’t Stop Spa
  17. Face Down Massage
  18. The Towel
  19. The Robe
  20. Calm Cat Spa
Funny spa names

Cool Spa Names

So, the funny and catchy spa names do not make you tick?

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit edgy and funky to help your brand stand out?

I get it.

Cool spa names simply fit some spas better. To help you find a good one for you, I’ve pulled together a list of cool spa names that I think you’ll like.

List of Cool Spa Names

  1. Devote
  2. The Getaway
  3. Escape
  4. Vibes
  5. Urban Unwind
  6. System Spa
  7. Spa Oblivion (the state of being unaware of what is happening around you)
  8. Spa Petrichor (the pleasant, earthy smell after rain)
  9. Nirvana
  10. Dawn
  11. Empower Spa
  12. Epic Spa
  13. Earth Spa
  14. Samurai Spa
  15. Soak Spa
  16. Spa Illicit (not legally permitted)
  17. Nunchi Spa (Korean – the ability to read others and act appropriately)
  18. Mod Spa
  19. Spa Ineffable (too good to be expressed in words)
  20. Spa Aquiver (quivering/ trembling)
  21. The Raven Spa
  22. Mojo Spa

Relaxing Spa Names

Why do people visit your spa?

It’s most likely not only because of the great services you provide. It’s likely that it also has something to do with the relaxing spa experience you bring. Employing this sense of relaxation in your spa name helps you bring that calm feeling across all touchpoints with your clients.

Given that this is one of the most sought-after benefits your spa provides, it’s a smart idea to let it transcend into your spa name as well. Let’s look at some examples.

List of Relaxing Names of Spas

  1. Just Let Go
  2. Body and Mind
  3. Just Relax
  4. Dreams Spa
  5. The Relief
  6. Waves
  7. Chill Out Spa
  8. Inhale Spa
  9. Drift Spa
  10. Sunset Spa
  11. Horizon Spa
  12. Spa Now
  13. Serenity Spa
  14. Calm Wind Spa
  15. Still Water Spa
  16. Zen Spa
  17. Spa Peace
  18. The View Spa
  19. Only Essence Spa
  20. Gaze Spa
  21. Hope Spa

Cute Spa Names

Do you have a cute spa corner in your salon? Or maybe just a small spa parlor that you’re looking for a cute salon name for?

Here’s a collection of cute spa names that might interest you.

  1. Nimble Spa
  2. Pink Spa
  3. Le Petit Spa
  4. Girls Spa
  5. Lotus Spa
  6. Blessed Spa
  7. Deli Spa
  8. Drip Spa
  9. Bliss Spa
  10. Lucky Spa
  11. Happy Spa
  12. The Little Spa
  13. Fairytale Spa
  14. Story Spa
  15. Apollo Spa
  16. Orchid Spa
  17. Candle Spa
  18. The Morning Spa
  19. True Spa
  20. Melody Spa

Classy & Elegant Spa Names

Do you run a high-end luxury spa?

Then, you probably want to avoid the funny spa names and instead go for a more elegant and classy spa name.

The way you come up with a premium name for a brand like yours is different from traditional brands. For starters, a luxury brand is never launched. It exists because of a reason. Because of something that happened in the past.

Just think of any luxury brand that you like. I’m pretty sure that the name either represents the founder of the brand or another reason why the brand exists. Just think of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Prada, Hermes – they all have this in common.

This is why the principles you learned when we talked about unique spa names are more important for classy spa names than any other type of spa. But there are also some other words you can use in your spa name that will drive the classy and elegant perception of your spa.

Let’s look at some examples.

List of Classy Spa Names

  1. Luxe Escape
  2. Serenity Spa
  3. Royal Spa
  4. Enchanted Spa
  5. Glory Spa
  6. Essence
  7. Spa Silver Cloud
  8. Premiere Spa
  9. Grand Retreat
  10. Crown Spa
  11. Glamour Spa
  12. Elite Retreat
  13. Luxe Spa
  14. Crystal Spa
  15. Illume Spa
  16. Spa Aurora
  17. Flora Spa
  18. Unicure Spa
  19. The One Spa
  20. Bon Spa
  21. Tiger Spa
  22. Opal Spa
  23. Nobel Spa
  24. Solitude Spa
  25. Platinum Spa
  26. Feather Spa
  27. Nina & Nosh (founders names)

Medical Spa Names

Good med spa names are often different from wellness spa names used by day spas. Med spas provide sophisticated treatments and services for skin conditions, while Day Spas (typically) focus on massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, and facials.

Services offered at a medical spa typically require a licensed esthetician or therapist. New clients are, therefore, often more concerned with the credibility of the medical spa than a day spa. If you run a medispa, it’s best to use words in the names that sound credible. Try to avoid funny spa names that are better fitted as wellness spa names.

List of Med Spa Names

  1. The Skin Lab
  2. Treatment First
  3. Certified Care
  4. The Skin Clinic
  5. Smile Clinic
  6. Trusted Touch
  7. Truths
  8. Doctor Skin
  9. Skin Analytics
  10. White Coat Spa
  11. Health Spa
  12. Derma Spa
  13. Renew Spa
  14. Right Skin
  15. Wise Group Spa
  16. Skin Research Spa
  17. The Skin Company
  18. Skin Advisor Spa
  19. New York Spa
  20. Health & Hygiene Spa
  21. The Therapists Spa
  22. The Science of Beauty Spa
  23. Scalp & Skin Spa

Day Spa Names

In contrast to medical spa names, day spa names have a bit more freedom when choosing a name. In order to come up with unique day spa names, many spa owners choose to focus their spa name on the service in focus. This is why the list below includes skincare business name ideas, waxing business name ideas, and massage business name ideas, which are common spa corner names.

Let’s look at some good day spa name examples.

List of Day Spa Names

  1. Daydreamer Spa
  2. Feel-Good Facials
  3. Wonder Skin
  4. Face Spa
  5. Instant Spa
  6. Glow Day
  7. Harmony Day Spa
  8. Urban Calm
  9. The Hideaway
  10. Day Rituals
  11. Unwind Express
  12. The Day Trip
  13. Staycation Spa
  14. City Sunset Spa
  15. Blue Moon Spa
  16. Local Lush Spa
  17. Check out Spa
  18. The Break
  19. Spa Express
  20. Soulspring
  21. Urban Escape

Spa Names in French

We’ve now covered a lot of spa name ideas. I hope you have started to build a good list of spa names to shortlist for your business.

To expand your list further, looking at foreign language versions of the spa name can be a great source of ideas. In particular, the French language.

The French language is strongly associated with luxury brands and experience, which makes it a great option for high-end spa salons. I’ve consolidated a list of spa names in France below to show you what I mean.

List of French Spa Names

  1. Vachement (“really really”)
  2. Deja Vous Spa
  3. Grande Spa
  4. Elle (She)
  5. Spa L’eau (water)
  6. Femelle Spa (Female)
  7. Chatoyer Spa (to shimmer)
  8. Dépaysement (disorientation felt in a foreign country)
  9. BonBon
  10. Le Posh
  11. Floraison Spa (to bloom)
  12. Soleil Spa (sun)
  13. Spa Magnifique
  14. Atelier de Hannah (or your name)
  15. Spa Mieux (Better Salon)
  16. Spa Paris
  17. Spa Plein de Vie (full of life)
  18. Spa Jolie (pretty)
  19. Spa Noir (Black)
  20. Spa Blanche (White)
  21. Petit Spa (small spa)
  22. Spa Bisou (kiss)
  23. Spa Étoile (star)
  24. Spa Boutique
  25. Spa Elegance
  26. Spa Formidable (excellent)
  27. Spa Evian

Spa Names in Italian

Another country associated with premium fashion brands is Italy. This makes Italian spa names another good option for you.

But what are popular spa names in Italy?

Let’s look at some ideas.

List of Italian Spa Names

  1. Bella Spa
  2. Spa Bellissimo (beautiful)
  3. Spa Sprezzatura (effortless elegance)
  4. Spa Noi (we)
  5. Crepuscolo Spa (twilight)
  6. Mozzafiato Spa (breathtaking)
  7. Mamma Mia Spa (used to express excitement)
  8. Salve Spa (be well)
  9. Spa Furbo (clever)
  10. Figurati Spa (imagine)
  11. Allora Spa
  12. Daje Spa (come on)
  13. Lucciola Spa (firefly)
  14. Merrigiare Spa (to escape the heat in midday to rest in the shade)
  15. Magari Spa (maybe, if I desire that)
  16. Azurro Spa (blue)
  17. Basta Spa (enough, stop it)

Spa Names in Spanish

Although Spain and Latin America are not as known for high-end brands as Italy and France, the Spanish language is a good source of inspiration for unique spa names.

Let’s look at a list of spa name samples.

List of Spanish Spa Names

  1. Aqua Spa
  2. Tranquila Spa
  3. Bella Vida Spa (good life)
  4. Spa Aceite (oil)
  5. Baño Spa (bath)
  6. Barro Spa (mud)
  7. Brillo Spa (shine)
  8. Dorado Spa (golden)
  9. Estilo Spa (style)
  10. Spa Lustre (luster)
  11. Muy Spa (much)
  12. Nuca Spa (back of neck)
  13. Buena Spa (beautiful)
  14. Hermosa Spa (gorgeous)
  15. Spa Guapa (handsome)
  16. Spa Vivir (to live)
  17. Caricia Spa (caress)
  18. Rica Spa (cute)
  19. Bombón Spa (sweet)

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